Follow Only Approved Science

Remember when I told you that young males are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems after being jabbed than be hospitalized from coronavirus? That’s still true. Over 90 percent of those males whose hearts are injured by the vaccine are hospitalized.

Knowing this, why would the US government, which is supposed to protect people, seek to inject young males with this vaccine? Why would any parent inject their teenage boys with this vaccine?

Pfizer and Moderna are closing in on 100 billion dollars from vaccine sales.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart

Myocarditis isn’t the only injury young people are suffering from this vaccine. Guillain-Barré syndrome, Grave’s disease, and Bell’s palsy are three other injuries caused by this vaccine. These are often devastating conditions that can last a lifetime. The numbers of those injured in the United States are much greater than those reported as the reporting system VAERS vastly undercounts cases.

The health systems in Scandinavia, which do a much better job at this, are so concerned about vaccine injuries that they have stopped the vaccines for those under 30 years of age. So Scandinavia is protecting children while the Biden regime and the technocracy are gearing up to vaccinate tens of millions of children with a vaccine we know will injure them for a virus that may produce in some of them common cold symptoms and for most of the rest of them no symptoms at all.

This is not collective insanity. This is sinister.

Here’s something else that’s true I bet most of you don’t know (and many of you won’t care) about: half of all those who are listed as hospitalized with COVID-19 are actually admitted for reasons other than COVID-19 and only test positive for SARS-CoV-2 once in the hospital.

According to the CDC, more than 90 percent of those who are listed as having died from COVID-19 died from other causes—half of them from influenza and pneumonia.

That last fact is especially odd since we’re told by the CDC that flu activity is the lowest on record. It must be one hell of a flu if at almost undetectable levels it kills nearly half of all those whose death certificates also list COVID-19.

Why is there so little flu activity? They aren’t testing for it. Just like they were testing for coronavirus two years ago.

* * *

As more and more people are vaccinated, the probability that an unvaccinated persons will be the source of your SARS-CoV-2 infection approaches zero. Put another way, in a society where 100 percent of the population is vaccinated, 100 percent of COVID-19 cases will be among vaccinated people.

If the number of COVID-19 cases were reduced by say 99 percent upon mass vaccination, and vaccination could be shown to be the reason for that, that would recommend the vaccine (not compel it). If, on the other hand, controlling for various factors, the number of COVID-19 cases is not reduced or case numbers go up with vaccination, then the mass vaccination program has failed.

Of course, it depends on what end the program is seeking. If the end is public health centered, then, clearly, the program is a failure. But if the end is to impose upon the general population totalitarian corporate-state arrangements, then the program is well down the road of success.

Mandates and passports flip the essential burden of a free society from the state to the individual. The state no longer has to prove I am guilty of something or that I represent a danger to restrict my movements in free spaces or fire me from my job. The state presumes I am guilty and dangerous until I present official documents showing otherwise. The original formula, with the state shouldering the burden, is liberty. The new formulation is tyranny.

* * *

James Heathers, writing for The Atlantic, in the story The Real Scandal About Ivermectin, tells us what the real problem is: “not all science is worth following.” Here comes the pivot. When the establishment can no longer deny the science on Ivermectin, they tell us that not all science should be followed. Which science should we follow, James? The science the establishment tells you to follow.

* * *

Finally, in other science news, Sabrina Imbler, writing for The New York Times, Can Skeletons Have a Racial Identity? reports that “[a] growing number of forensic researchers are questioning how the field interprets the geographic ancestry of human remains.” To summarize the article, forensic anthropologists are questioning the use of ancestry in making determinations of race. Why? Because race is not really a thing. Readers of Freedom and Reason will already know this.

But there’s a problem in changing the way experts think about this, Imbler laments. “Today in the US, the field of forensic anthropology is 87 percent white.” How can this be a problem if race is not really a thing?

Banning CRT in Public Instruction

Racism is not something a human being is born with. To be sure, a young child will see human difference. But how that young child responds to human difference is learned. Depending on what the child is taught, he may consider a difference or set of differences as incidental or significant. Racial thinking is the result of teaching children that human difference in terms of skin color and other phenotypic features, the result of ancestry, determines a person’s fate in the world. Racial thinking very easily crosses over into racism.

I will define racism later on. But before I get to that, I want to say more about the raising of children. How we raise children determines whether they operate on the basis of cognitive styles regarding and shaping interaction with individuals with or without respect to race. If you teach a child that those who share phenotypic characteristics because of ancestry are collectively bad or good and so forth, then the child will likely to grow up believing that. If you teach a child that the color of a person’s skin does not matter, then they will grow up believing that.

For example, if you teach a child that those with light skin and European facial features are “white,” and that people who are white enjoy a race privilege, this in a country where race privilege was abolished more than half a century ago and discrimination based on race in institutional life made illegal, then you will plant in that child’s mind a fiction that will shape future behavior. Some false beliefs fade over time. Few children grow up to be adults believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. At the time time, most children grow up to be adults who believe in other imaginary things, such things as angels and demons. Not all childhood beliefs fade easily away.

This is why it became widely recognized during the civil rights movement that parents, for example members of the Ku Klux Klan, who taught their children to think in terms of white supremacy, were practicing bad parenting. To counter the bad parenting that was widespread during America’s periods of institutional racism, those who opposed race prejudice taught their children, and encouraged other parents to teach their children, and sought to have teachers teach children, that thinking of others in essentialist racial terms is wrong. This principle was embodied in the preachments of Martin Luther King, Jr., who told the nation of his dream of an America where children are taught to judge each other not by the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.

“Now is the time to make real the promise of democracy.”—MLK, Jr. Washington DC, 1963

A black child who is taught to believe that the world is made up of different races and that membership in these groups determines one’s life chances may believe that, no matter what he does, he will never be able to get ahead because he does not possess the race privilege he imagines the white person enjoys. This may cause the child to grow up falsely believing that he is disadvantaged because of his race. This belief may cause him to feel resentful and make him conflict-seeking. It may cause him to be fearful and limit his freedom of movement. The belief may cause him to interact with others in a way that sabotages his chances to make something of himself in a nation founded on individual liberty—the very value that caused men to abolish all forms of institutional racism over the course of its short and spectacular history.

The person who thinks this way may become bitter, not in the face of reality, but because of the fruit of his own self-defeating behavior—a self-fulfilling prophecy caused by the planting of false notions in his head during childhood.

Another person, on account of merely having white skin and European features, may on the basis of such teachings feel guilty for something he did not do or for something other people did. He may falsely believe the situation of those he believes aren’t like him are not because of a self-defeating cognitive style but because he enjoys a privilege he most likely does not enjoy because he is a working man. The false belief will cause him to be ignorant of the fact, for example, that most people who are disadvantaged in America share his skin color and European facial features. For this reason, it will be difficult for him to see that his disadvantage is the result of an economic system inadequate to his needs independent of his racial classification. This false consciousness will likely, like with his black brother, motivate self-defeating conduct.

No good comes from teaching children that ancestry shapes destiny. We have now an extensive decades-long history of collectively participating in a comprehensive, intergenerational real-world experiment. The first phase of the experiment involved teaching children to think and act in racial terms. The second phase taught children that thinking and acting in racial terms was wrong. In this phase, children were instructed to think of themselves as individuals first, for this was the creed of their nation, the ethic of a free and democratic republic. The third phase involves a return to instruction in racial thinking and practice. We are in the throes of the experiment’s third phase. It’s time to call off the experiment. The results are unambiguous. We continue to the detriment of the experimental subject: ourselves.

