Can the Republic Survive Biden?

I have said this before, but I want to reiterate the fact that I am on the left. I have voted for Democratic party candidates and Green party candidates in the past. I have never voted for a Republican in my life. I oppose war and imperialism. I am an atheist, a Marxist, a feminist, an environmentalist, pro civil rights, and gay and lesbian rights all the way. I am a trained sociologist with a specialization in political economy. That makes me about as left as one can be. I say all that because I want readers to understand that what I am writing about this election and the choice we face is not because I am right wing or conservative. It’s because I am objective and refuse to be gaslit by corporate propaganda.

I am fifty-eight years old, and I have never seen the profound depth and intensity of bias in our academic, cultural, and mass media institutions than I have witnessed over the last four years. As the election approaches, the hysteria is reaching a fever pitch. The establishment is carrying one candidate—a corporatist, transnationalist, neoliberal, neoconservative career politician—across the finish line, while vilifying his opponent—a pro-American, democratic-republican, populist, nationalist, free-speech businessman and political novice—in the most over-the-top manner conceivable.

Joe Biden is not merely the most dismal candidate the Democratic Party has put forward in my lifetime, but he is quizzing of the first order, a sell-out to global corporate power and the Chinese Communist Party. The forces animating him—he is a puppet—seek to denationalize our republic while portraying tens of millions of working class Americans as backwards deplorables. Biden and his masters are working to transfer governance of our nation from our political institutions to the banking and corporate apparatus.

Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism: Narratives, Political  Practices and the Role of the State – OxPol

The globalists had effective control over the United States for 28 years (and I deeply regret supporting some of its operatives in electoral action). These elites mean to assume total control and crush popular nationalist resistance. They are so eager to get back in the driver seat that they’re waging open information and political warfare on the American population. They’re doing to the United States what they’ve been doing to Third World counties for decades (it’s called a color revolution). If they return to power, that’s what we’re destined to become: a Third World country.

Their cause is global neofeudalism. If Biden wins this election, prepare for serfdom under the new aristocracy of the transnational banking and corporate elite, where an indebted population will be delusioned by consumerism and identity politics. They won’t be free. But they will feel happy. “Their” country will appear diverse in everything but ideas. A cosmetic pretension to justice.

Enjoy your gadgets, clothes, and hair styles.

Published by

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

4 thoughts on “Can the Republic Survive Biden?”

  1. Okay. I’ve read several of your posts and I can’t decide which way is up; here you appear of ‘sound mind’ but in other posts you seem off your rocker (today’s about the Biden Crime Family) and I wondered if you just like F’ing with people. I am intrigued enough to read more but I have a question: you don’t have to be a genius to realize politics are not only complex, multi-layered and dirty business but they have also become a popularity contest. I do not disagree with anything I’ve read so far (including today’s post) but, answer me this, how do you justify voting for the same person(s) occupying the government seats (vs. Democrats, any democrats) while looking around you and seeing what has happened and is happening in the last four years? Even if I agree that ‘the dems’ are going to destroy America, that they have double standards, that they lie and are corrupt, I still can’t abide by what the GOP/Trump is doing now, which is exactly the same as the Dems; they are setting up this country’s government to serve the few while ignoring what MOST American’s want; what you have stated in your first paragraph here. I have no faith in any man or women or either side of the aisle to have my back, my interests as their focus or agenda so I am open to which ever ‘side’ or man or women who APPEARS (because I’m not a mind-reader and I don’t trust media) to be the most sane. I know they all are looking out for themselves but Trump and the GOP don’t even seem to try to hide that fact. BTW: just because you are an intelligent, educated guy with a prestigious career and a way with words (you seem balanced and reasonable) doesn’t mean you are not a sociopath with an agenda to manipulate the masses. Hitler was also charismatic and, some would contend, a genius (evil but still a genius.) People don’t realize that.

    1. The Trump Administration ended US military action in Syria and is bringing home our troops from regime change wars and other foreign sites long occupied by US forces. He is the first president in several decades to not launch a major war. If you believe that endless war, wars of aggression, and regime change war are bad, as I do, then you have to appreciate what Trump has done. If you want the world to be safer from terrorism, then the fact that Al Qaeda and ISIS have been crushed is something to applaud. Under Obama, the US and Europe suffered frequent terrorist attacks. He even paid Iran protection money. Not under Trump. The Trump administration has brokered peace agreements among enemy countries and normalized a number of interstate relations. All of this is significant and in sharp contrast to previous administrations.

