Democrats Pander While Managing America’s Decline

I am not big on the whole “cultural appropriation” theory, but to use African aesthetics to pander to black people for is a truly pathetic display of virtue signaling.

Democrats scolded for wearing Kente scarf while genuflecting the Church of Political Correctness

Democrats are making a play for blacks because the globalists are deeply concerned that Donald Trump will be reelected (they were shocked when he won the first time). A roaring economy (that appears to be roaring back), the failed attempts to hang around Trump’s neck Russia, the border crisis, Ukraine, and coronavirus, has aroused them to the politics of racial division. They know they cannot win middle America. So they are making a play in ramping up enthusiasm in urban America. Black lives suddenly matter.

Here Democrats are kneeling in a gesture to signal the false narrative of systemic racism, of the presence of white guilt and the need of whites to collectively atone for sins never committed (the racial system was abolished more than half a century ago), and, in a repulsive display of tokenism, they’re using African symbolism and black people as props to advance the regressive identitarian project to smear the white majority as racists. The Democrats lead the way with demonstrations of white contrition.

Meanwhile, our progressives cities consistently have the greatest levels of poverty and the highest rates of crime in the United States. With few exceptions, especially compared to those of other advanced democracies, these cities do poorly when compared to cities around the world. Progressives have a dismal record of improving the lives of black lives. Their record makes donning the Kente scarfs not merely cynical pandering but morally reprehensible. 

The Democratic Party has been for decades at the forefront of policies that cause this despair, inducing corporations to take operations offshore and import foreign labor into the United States to disemploy and displace millions of native-born workers, while transferring trillions of dollars of value from the American working class to the corporations who pay them to serve as their functionaries. Black and brown people suffer the worst of it. 

It was the Democratic Party, under Kennedy and Johnson, that slashed taxes for the wealthy and corporations in the 1960s and opened up the country to mass immigration to begin the devastation of neoliberalism. When they started, the foreign-born proportion of the population was less than 4 percent and union density was around one-third of the workforce. Today, the proportion of foreign-born is at early 1900 levels (around 13-14 percent) and private sector union density has fallen well below 10 percent of the workforce. The Democratic Party cratered Southeast Asia, squandering billions of dollars on a war that killed tens of thousands of Americans and millions of Southeast Asians. Johnson declared “war on crime”—a war against his own people. the FBI carried out a clandestine counterinsurgency program against minorities. 

Nixon continue the Democrat’s globalist agenda and the war on labor and the left. And later, in the 1970s, Trilateral Commission stooges insinuated themselves into the White House under Carter and destabilized Afghanistan (the origins of the present quagmire), while preaching a gloomy message of American decline.

Under Clinton, Democrats pushed through NAFTA, which further devastated American labor, pushed through a massive crime bill that locked up scores of poor and minority citizens (Joe Biden was the author) whom they described as “super predators,” oversaw the establishment the WTO, dismantled AFDC (the cash support program for poor children), bombed Serbia, and repealed Glass-Steagall, preparing America for a massive transfer of wealth into the hands of the minority of the opulent. With Hilary Clinton leading the charge, the Democrats gave a blank check to globalist G.W. Bush to invade Iraq, who dutifully switched his loyalty to the Democrats. Of course he did: neoconservatism is a liberal Democratic doctrine (see Scoop Jackson). 

The Democrats under Obama funneled trillions to Wall Street during a housing collapse that threw scores of families out of their homes. They bombed Libya into the slave trade, devastated Syria, pushed for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and sent Biden to 25 hours of private dinners with the Chinese president Xi Jinping in order to help orchestrate China’s Belt and Road initiative that means to turn the United States in a tributary state or the Chinese Communist Party.

The Democratic Party lies at the core of the managed decline of the American republic. They are preparing the United States for incorporation into a global corporatist system—a neofeudalist order—by dismantling the Westphalian system, the system of nation-states that comprised the order of a free and open community of nations. And they are using race to pull to their side those who are most harmed by their machinations.

I want to make this perfectly clear: I will never prostrate myself before anybody. I will never beg forgiveness for something I did not do. If you believe you are a sinner, then be my guest, take a knee. People are free to make spectacles of themselves. But be sure you know that you aren’t taking a knee for me. I’m not going to accept the irrationalism of cosmic nonsense like collective guilt, collective responsibility, and collective punishment. I owe reparations to nobody. I owe apologies to no one. I cannot be counted among the guilty and to say that I a call for injustice.

What really are the Democrats guilty of? Of selling out the working class to transnational corporations and bankers. The Democratic Party is toxic.

People wake up.

Published by

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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