A society based on reason and evidence does not ignore the findings of such a definitive conclusion. Such a society, if it is true to its rational character, will abandon the antiracist teachings of critical race thinking and demand a return to traditional civil rights thinking and practice—and parents across the nation are indeed making this demand. Rational people recognize that critical race theory is a return to a cognitive style and practice deleterious to the optimal growth and development of human beings. CRT is a form of neoracism, one that teaches people that ancestry defined in racial terms shapes their life-chances. It teaches white children that they are members of an oppressor race, while teaching black children that they are the oppressed race. In its intention or its effect, this teaching obscures the common experience of all children in a class-based social system wherein a few enjoy lives of actual privilege, while the many are exposed to preachments dividing children in essentialist terms in order to raise falsely conscious adults.

Now I come to the definition of racism, although it hardly feels necessary anymore. Racism is not merely the belief that there is human variation and that group differences are the result of ancestry. As I said at the outset, physical differences are real. That offspring in time come to resemble their parents is true throughout the natural world. It is a biological truth (which it seems progressives would have us deny). The differences across a species can be made important or unimportant depending on how they are conceptualized and on the emphasis placed on things. But the individuals of a species are more alike than they are different. This is what we mean when we say race is “socially constructed.” The ideology of racism thus requires more than merely observing human variation; it holds that our species can be subdivided into essential race types and that these types tell us about what goes on inside a person’s head, how he acts in life, and what he deserves.

But our thoughts and our conduct are products of socialization and enculturation that ultimately have nothing to do with our physical appearance. This is why we can say that some forms of socialization and some cultural formations are inadequate for the proper raising of children and the treatment of individuals. This is why cultures that teach and practice racism, sexism, etc., are not up to the task of producing individuals who can develop to their full potential—they do not provide the tools necessary for self-actualization.

In the presence of an institutional system that mandates the differential treatment of individuals on the basis of skin color and other phenotypic features, it is wrong to teach children that such a system is good and appropriate. Because of our creed, Americans understood that and rebelled against this system and, in the end, abolished it. It is just as wrong to teach children that such a system still exists but as an abstraction accessible only through a specialized language. It’s wrong for a different reason, of course. It’s wrong because it is immoral to deceive children in this way to establish of a new system of racial division and conflict.

We see in the lie—an ideology dressed in social studies clothing telling children and young Americans untruths about America’s past and present—the desire to re-segregate social spaces on the basis of race. It is dishonest to resurrect and refashion the old antagonisms that favored the power elite using the rhetoric of justice. To be sure, the scheme of favored and disfavored races is flipped, but the inversion hardly disguises the racism inherent in such style and practice. The doctrine of critical race theory, that racism is about the direction of power, itself exposes the scheme as racist. This is why CRT pushers don’t want parents to know what they’re teaching their children. It’s even why the deny they’re even teaching it.

It is time we speak frankly about the state of affairs. The doctrine teaching untruths to our children is critical race theory. The CRT pushers tell us it’s not being taught to children. In the same breath, they tell us that those who seek to remove it from public school curricula are racist. Their doublespeak is noise designed to obscure the signal. Our purpose here, as in most times and places, is to improve the signal:noise ratio in order to live in light and truth. Removing neoracism from our schools is not about free speech and academic freedom. The appeal to free speech and academic freedom is noise because it is a false appeal. Our republican institutions have been captured and corrupted by a technocratic elite who serve corporate power. When the illiberal appeal to liberal freedoms, the cynicism is palpable. There is no freedom to indoctrinate children in ideology. It’s why the Founding Fathers separated Church and State.

Our struggle is nothing less than saving the American republic. We must return to our children a curriculum based on civil rights and the ethic of individualism—which are the same things. This will require legislative and popular action.

One last thing. There are voices who will tell you that it’s more complicated than this, that I am oversimplifying things. They will try to pull you back into orbit around a world they have constructed with jargon and slogans. I’m a professional sociologist who has studied racism and social history for more than a quarter century. I’m well-acquainted with the formulas of critical theory. I have also studied religion. Like any system of religious scripture, critical race theory is designed to obscure truth and it meant only for the clerics to translate. Our role is to join the congregation, receive the wisdom of the priest, take up the rituals, affirm the commandments, and sit and stand on direction. Yes, there are details here and there, but at its core it’s really not more complicated than that. Nor is it mysterious and novel. You’re already familiar with the way this sort of thing works. It’s an old story. We have already written a new one.

Fascism Becoming Under Cover of COVID-19 Hysteria

The state has become parens patriae. That’s Latin for “father of the people.” Of course, the state must look out for children, the disabled, and the elderly if others cannot. But under the cover of COVID-19 hysteria, the principle is being extended to cover everybody but those in the Inner Party and selected functionaries. You will lose “privileges” (a euphemism for liberties and rights) if you do not do as you are told. Your “privileges” are contingent upon obeying the father. You may have received this form of punishment as a child. It’s the way convicts are treated. We call it “reform” or “rehabilitation” in the criminal justice system. When it’s applied to the general population it bears another name: fascism.

Fascism comes with numerous markers. But you have to know what to look for. “It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated!” goes out the slogan. But the hospitals are filling with fully vaccinated people with COVID-19, you point out (because you care to be informed and not appear gullible). So the powers-that-be change the definition of fully vaccinated. You need three shots to be fully vaccinated. Next you will need four shots. And then five shots. And so on. In other words, there are no fully vaccinated people really. There never really were. There are only people who keep getting in line for shots and those who resent being scammed, many of latter whom feel they have no other choice but to go alone. That’s not really a choice, of course. Mandates force people to do what the father tells them.

First, the Ministry of Truth changes the definitions of “immunity” and “vaccine.” Now Minitrue is changing the definition of “fully vaccinated.” Tomorrow Minitrue will tell us the term has always been defined this way. Most of the proles of Airstrip One will take it in stride thanks to doublethink. Empty shelves at the supermarket? The national economy is healthy. And so on. It’s doubleplusgood! “We’re doing our part.” How did Bill Maher put it? “I’m taking one for the team.” (You’re still on the wrong team, Bill.)

Control over information is vital in the establishment of the Ministry of Truth. In a free society, when somebody is saying something that others think is wrong, somebody will usually object and a discussion will ensue and people will learn things. With fact-checking, when somebody is saying something that the powers-that-be think is wrong, somebody in authority will label the post “false” or “partially-false” and there will be no discussion. Those who were likely to discuss matters will instead stand on either side of a claim and watch the powers-that-be determine the fate of whatever the claim may be. Fact-checking dumbs down and limits interaction. It treats social media users like elementary school students who need to be corrected by the teacher. And the teacher only has a bachelors degree and a lesson plan with no depth or detail. And an agenda she learned in professional development camp.

Because the establishment media won’t show you the protests occurring throughout the world in resistance to the fascist vaccine mandates, I will (see above). Letting people know they are not alone is about manifesting what we call in science “mutual knowledge.” Mutual knowledge is essential for building power among those upon whom illegitimate power is being imposed. When people don’t know that others think like they do, when they believe they are all alone in the world, they start to feel as if they are in the wrong. They can even start feeling like they are losing their sanity. That’s the point of marginalization and ridicule when it’s aimed downwards (power is by definition unequal, so you have no ethical responsibility to resist marginalizing and ridiculing the powerful).

For those of you who recognize what’s happening for what it is—it is fascism—know that you are not losing your mind. The power elite, their attack dogs working the institutions and the irregulars working the popular front, are trying to gaslight you by keeping you in the dark and making you feel alone and wrong. This is a standard strategy of power, characteristic of totalitarian governments who control what you see and hear because they know they increase the likelihood of either controlling what you think or cowing you with this method. Unfortunately, the method is very powerful and it has gotten to quite a lot of our comrades.

You hear and see the gaslighting in memes about “conspiracy theory.” I’m sure you have seen the images of people wearing tinfoil hats and so forth. People who share these memes, while they may seem quite intelligent and compassionate otherwise, are shallow sadists who push corporate state propaganda. You can know them by their works. Consider this article from NBC News by Brandy Zadrozny: “‘Carol’s Journey’: What Facebook knew about how it radicalized users.” It sports an image of a rabbit in a hole surrounded by a steel trap and emoticons strewn about.

