Trump’s Speech

For those who see the legacy of Reagan as uniquely awful (i.e. those more likely to share memes of Jimmy Carter with a hammer in his hand), it must feel like the world is coming apart. 

That was one helluva State of the Union. 

Folks question the president’s intelligence. They’ll be thinking the man is stupid all the way to his reelection. But they’re wrong.

While progressives drone on about what an awful place America is, the protest of ladies in white making the disdain all the more obnoxious Trump projects confidence, optimism, and patriotism. People prefer the latter. 

The Democratic Party can’t even pull off a caucus let alone an impeachment. All night Pelosi looked like the loser she will be today when the Senate acquits the president of charges Democrats should never have brought to that body. Her tearing up his speech punctuated his victory. 

The president has thin skin? 

Trump eclipsed Reagan last night. He is delivering on the spirit Reagan exuded. Bestowing the Medal of Freedom on Rush Limbaugh was the master stroke. Wet eyes across America. (Not from me.)

Look, I’m a Marxist and a socialist. Don’t think I’m pleased. But we have get real here. The situation we’re in is the fruit of globalism, neoliberalism, and progressivism: the failure (really, inability) of left bourgeois elites to represent the interests of the ordinary American—to protect livelihoods and respect culture.

Want to know why wages are rising for workers? Because Trump cut immigration nearly in half. There are hundreds of thousands fewer surplus workers in our labor markets. Less competition means higher wages because labor becomes more valuable. Democrats want open borders. It’s a contrast deepened by the progressive’s penchant for white-bashing. One could see progressives telling themselves how fascistic, racist and xenophobic is all was. That’s the way the see the Heartland. They believe the people made a bad decision. It’s why Adam Schiff can’t trust 2020. 

To be sure, workers will not find salvation in rightwing populism. But they won’t find it in progressivism, either. They can see Democrats striving to undermine their way of life and they’re rejecting it. (This is why the British working class demanded withdrawal from the EU and handed conservatives their largest majority since the 1980s.) Indeed, working people see the progressives getting more detestable everyday. AOC, Omar, Tlaib.

Tragically, this squad represents themselves as socialists. With nationalist populism, workers in the United States (and the UK) at least keep their country for a while longer yet.

If the left would only recognize that defending national integrity represents a core proletarian value, that defending the Republic is in the worker’s interest, that we cannot move forward without a common culture and language, then they might find the ground for articulating a vision that would resonate with Americans across the country.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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