Avoiding Civil War in Europe

First the people in the streets (des gilets jaunes—the French deplorables), then generals and officers in a letter to Macron demanding he get shit clear in his head, and now the organized populous in a second letter to Macron. Populism is on the rise in the trans-Atlantic realm. Breaking news: Trumpism isn’t a cult of personality.

What’s driving the populist-nationalist spirit of our time? Nothing could be more obvious in the experience of history that cultural pluralism is a disastrous attitude and policy, not only for the host countries, but for the new arrivals who suffer in ethic ghettos maintained by those who wish to control them (the clerics and the patriarchs) and, ultimately, the host society. Cultural pluralism promotes the retribalization of nations on all sides. Islamization will in the end ruin Europe. It is ruining Europe as I write this.

Islamization of Europe

It is not up to the French or the Swedish or the English to accommodate Islamic culture. It is for Muslims integrate with the values of modernity. To be sure, the great barrier is the refusal of Islam to accept secularism as a condition of modern existence. Irrationalist postmodernist sensibilities support such tyrannical notions. But there is no compromise on this point. It simply cannot be tolerated the establishment of a theocracy within the nations of the West. This is no more acceptable than allowing Christians to do the same (thankfully, Christianity comes with the ethic of secularism).

This is not a call to abolish religion or even multiculturalism. People must be free to believe in whatever illusion makes them happy. But they cannot be free to force the rest of us into their illusion. And, while music and food and literature from others cultures may enrich the West, the state and law and the language cannot be plural. All must exist under the overarching national culture. No, this is a call to recommit the West to the values that liberated the individual from destructive tribalism of the ancient world.

Three steps must immediately be taken: (1) end or sharply restrict immigration from Islamic countries (slow the flow sufficient to facilitate successful integration with the norms and values of the West); (2) institute a policy of assimilation that at its core compels the integration of new arrivals with national culture and language with the explicit raison d’état to save western civilization from barbarism; (3) end or sharply limit the transnationalization of capital—which means ending corporate governance, open borders, globalization, and regionalization.

The only hope for a peaceful and just future for all human beings is to bring a halt to the denationalization of Europe while pursuing the aggressive implementation of policies that detribalize civil society through the reinstitution of a civic nationalization that insists on borders and human rights. What’s true for Europe is true for America. The United States liberated the West from fascism once before. The United States can lead the way in liberating the West from clerical fascism. We cannot do this with the Democratic Party at the helm and corporatists and progressives commanding our institutions. Reform must be sought here, as well.

Human rights comes from the realization of our species-being and the establishment of structures that foster the self-actualization of each individual in a culture of tolerance. This can only happen in nation-states embedded in an international system of law that respects national sovereignty based on democratic-republican, humanist, liberal, and secular values.

Free states of existence can only be realized by liberating individuals from imagined communities or at least guaranteeing the conditions that allow people to confront false consciousness and give them the freedom to decide whether their personalities shall remain limited by backwards culture-ideology or whether they will escape from their cultural cage and enter the greater freedom of modernity and reason. This requires the modern, rational nation-state.

For those who refuse to come out of the darkness, perhaps they would be happier back home with their fellow fanatics. France and Sweden and England should actively encourage the recalcitrant to escape from freedom. The focus should be on the men. I do not wish this fate on women and children.

Published by

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

One thought on “Avoiding Civil War in Europe”

  1. You are perfectly correct!
    There is a big risk that the 3rd WW will be a war based on religions.
    It would simplify if people striving for living in a muslim state joins the already existing muslim states. Extending the number of muslim states in world indicates only that the religion is invasive by nature. Settle in a country where you thrive on culture, food and social status. It is much easier than changing an entire country to suit the preferences of these individuals.
    How is it that an overwhelming majority who “flee” from their Muslim homelands are men? Many of them are also “in an active age”. They leave women and children in these countries where they have grown up but cannot stay due to war and other violence. However, women and children may stay. A normally well-rounded person gets to think about this fact.

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