NBC News not very subtle image depicting “radicalization” on social media

The story is damned condescending. Here’s the premise: you’re a bunch of proles who can’t think for yourselves—for sure you can’t be trusted to think the right thoughts. I’ve had this trick tried on me—I’ve been “radicalized” because people are just now discovering that I don’t operate according to checked boxes and approved slogans. What are the right thoughts? You can know by what they think the “radicalized” thoughts are. You’ll find there (and them) what Antonio Gramsci conceptualized as “hegemony.” Hegemony comes with both a velvet glove and an iron fist. Just ask yourself, “Who do they platform, promote, stroke, and privilege?” Alternatively, you can ask yourself, “Who do they marginalize, censor, discipline, and punish?”

NBC News is handing readers a template for action. A big part of the reason people will run with this, will become part of the fascist order of things, is because they possess an authoritarian personality. They enjoy lording power over others, and since they have no real power themselves, they stand with the manifestation of power they believe is most efficacious, which in the current period is corporate state power. They are just like those who, in early periods and in other cultures, theocratic ones, stand with the religious clerics in persecuting the disbelievers. They enjoy burning witches. Those who are smeared as “conspiracy theorists” are the disbelievers, the freethinkers. They do not accept the line of the power elite. As it should be in a free world. Be a freethinker. You are not alone.

Freedom is what we are told to run from. “I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID,” former vice-president Joe Biden mockingly told a CNN town hall filled with plants. “Experts say vaccines mandates for COVID-19 infringe on individual freedoms, but may be necessary to protect public health,” writes Zaheena Rasheed for Aljazeera, in an article pushed out by the establishment news aggregators. Zaheena reflects the establishment admission that the mandates indeed infringe on individual liberty, which is where freedom lives. But mandates can’t possibly be necessary if (1) the coronavirus does not present a threat to the general population (it does not); (2) the vaccine does not confer significant immunity (it does not); (3) the risk : benefit ratio is to the detriment of children and young adults (it is). The facts make this obvious: there is no public health reason warranting mandates. COVID-19 mandates and passports are profoundly unethical and their advocacy from a public health standpoint is irrational. There has to be an ulterior motive. And it can only be sinister.

We got a dose of the sinister this morning when The New York Post reported that the former vice-president signed a memo blaming COVID-19 for postponement of the scheduled release of the assassination records of President John Fr. Kennedy, who was gunned down in Dallas, Texas in 1963, likely the result of a conspiracy according to conclusions reached by the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in 1979. In 1992, Congress ruled that “all Government records concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy . . . should be eventually disclosed to enable the public to become fully informed about the history surrounding the assassination.” Does it need to be pointed out that 1992 was a long time ago? Friday’s White House memo tells us that “continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure.”

COVID-19 hysteria has become a master justification for a vast range of corporate state actions that work at cross-purposes with the fundamental tenets of a democratic society. We are seeing the socialization of totalitarian methods of mass social control. Fear and sadism are essential for its successful implementation.

* * *

The CDC is telling you that a COVID-19 vaccine is a magic talisman that protects you from everything. I refuse to live in the land of the absurd. I’m not kidding. Maggie Fox of CNN reports, People vaccinated against Covid-19 less likely to die from any cause, study finds.

Do you know why the vaccinated have better outcomes? They are healthier than those who do not get vaccinated to begin with.

The Unpleasantness of Viruses versus the Tyranny of Technocracy

We are seeing truth slowly appearing by percentage point decline (see link below). How low can it go? I’m talking about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. After only a few months, most of the protection goes away. And it wasn’t very good to begin with. Just as Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA platform) told us, this is a leaky vaccine with poor durability. The general population was exploited as a leg in the experimental trial for these vaccines and the trial hasn’t gone well at all. Indeed, it has exposed corporate science as more of religion than science. Tragically—shamefully, really—a multitude still have faith.

Watch the video contained in this story (it has been removed from many social media platform)

Authoritarianism is a giant snowball rolling downhill. Or a mudslide. Pick your metphor. The point is that, once it gets going, it picks up momentum and grows ever larger, increasing its capacity to flatten whatever stands in its path. That’s why you have to stop it early—or make sure it never gets rolling. There are those who will call you Chicken Little (and other names). But the “slippery slope fallacy” is not a fallacy. If a camel is in your tent, you can be fairly certain it started with his nose.

That the threat to democracy, freedom, and rights is the work of progressives in all of this must not escape your attention. It’s not a camel. It’s a donkey. This puts the lie to the claim that authoritarianism is a rightwing, populist, or nationalist phenomenon. Authoritarianism today is for the most part a leftwing, progressive, and globalist juggernaut. It’s one thing when you ask others to take a medicine you have faith in. It’s another thing altogether when governments and organizations mandate those under their control take the medicine. And when those claiming virtue side with oppressive power.

But we mustn’t blame only technocracy. One common feature of authoritarianism irrespective of its ideological stripe is acquiescence of the rank-and-file citizens that enables governments and organizations to implement policies that violate democratic freedoms and human rights. Authoritarianism is not just a character flaw of the elites who would oppress a population, but those who seek such oppression and moreover desire that this oppression to be visited upon others. My comrades, lovers of liberty and rights, don’t seek or side with oppressive power. I know it’s scary, but the enemy is all around us. Don’t let it conscript you into its ranks.

Authoritarianism is a feature of both the sadist and the masochist. I carry empathy for those who suffer under the thumb of power. But I cannot respect those who wish for themselves and others to suffer so. This is not a subjective matter. Oppression is an objective condition and it’s happening all around us. Right now. And all around us are those who welcome it. Support for the COVID-19 vaccine mandates is as clear a signal that can be sent about where people stand. It’s time to start putting people on notice.

* * *

England has suffered a persistent wave of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2

So there’s a new variant in England and the “experts” are calling on the government to lock everything down again. The interesting thing about this is that England is one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, with more than 68 percent of the population fully vaccinated. England has suffered a persistent wave of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. And now there is a more infectious mutation. It’s almost as if (as we see with Vermont) that the greater proportion of the population is vaccinated the more COVID-19 cases there are. It’s almost as if there is a problem with the vaccine (ADE) or something, or at least the vaccine isn’t working (see Mass Vaccination Doesn’t Work).

68 percent of England’s population is fully vaccinated

Have you heard of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). I have been sounding the alarm about this phenomenon for months now (The Official Vaccine Narrative Completely Falls Apart). I am noting it again to keep it fresh in your consciousness, so when you hear about it at some point in the media you will be, “Oh, wait, I’ve heard something about that before.” I hope it doesn’t happen, but if we see another surge on the back of the boosters, which will soon be art of these mandates and passports, the phenomenon will be difficult to ignore. (Take a look at that blog of mine, now three months old, and see how predictive it was.)

Of course, part of this could be marketing to push boosters. I imagine an internal company memo that looks something like this: “After extensive focus group testing, the COVID-19 marketing department has determined that the planned novel Greek name for the latest antibody-dependent enhancement did not generate levels of fear response sufficient to move product, so we are relying on the proven fear contagion ‘Delta’ with the modifier ‘even more infectious.’ Notify your subordinates of the change and follow up.” I shared this bit of satire on social media. It may be the best explanation for what we are about to see.

Some politicians are honest. Maybe not all the time. But here is one of those times. This admission completely obviates the argument for mandates. The only rational argument for universal vaccination could be (and there are still hurdles) that it prevents infection and transmission of a virus representing a serious threat to the general population (something like smallpox, which kills a third of those whom it infects). If one argues that you must take a vaccine to protect your person from severe disease and death, then that opens the door to the state controlling what you eat and how much exercise you get and all the rest of it. And that makes you none other than pathetic Winston Smith in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (“6079 Smith W.”) standing in front of a telescreen doing your morning calisthenics to a virtual instructor remotely barking commands. And that’s what we call totalitarianism.