      Trump is marginalizing the Chinese Communist Party. This is critical not only to our freedom, but to the freedom of the world. The CCP is an awesome imperialist presence that must be thwarted. Trump pulled us out of the Transpacific Partnership. He renegotiated NAFTA. Immigration—legal and illegal—is at its lowest level in years. Before SARS-CoV-2 hit, black and Hispanic Americas enjoyed the lowest unemployment rates since records have been kept. Wages were rising for the first time in a very long time, and they were rising fastest among low-income owners. Major criminal justice reform has been initiated. Prison populations have been shrinking. Crime rates, between the end of the Obama regime and BLM, were pushed to historically low levels. If the depolicing movement is not derailed, the recent rise in crime will spiral out of control. And Trump put censorious social media companies on notice. Republicans are fighting for our First Amendment rights.

      All of this success—to which the greatest benefit accrues to ordinary working class families—has come in the face of a perpetual coup directed against the president by the establishment. But this is not about the president ultimately. No man makes things happen without some force or constellation of forces behind him. This is about the populist-nationalist movement that is rebelling against the global corporatism that has put the American working class and small entrepreneurs in difficult economic straits. It is the neoliberal Democrats and their allies in the Republican Party (whom the populists under Trump have marginalized) who put workers in this position. Economic nationalism is what will get them out of the situation. The establishment wants to stop Trump so that the movement loses its focal point.

      Given the facts, I am trying to understand what you think has happened over the last four years that could make your argument in any way compelling. The premise seems to be that Trump is at least at the same level of evil as Democrats. But what is the evidence for this? Indeed, that claim flies in the face of the evidence. That’s firstly. Secondly, it is clear that the previous decades-long direction—the neoliberal/neoliberal corporatist-globalist direction—is a much greater evil. A Biden win continues the managed decline of the American republic. A Trump win preserves the republic. History hinges on whether America stays America. We cannot do this under corporate rule.

      Hitler wasn’t a genius. He wasn’t well educated. He wasn’t even particularly charismatic. He was successful because of widespread antisemitic beliefs in German society and a deep alienation and desperation brought about by progressivism (domestic and international) allowed an industrial and financial elite to put him in front of the German public. National socialism was a revolution-from-above, its installation engineered by powerful capitalist forces leveraging widespread popular dissatisfaction. Their goal was to crush the German worker. Trump appearance is the result of a populist revolt against transnational corporate power, against a transnational corporate and financial elite. The Trump moment is part of a much larger populist-nationalist movement spreading across the planet in reaction to globalization. It is not a revolutionary moment but a movement to save republicanism. The transnational elite mean to put down that revolt. Hence the perpetual coup and street violence by New Left activists.

      My Biden crime family post is based on the facts. There’s a reason why Facebook is moving to censor the story—it knows it must keep the public from learning that they are about to elect on of the most corrupt politicians in American history.

      Finally, why do you think I’m voting either Democrats or Republicans? How do you know I am not voting third party, as I have since 2008? My arguments are objective. They do not signal voting for Trump. I can make the same argument and vote Green Party. Indeed, I have. Moreover, Bernie Sanders, prior to this election cycle, would have made essentially the same argument as I have made in my response to you. This is not to suggest that you were advocating for his brand of democratic socialism. It is to say that the economic nationalism of Donald Trump, which was Sanders position until recently, is consistent with my left wing politics.

      My advice is to more deeply consider what I have written. All of my posts are consistent with my principles and the rules of logic and based on evidence guided by a coherent theory. Where I have been wrong, I loudly announced it (most recently on the question of lethal police-civilian encounters).

      Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment.

    2. Thank you so very much for giving me so much of your time and attention. I am continuing to read more of your posts and cross-reference some of your content. Would you mind noting for me any of your posts that include the topics of ‘third-party politics’, how ‘voting third-party effects election results’? I have not decided as of yet and I’ll admit I’ve considered abstaining from voting this year just due to my inability to decipher what is going on and what, unfortunately, would be the least destructive choice.

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