Scene from film version of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

* * *

If you’re unvaccinated and haven’t gotten sick from SARS-CoV-2, that doesn’t mean you have avoided infection. It’s unlikely that you haven’t been repeatedly exposed to the virus. You have likely contracted the virus, were asymptomatic, or had mild symptoms, and have acquired natural immunity. That means that many of those vaccinated are already immune. Thus is surely a confounding factor in the statistics on vaccine efficacy. In other words, a significant proportion of those who are vaccinated are not getting sick, even with more infectious variants, because they have natural immunity. There is that other confound, the problem of ADE. The point is, at this point, a rational person can’t have any confidence is what the technocracy is telling you. The public health apparatus has been completely captured by corporate state scientism.

* * *

Finally, I have had enough with these memes about smallpox (for the history there, see The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes). Measles, polio, and smallpox vaccines are irrelevant to the question of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Those other vaccines are not analogous on grounds of public health and you either don’t know why (which I don’t know how you couldn’t) or you’re arguing in bad faith.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate is analogous to the government mandating influenza vaccines for adults, which we don’t generally do (although there are some alarming tendencies in this direction), and which makes little sense from a public health standpoint. Flu vaccines are leaky and lack durability. They are unnecessary for most people, and widespread usage impedes natural immunity, which is more robust with greater durability.

For children, the COVID-19 vaccine would be analogous to an adenovirus or a rhinovirus vaccine mandate—if those vaccines existed (and one suspects they’re on their way). Mandating a rhinovirus vaccine would be as absurd as the coronavirus vaccine mandate. Rhinovirus (and its ninety-nine serotypes), like coronavirus and other cold viruses, is common and relatively harmless in children. Infection moreover primes and develops the immune system. Influenza is more dangerous for children than any of those viruses including coronavirus.

I don’t get many colds these days, but when I do, I know cross-immunity (or cross-reactivity), where the degree of similarity among families of respiratory viruses is such that prior exposure to one confers at least partial immunity to others, protects me to against other variants and reduces my chances of developing severe disease.

All those adenoviruses, coronaviruses, and rhinoviruses, and even influenza viruses, that I contracted over the years, especially as a kid, means my immune system is strong and ready to withstand most of the bugs it confronts as I head into old age (I will be sixty in a few months). I don’t get many colds and flus these days because of all the colds and flus I got as a kid. I hated them, but that’s the way the immune system works—it must be primed and developed and the unpleasantness of it all is the sign of good work being accomplished.

If vaccines are developed for all the unpleasant bugs we get but survive, and they are widely taken up or mandated, the practice will collectively impoverish the human immune system. The only reason to do such a thing would be to make investors in Big Pharma rich. And that is why they’re doing it for COVID-19 and will for future vaccines if we don’t stop them. Vaccine mandates will be counterproductive to the health of the species.

Public health is not really public health anymore, but a scheme to funnel money to Big Pharma. But there is something much more terrible in all of this. Religion developed in large measure as magical armor to protect against the arsenal of nature where practical science could not. People, scared and superstitious, believed survival required ritual action. Fear of disease comes from the same place, only science—Prometheus unbound—has largely replaced religion as the magical armor. As destructive as it can be, religion never built a hydrogen bomb or hijacked the transcription machinery of the human cell to produce endogenously lethal toxins with injected strands of human-sequenced nucleotides.

* * *

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Debunking Mythologies Surrounding the American Criminal Justice System

In the face of Antifa/BLM protests, Seattle councilmembers pledged to slash the police budget by half but backtracked after police resisted. There was a budget reduction of about eighteen percent, but it minimized the effects by pursuing strategies such as moving parking enforcement out of the budget (Trumm 2020). Not exactly what the activists were seeking with budget reductions. 

But that did enough it seems. Perhaps not incidentally, the state of Washington set a record for homicides in 2020, with Seattle’s homicide rate increasing almost 70 percent over 2019 (Westneat 2021). This year looks to be just as bad—if not worse. By the end of August, there were more homicides in Seattle than in all of 2019 (King 2021). Heather Mac Donald warned in The War on Cops (2016) that this is the predictable consequence of depolicing and the “Ferguson effect.”

* * *

Data on lethal police-civilian encounters show that a majority of those killed by the police are white, not nonwhite. Twice as many white men are killed by the police every year than are black men. The Washington Post database, which reports that half of those shot by police are white (the majority of those killed by the police are therefore not persons of color), gets to that statistic by separating out Hispanics from whites. Two-thirds of Hispanics identify as white.  (White and black are racial categories, whereas Hispanic is an ethnic category. Most Hispanics are white, while a minority identify as black, American Indian, and Asian.) So, while it is a common belief in American society that the police kill more minorities than whites, it is not true. 

Police said the suspect was killed after aiming a gun at officers.

Moreover, while it is true that black Americans are shot by police at a disproportionate rate (take care not to confuse statistical abstractions with frequencies), statistical evidence of racial disparities by itself is insufficient to infer causation, in this case racism. It is a common error to conflate racial disparity (in education, housing, income, etc.) with racial bias. When the relevant evidence is considered, researchers do not generally find systemic racism in lethal police-civilian encounters. I have covered the topic extensively one Freedom and Reason. I provide a few of those sources here for your convenience: Roland Fryer (2019) finds no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are considered when turning his attention to the most extreme use of force, i.e., officer-involved shootings. Joseph Cesario and colleagues (2018) find, adjusting for crime, no systematic evidence of anti-black disparities in fatal shootings, fatal shootings of unarmed citizens, or fatal shootings involving misidentification of harmless objects. The authors conclude that, when analyzing all shootings, that exposure to police, given crime rate differences, accounts for the higher per capita rate of fatal police shootings for blacks. Brandon Tregle and colleagues (2018) finds that, when focusing on violent crime arrests or weapons offense arrests, blacks appear less likely to be fatally shot by police officers.

Nor is the claim that US criminal justice overall is systemically racist supported by the facts. We have known this for more than thirty years. In 1987, William Wilbanks published a comprehensive survey of contemporary research studies, searching for evidence of discrimination by police, prosecutors, judges, and prison and parole officers. Among the specific areas considered in his analysis are provisions of counsel, police deployment, use of deadly force, bail decisions, plea bargaining, sentencing patterns, and inmate classification and discipline. Wilbanks finds that, although individual cases of racial prejudice and discrimination do occur in the system, there is insufficient evidence to support a charge of systematic racism against blacks in the criminal justice system. Wilbanks summarizes: “At every point, from arrest to parole, there is little or no evidence of an overall racial effect” (2) The date of publication is significant, as claims that the Reagan presidency had ramped up and generalized racism again were at a fever pitch. A decade later, Sampson and Lauritsen find “little evidence that racial disparities result from systematic, overt bias” (1997, 331). Keep in mind that, at that time, Robert Sampson was the researcher most critical of “broken windows” and stop-and-frisk (see, e.g., Sampson and Raudenbush 1999). Mac Donald’s The War on Cops, published almost two decades later, confirms these findings.

* * *

Another common belief in circulation is that slave patrols were the forerunner of the modern police. There were slave states that had police agencies at the same time there were slave patrols and the agencies and patrols had different origins and separate functions. The Richmond police department, for example, was one or the first formally organized law enforcement agencies in the nation and was separate from the slave patrols in Virginia. Same with the city of Baltimore in Maryland. Both Virginia and Maryland are southern states. After defeating the CSA in the Civil War, during Reconstruction, the USA abolished slave patrols. The modern police have their origin in industrialization and urbanization and were designed to control the proletariat of all races (see Sheldon and Vasiliev 2018). Modern policing in the United States followed the logic of policing in the Great Britain, which did not practice slavery in the homeland.

Modern police agencies from their inception were bureaucratic in form, made up of full-time employees (not community or militia members), had a chain of command with written rules, procedures, and regulations, and were accountable to a central governmental authority. These agencies do not resemble in form or substance the organization and activities of slave patrols. In contrast, slave patrols were armed white citizens who stopped and questioned slaves about their permits to travel. They were organized and disciplined not in the bureaucratic logic of state governments but were civic organizations apart from the administrative state. 

Were both forms of formal social control? Yes. But formal social control systems with policing functions date back thousands of years. We are concerned with the police forces of modernity. Samuel Walker, who you are also reading this semester, locates the origin of modern policing in the London Metropolitan Police in 1929 and the origins of policing in the United States in the 1830s. To be sure, he recognizes that during the time of chattel slavery until Reconstruction, and even during Jim Crow segregation, the police in the southeastern United States were devoted to upholding the racial status quo. For this reason, Walker argues, “[d]iscussions of American police history should generally distinguish between the southeastern state and the rest of the country” (2016, 642).  

The narrative about the police originating in slave patrols is a paradigm of how ideology can corrupt historiography. The project, whether by intent or effect, is to make America generally appear as having the same culture and sensibilities as the southeastern United States during the period of chattel slavery and Jim Crow segregation. It’s a political narrative. This is not to say that issues are not political. But in social science we proceed on the basis of objectivity. 

* * *

Finally, a point about what we see because of technology and the role of the crowd. It is true that we are taking note of these things because technology—cameras in our phones, cellular communications, social media platforms—allow us to record and share the sights and sounds of civilian-police encounters. However, the risk this poses is that it can make something appear to be a growing problem when in fact they are not. This false perception risks self-fulfilling prophecies. As Mark Fishman (1978) and others since (Barlow, Barlow, and Chiricos 1995; Chiricos 1998; Chiricos, Padgett, and Gertz 2000) have pointed out, in exhaustive research going back years on the phenomenon known as “crime wave as ideology,” mass media feeds moral panic and mass hysteria. 

For a recent look at this, see James Walsh (2020). He writes, “Contra claims of their empowering and deflationary consequences, [investigation into this matter] finds that, on balance, recent technological transformations unleash and intensify collective alarm. Whether generating fear about social change, sharpening social distance, or offering new opportunities for vilifying outsiders, distorting communications, manipulating public opinion, and mobilizing embittered individuals, digital platforms and communications constitute significant targets, facilitators, and instruments of panic production” (from the abstract, which is found here. See also conclusion).” 

Mass media coverage is not only more abundant, but highly selective. A good example of this is the myth that mass shootings are mostly the work of white men. This myth developed rather rapidly, and knowledge of its appearance expressed even by mainstream media outlets. Before Black Lives Matter, prominent publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian discussed the problem of excluding black victims of mass shootings by not counting mass shootings by black perpetrators in the context of inner-city violence (see, e.g., Beckett 2016). 

Indeed, to make it appear as if white men represent most perpetrators of mass shootings, most mass shooting must be excluded from the statistics. What is the definition of a mass shooting? It varies, but it is generally defined as a single incident in which four or more people are shot or killed. In 2020, according to this definition, mass shootings disproportionately occurred in majority-black neighborhoods perpetrated by members of those communities. It is crucial to note that most murder victims are black. Using data tabulated by Statista, of the 17,754 homicides 2020, 9,913 were black. In other words, most (56 percent) of homicides in America were black.

These numbers are startling when considering that most black homicide victims are male and black males comprise only around six percent of the US population. When I tell people these statistics, they admit that they never heard them. This is partly because media coverage does not accurately represent the demographic patterns of homicide in America. A study published in the journal Sociology of Race and Ethnicity about 2016 shooting victims in Chicago found that black people killed in predominantly black neighborhoods received roughly half as much news coverage as white people killed in majority-white neighborhoods (White, Stuart, and Morrissey 2020).

The consequences of selective coverage of crime and control in America leads to distortions of popular consciousness. George Floyd’s death by suffocation at the hands of Minneapolis police officers is known worldwide. The nation watched the trial or awaited the verdict. A white police officer was convicted of murder in that case. However, Tony Timpa’s suffocation death at the hands of Dallas police officers is known to a much smaller number of people. Timpa was a white man. Similarities in the two cases are striking. Selective coverage manufactures the appearance that more unarmed black men are killed by the police than unarmed white men. In fact, it is the other way around. Both Floyd and Timpa were unarmed when police officers killed them. No officers were charged in Timpa’s death. The city of Dalla paid no settlement to Timpa’s family. A judge tossed an excessive force lawsuit against the officers. On what grounds? Qualified immunity. Tony Timpa’s death is largely forgotten. And he is hardly the only one. (See McWhorter, 2020.)

The appearance does something else. Presenting excessive policing as a problem primarily for black America mentally circumscribes the perceived scope of excessive use of force by the police to racist acts against black Americans, and thus keeps whites from knowing the full extent of the police violence affecting the white community (while painting for blacks a bleak and fear-provoking picture that circumscribes their movements in society). To the extent that whites are racist, and let’s assume at least some are, they care less about the risk of excessive force by the police visited upon nonwhites. If they believe excessive force will not be visited upon themselves or upon their friends and relatives, they may have less empathy for those they believe do suffer such excesses. This works against what those of who are concerned about reforming policing in American are trying to accomplish.

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Powell’s Dead, Gupta’s Goose is Cooked, and the Road to Serfdom

“Since this body belongs to me for however long I have it….” —Cher

Colin Powell was crucial to creating the mass perception of credibility that allowed Bush and Cheney to sell the lie of WMD in Iraq used to justify the invasion (War Hawks and the Ugly American). So perhaps it is with some irony that his death from COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated, represents another blow to the credibility of those who claim that, even while admitting the vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus (the main reason for a vaccine), it will still protect you from severe disease, hospitalization, and death. Not if you have the comorbidities associated with hospitalization and death in those who have not been vaccinated.

Colin Powell is dead

The establishment press warns that the political right is misusing Powell’s death to spread misinformation about the vaccine. They would like for you to deal in the removed world of statistical inference, in the abstraction calculations of risk. To be sure, risk assessment has its usefulness. Indeed, if you step back and look at the actual risks of this disease, you may start to consider why your freedoms are being systematically taken from you. But, in the end, each person is a concrete reality. Each vaccinated person who is injured by the vaccine or who gets sick, hospitalized, or dies despite having sought out or submitted to the jab is a concrete reality. Each concrete person should be in charge of their own health care decisions.

The news of Powell’s demise comes on the heels of the recent admission that, despite having known about this since August of this year, the efficacy of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine in preventing viral transmission is the neighborhood of 30 percent. The good news is that the immunity is more durable than the mRNA vaccines (and a bit higher, as new evidence on Pfizer reveals). In other words, these mRNA vaccines are really crappy if Johnson & Johnsons is more durable. These statistics are worse than for the flu vaccine, itself a crappy corporate product the crappiness of which many of you have experienced first hand.

Mandating vaccines with poor efficacy and poor outcomes makes no sense. Not from the standpoint of the concrete person. These vaccines will not end the pandemic. The only thing that will end the pandemic short of the virus mutating into a harmless bug (which it already is for the vast majority of the people it infects) is natural-acquired herd immunity, which provides north of twenty-five times the immunity that the vaccines provide. Natural immunity is more durable. Moreover, it is an immunity trained on the entire viral signature, not just a protein strand of one component (spike). A significant proportion of healthy people are just going to have to get this thing—and the younger the better.

* * *

I was trying to help people understand this on another thread but they kept doing what Gupta does in this video. When I watch this I don’t understand how Gupta, who should understand this, and if I am charitable, cannot wrap his head around something so simple. If hardly any young men go to the hospital for COVID-19 complications of every sort, but 85-90 percent of those young men who suffer heart-related complications from the vaccine wind up in the hospital, then it is obvious that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease for this age cohort. Remember, the younger ages were only relatively recently permitted to get the vaccine. The casualties of COVID-19 have been mounting from the beginning—which the media won’t let you forget. If folks can’t see that the argument is over at this point, then continuing the argument is pointless.

Rogan is right. I am right. You don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to understand simple things like this. Others can see this, too—but they will have to quit rationalizing. And stop shilling for Big Pharma. This vaccine is injuring people who don’t need to take the risk. We have to say this. It’s a moral obligation.

Gupta is perfect for CNN, the greatest source of trusted misinformation in operation today. Have you seen the video compilation of the lies they told about Rogan and ivermectin? I share it below CNN is a 24-7 misinformation machine. Why is it on just about everywhere you go? It’s like Big Brother. There are households with CNN on constantly in the background. Turn it off. It’s making you stupid.

* * *

I understand that Merck is set to receive 712 dollars per treatment course for its COVID-19 antiviral pill from the US government—which means from the US taxpayer (past, present, and future). I also understand that the pill costs a fraction of that amount to produce and is reportedly on track for a price of $12 in India. You could, of course, take ivermectin or HCQ, but you will need to move to Nebraska where they allow doctors to treat patients.

What you need to understand is this: US citizens, by paying so much more than cost for heath care in the United States, subsidize cheap health care around the world. “Why can’t we have socialized medicine in the United States?” Because you have to pay for socialized medicine for Europeans. And you have to carry wealthy elites on your back. And you have to open your borders and take in the Third World with all its health care needs, which immigrants receive for free.

Healthcare in the United States is for-profit. And there is no market, so prices are set for reasons other than competition. You live neither under social democracy nor free-market capitalism. You live in a corporate state arrangement, a liminal state between proletarian and serf. This is late capitalism. It’s not sustainable. And we’re on the road to serfdom.

* * *

This is in the style of testimonials religious converts and addicts in recovery share. Please know that I am not knocking religious conversion or addiction work. I am making a social psychological observation. Being white is not a problem as long as society is going to treat people in terms of their racial categories. The problem is treating people in terms of racial categories.

Another problem is the explanation of critical race theory I share below. As I have shown readers of Freedom and Reason, critical race theory is not Neo-Marxist (see Awakening to the Problem of the Awokening). It’s Neo-Hegelian. It’s not aimed at cultural revolution to advance the socialist agenda. Quite the contrary. CRT is a rearticulation of that old tactic of manufacturing racial divisions for the sake of perpetuating capitalist power.

* * *

FAIR has become fringe (for a while now). See this article, for example. The organization have lost touch with the ordinary working class American. The framing of this story is highly revealing. The way progressivism, a projection of corporate governance, is portrayed as somehow on the side of workers, that organized labor represents the interests of the working class as a whole rather than serving an extension of the establishment to manufacture consensus among the middle-class professional fraction of the proletariat (represented by the Democratic Party in the US and Labour in the UK)—this is a project to deepen corporate hegemony.

All the assumptions underpinning the frame are no longer valid in a world where transnational capital controls what appears as mass leftwing politics. This piece is an instantiation of my point about the importance of understanding the real bifurcation in western politics as between populism (democratic, liberal, republican) and progressivism (technocratic, authoritarian, globalist). This piece is establishment propaganda. Perhaps unconsciously. But nonetheless in practice.

Related. Must see TV:

* * *

Samuel Huntington, famous (or notorious) for his “clash of civilization” thesis, in his 1968 Political Order in Changing Societies determined that the United States and the Soviet Union represented successful models of imposing order on their populations, in contrast to underdeveloped countries, where the lack of stable authority explained their relative lack of economic and technological progress. Indeed, there was much to admire in the Soviet model, according to Huntington. In contrast, the United States, as evidenced by the chaos of the 1960s (anti-war protests, race riots, second-wave feminism, student radicals), was a nation in decline, and liberty and democracy without authority and obedience was the reason.

Based on these insights, Zbigniew Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission tapped Huntington to pen a chapter on the “excess of democracy” for The Crisis of Democracy, published in 1975. Huntington stated directly what conservatives mean in their appeal to military prowess, law and order criminal justice, and the unitary executive: the problem is not “the authority of central government institutions” per se, or its analogs in the corporate world, but the character of the authority that’s emplaced.

The actual concern of the rightwing of the establishment then was not that the cultural left would unleash human nature, which their Hobbesian formulations seemed to suggest, the existence and character of which they accuse the left of denying (not without reason), but that it will substitute one overarching authority with another. Now that the establishment has incorporated the cultural left into the transnational project, the overarching authority comes wrapped in what the cultural conservative feared. And so populism has become a space for refugees—and an opportunity for what remains of the authentic left to expand its working class ranks. (I thought I might end on a hopeful note.)

Explaining Demographic Disparities Requires a Multifactorial Approach

I received a question from a student several days ago concerning a lecture I gave on Karl Marx and the materialist conception of history. Contextualizing Marx in my approach involves a discussion of those figures who inspired Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer, namely Adam Smith and Thomas Malthus, as well as the impact of Darwin on sociological thought, especially in the work of Spencer, who coined the term “survival of the fittest.” Darwin and Spencer were contemporaries of Marx. They even lived in the same country (England) and were witnessing and experiencing the same conditions. Although Marx agreed with Darwin on natural history, he rejected the evolutionary approach as useful for understanding human history. Therefore, his theory of historical change and development was much at odds with Spencer’s.

I think readers of Freedom and Reason will benefit from my answer, which follows the question reproduced below (the student’s name withheld) and is only slightly modified for the reader here. The student’s question has in back of it class discussion about social Darwinism as summarized above. Here’s the question (slightly edited to fix punctuation): “I just had a quick question about Thomas Malthus’ argument on systems of inequality. Would being born into a rich family be an example of this, or a continuation of this idea? People born into families with wealth are inherently not equal to those born in impoverished families. Going off that note, do you think he would include racial inequalities into that? Due to the redlining and block busting, African American’s did not have much equity leaving them disproportionately poor, and the effects are still seen today. So, if someone is born into an African American family, they are then at a disadvantage due to the systematic racism that caused inequality in commodities between Whites and African Americans.”

A cartoon capturing the idea of cumulative disadvantage

The logic of Darwinism is that variation in any population is subject to selective pressures in the environment (which includes sexual selection). For natural history (or biological evolution), the variation is gene-based and inherited via the reproductive process shaped by fitness. For social history, the variation is based on social factors. The selective pressure becomes much more complex, however. It is multifactorial. Moreover, applying the logic of natural selection to social history is problematical.

It is true that those born to poor families are more likely to be poor over the life course and in this sense poverty is inherited—not biologically but socially. Intergenerational poverty may therefore be explicable in terms of what we call cumulative disadvantage. This is a matter of social class and property relations. If offspring are allowed to inherit their parent’s wealth, then class inequality will persist. I support inheritance to a degree, since enhancing the life chances of children motivates parents to invest in their own success (this is true whatever the mode of production). At the same time, I believe in taxation and government policy that expands opportunities for all families to succeed. The question is what the appropriate public policy is to make this happen. We are not doing a very good job with this now. 

The picture becomes complicated with race. There are wealthy and high-income black families. Tens of millions of blacks enjoy high status position in American society. There are black academics, capitalists, high-wage workers, managers, professionals, etc. At the same time, there are tens of millions of poor whites. In fact, there are many more times the number of poor whites in the United States than poor blacks. Statistically speaking, i.e., in the abstract, blacks are disproportionately poor compared to whites (there are more whites overall than blacks). But we must avoid perpetuating the myth that whites are rich while blacks are poor.

In my review of explanations for racial disparities, cumulative disadvantage plays some role. Since blacks were at a disadvantaged in the past, the dynamic of inheritance explains some of the grouped differences. But it does not explain all of it. Probably not most of it.

For one thing, the abstract approach risks the ecological fallacy. For example, incomes differences between white and black makes are partly explained by other aggregate trends. For example, the average respective ages of white males and black males is 50-plus versus under-30, with earnings tied to age. Moreover, we are more than five decades removed from systemic privilege based on race. These were abolished in the 1950s and 1960s. 

Other causes of group disparities are 

  • Family breakdown. Not having a father in the home disadvantages children in a myriad of ways. This is true for families of every racial category. However, more than three-quarters of black children grow up without a father in the home, a markedly different pattern than for other racial groups. This problem emerges after the abolition of segregation.
  • Neighborhood disorganization and crime. Disorder is disruptive to economic development. Blacks are drastically overrepresented in serious criminal offending. These problems are exacerbated by family breakdown—and in turn contribute to family breakdown. Family and neighborhood are deeply interconnected.
  • Globalization (offshoring) and mass immigration. Cheap foreign labor drives down wages for all workers, as well as displaces native workers. Because of the split-labor market in low-wage sectors, globalization has disproportionately affected native black and brown labor.
  • The maintenance of a custodial society that pays people not to work and save. Public assistance, while at times necessary, becomes a system of social control in high-poverty areas. Without jobs and income, there is nothing to pass on to children. By idling a segment of the working class, public policy disadvantages future generations in a myriad of ways. Humans learn by example. Idleness and dependency are bad examples.

To address demographic differences, we must therefore look at cultural tradition and public policy in addition to the class and economics question. Unfortunately, political ideology precludes frank discussion of the causes of racial disparities in wealth and income. Progressives lay the blame on racism (indeed, often fallaciously redefining racial disparities as racism itself) and conservatives lay the blame on cultural factors (because they are loathe to blame capitalism). An objective examination of the problem requires a multifactorial approach.

Moreover, a comprehensive account of inequality in the United States requires an explanation that includes the circumstances of whites. I doubt very many people are aware that most poor people in America are white. The media portrays poverty as a black problem, thus distorting the problem of poverty in America. Joe Biden’s famous gaff about poor kids being just as smart as white kids, made in a discussion about black-white differences in poverty, has in back of it the assumption that blacks are poor and whites are not.

Among the solutions to the problem of economic inequality are these: reshoring industries, investment in (real) infrastructure, which includes jobs programs, a radical reorganization of the educational system, which includes training for the reshored industries, and a comprehensive approach to crime reduction.

Mass Vaccination Doesn’t Work

Must see update to a previous blog at the end of this blog entry.

Mass vaccination doesn’t work, as a comparison between two contrasting states indicates. Vermont is the most vaccinated state in the country, with more than 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated. Despite this, they are in the midst of a the worst COVID-19 surge in the nation. Indeed, COVID-19 cases are more numerous in Vermont than at any time during the entire pandemic for that state.

Vermont is in the midst of a COVID-19 surge
Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in country

In contrast, Florida’s last COVID-19 surge peaked almost two months ago. Today, the average per capita new coronavirus cases in Florida are the lowest of any state in the nation. Florida has received extraordinary levels of negative media coverage concerning its rate of vaccination (still less than 60 percent, and only 50 percent when the surge peaked), as well as its reluctance to aggressively pursue masking and other draconian pandemic measures seen in other states. One might wish to pull more states into the comparison, but, frankly, on its face, the Vermont case proves that mass vaccination, aggressive masking, etc., don’t work. I will nonetheless provide Florida’s statistics for comparison.

Florida is over its COVID-19 surge
Florida has a much lower vaccination rate than Vermont

Why don’t the pandemic measures work? I have explained this in several posts on Freedom and Reason. To recap, the mRNA technology is not a vaccine. It is gene therapy and it does not confer immunity. Those injected with the spike protein are able to contract and spread the virus. Because the mRNA injections may reduce the frequency of severe COVID-19, those who have had the shots and are infected may feel well enough to move about the community and spread the virus. This spread also has implications for pathogenesis and evolutionary paths of mutation (or variants). Moreover, despite reducing the risk of severe COVID-19, those who have been injected are still getting severe COVID-19, are hospitalized, and will die of the disease. Indeed, as the proportion of populations who are vaccinated increase, an increasing proportion of severe COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are those who will have received the recommended injections. Don’t fall for the spin about this. There is an attempt to use this fact to rationalize the failure of the vaccines to protect the population from SARS-CoV-2 infection. It is an indictment of mass vaccination.

As evidence makes clear, natural immunity provides more powerful protection in terms of levels of antibodies (as much as 27 times the early protection associated with the injections), and since natural infection exposes the body to the entire pathogen signature, greater diversity of antibodies. Furthermore, research on a number of therapeutics, for example ivermectin, have demonstrated significant efficacy in preventing the development of severe COVID-19 cases in those who are infected and as a prophylaxis in the general population.

Finally, as noted if the vaccines make it less likely for the infected to suffer symptoms that will keep them at home, they are more likely to be about the community spreading the virus. That’s the obvious reason why we are seeing these patterns The less obvious reason is that the vaccine changes the evolutionary trajectory of the pathogen. It allows more pathological variants to last longer in the population, which increases the likelihood of more deleterious mutations. This is why vaccinating in the teeth of a panic is a bad idea. Pathogens leverage population-wide attempts to defeat them by pursuing alternative selection paths. It’s evolutionary biology 101.

* * *

Scott Hurley of Fox News (local Green Bay) authored a story yesterday with this shocking headline: “Unvaccinated 19x as likely to die of COVID compared to vaccinated in Wisconsin.” The headline is nearly identical to headlines rolled out across the country, the frame provided by the CDC (who you will see in the next section are keen on selectively focusing on data and interpretation). They are trying to scare more people into vaccination.

Read beyond the headline and do some math. Of every 100,000 people who were not fully vaccinated, Wisconsin Department of Health Services data shows that 24.5 died from COVID-19. That’s out of 2,351 positive cases, yielding a case fatality rate (CFR) of one percent. Multiply the CFR by five to determine the approximate infection fatality rate (IFR). This yields an IFR of 0.2 percent or two persons for every 1000 SARS-CoV-2 infections. Instead of putting the headline in those risk terms, the reporter ran with 19 times more likely to die than the vaccinated. Given that people drastically overestimate the number of people who die from COVID-19 (as I have shown on this blog), the headline is fear-mongering.

* * *

The prevalence of type-2 diabetes in COVID-19 patients is as high as 36 percent—more than a third of cases. Insulin resistance is not the only consequence of obesity. These patterns are seen worldwide. So why was the pandemic so bad in the United States? Travelling around continental Europe will really bring this home to you. America’s obesity problem has caught up with us. We have to stop denying biological realities. Postmodernist epistemology is wrecking scientific literacy. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and COVID-19.

* * *

Update on my blog from a month ago, September 15, 2021, Is the CDC Concealing Deaths from Influenza and Pneumonia? I showed that, according to the CDC’s own data, 47 percent of COVID-19 deaths 2020/2021 to date of data collection for chart production associated with influenza and pneumonia.

In my last blog Faking Genius for Power and Profit, I showed you that coronavirus was known by that name since the early 1960s. There has been no routine testing for coronavirus historically. It’s a cold virus, like adenovirus and rhinovirus. They don’t routinely test for those, either. Why? Because they aren’t a big deal.

The authors are telling us that influenza cases are the lowest in recorded history. If so, then how could influenza and pneumonia have contributed to the deaths of more than 300,000 COVID-19 patients? Is it not possible that we have been through one of the most lethal flu seasons but that, because of a test for coronavirus and the act of prioritizing the coronavirus over influenza to push a novel vaccine, mRNA technology developed on the basis of gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, research funded by the same crowd (Fauci et al.) who push out the COVID-19 narrative, flu and pneumonia deaths are being portrayed as coronavirus deaths? We can’t say misidentified since the statistic is right there in the table.

We can’t believe masks prevented influenza but not coronavirus. It doesn’t work like that. Influenza didn’t go away. It’s not the lowest level of flu since we starting keeping records. It’s the way the data are represented to the public. The chart I am using is real. You can see it in the blog I cite above. I saved the document in case the CDC purges it. I was shocked to find it, frankly. I was even more shocked to find, when I checked yesterday to see if it was still there, that it is still there—only updated! Here’s the updated chart:

CDC Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics

Look at the first line under the blue header bar. Influenza and pneumonia account for 339,190 of COVID-19 deaths as of October 10, 2021. Again, this is the same document as cited in my original blog. Why is the CDC openly publishing these data while simultaneously telling the public that influenza in the United States is at an all-time low?

Faking Genius for Power and Profit

Reuters headline last Friday: “Delta does not appear to make children sicker; Secondary immune response stronger after infection than after shot.” According to the story, comparing samples of hundreds of children, researchers from Great Britain found that the delta variant does not appear to cause more severe disease in children than earlier forms of the virus. Nor did the alpha variant compared to the “so-called wild, or original, form of the virus, first seen in China.” I quoted from the story to make note of the fact that Reuters uses the adjective “so-called.” Why that adjective? Because Reuters knows like the rest of the journalistic profession that SARS-CoV-2 is most likely the product of human selection and did not arise from the processes of natural selection (carried by a bat in a wet market in Wuhan, China).

Was there ever any indication that the delta variant was more dangerous to children? According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), as of the end of September 2021, 0.1%-1.9% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in hospitalization. That range covers across-state variation. For reporting states, 0.00%-0.03% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death. The AAP examined 5,899,148 total child COVID-19 cases reported during this period and found that children represented 16.2 percent (5,899,148/36,501,46) of all cases. A conservative estimate would raise the number of cases by a factor of between four and five, in the process drastically lowering the infection fatality rate (IFR). By any measure, COVID-19 is not dangerous to children. And there is zero indication in these data that the delta variant represented a unique threat to children.

You don’t have to be an expert to see that there is no need to routinely vaccinate children (in fact, it might help if you’re not an expert—at least not one employed by a government agency or a pharmaceutical firm). Yet, you have no doubt heard by now, Pfizer has asked the FDA for emergency use authorization to jab children as young as five with its mRNA technology, which introduces into their bodies a genetic sequence associated with a long list of adverse consequences. What’s the emergency? Remember AAP’s review of the data: at worst, three-hundredths of all pediatric COVID-19 cases resulted in death—and the IFR is much smaller number than that. As I reported on Freedom and Reason, pediatric deaths from COVID-19 are almost invariable associated with comorbidities that make children particularly susceptible to severe disease, preexisting conditions that included diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Also on my blog, I citing CDC data showing that influenza is far deadlier for children than COVID-19 (see “COVID-19 is Worse than the Flu”—For Whom?),.

What emergency?

Since natural immunity greatly reduces one’s chance of reinfection compared to the vaccine, as well as decreases the likelihood of more pathological strains, which the evidence suggests the vaccine increases, vaccinating children is doubly irrational (see The Official Vaccine Narrative Completely Falls Apart). It is irrational not only because it exposes children to danger for no reason; it’s also counterproductive given that the younger generation will be, as it has always been, a bulwark against future pandemics by establishing population immunity over the long-term.

Those in charge of this pandemic are screwing the pooch. We know at least a couple of reasons for this. The problem with natural immunity is there’s little money in it. Any rational observer who understands capitalism and the phenomenon of regulatory capture grasps that. Nor is there a lot of money to be made off a healthy population enjoying a robust immune response—at least not for the medical-industrial complex. So expect that the mass vaccination program will expand to include the little ones.

Mass vaccination of children is more probable if there is no mass resistance to the mandate. Mass vaccination is profoundly unethical (see Biden’s Biofascist Regime), however much legal precedent may be twisted to justify it. But even without a mandate, some parents will ask a doctor to jab their child. Tragically, there are parents who can’t wait to march their children down to the clinic for jabs and photo and video opportunities to be later or in real time shared with their social media accounts, the resulting cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome or Bell’s Palsy or some other potentially life-altering effect rationalized as mysterious or prideful instantiations of the communitarian ideal. The latter makes vaccine injury into a style of child sacrifice. (See Torches of Freedom, Vaccine Cards, and Our Civilian Lives.) The best we can do if we wish to keep the state from meddling in our own lives is criticize them; we cannot do what they do and demand the state intervene.

If children’s health (physical and mental) mattered, authorities would never have forced them to wear masks, which an industrial hygienist will tell you cannot work—hence the millions of children (and adults) who were infected (see Masks and COVID-19: Are You Really Protected?). With this in mind, we might reflect on the fact that more people have died from COVID-19 since the introduction of the vaccines (and habitual mask wearing) than in all of the period before the government granted manufacturers emergency use authorization. Blaming the increase in COVID-19 deaths (and Joe Biden’s poll numbers, as did White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently) on delta and the unvaccinated is dishonest.

* * *

The pandemic began by authorities leaving the impression that coronavirus is novel and especially pathological across demography, alongside images and video of refrigerated semis and slit trenches to manage the piles of corpses. In fact, human coronaviruses date back to at least the early 1960s, when scientists positively identified the virus in humans. The microbe was classified as a common cold virus and designated B814. It took its place among other common cold viruses, the well-known adenovirus (1953) and the even more well-known rhinovirus (1956). In the 1960s, scientists began cultivating the coronavirus, labeling the grown strain as 229E. Exposing humans to both B814 and 229E produced common cold symptoms. By the mid-1960s, another strain had been identified, labeled OC43. By 2009, the species was known to have four main subspecies: alpha, beta, delta, and gamma. Yes, you read that right.

We can start the story even further back in time. Turns out that coronavirus was known to scientists back in 1930s when it went by a different name, infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). This known reality, certainly known to those who are in the know, is hidden in plain view by the legacy and social media. The point is that, before 2020, coronaviruses were always known as a common cold bug. Fast forward nearly a hundred years later and SARS-CoV-2 is a selectively pathological strain of IBV, likely the product of gain-of-function research conducted in a virology lab in Wuhan, China, in part funded by the United States (Anthony Fauci, an immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President playing a crucial role), with military applications.

The establishment could have avoided the derangement of mass hysteria by affirming what the public already knew, that most of them have likely had one or more coronavirus infections during their lives. Wives across the world have mocked husbands for thinking they were dying with a head cold probably caused by coronavirus. Rightly so. It was no big deal. It’s still no big deal for most people. Today, most of those testing positive for coronavirus report cold symptoms. Much of the rest are asymptomatic. Yes, as noted, people with certain comorbidities, especially obesity and its attendant maladies, as well as compromised immune systems, should avoid contracting SARS-CoV-2. But the majority of the population should have been allowed to go about their lives during this entire period. Why weren’t they? Why did the government obscure reality? Why is the Biden Administration mandating a vaccine most people don’t need?

* * *

As we know, the pharmaceutical companies has been busy manufacturing vaccines alongside their other nostrums (I use that synonym intentionally). The SSRI craze (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), preying on the disequilibriums resulting from the processed food and iron cage that is life under corporate (ir)rationality, generated huge profits. But patents run out and science hits walls and, despite tactics attempting to engender fear using the scary strain names of influenza, the flu could not made quite scary enough to move product (that and the vaccine’s terrible record of efficacy) that planners believed was still a potential growth site of the industry. What to do in the face of shareholder concern? Innovate!

Since modern capitalism works by demand-creation, and fear is a well-known and a powerful pull factor in inducing desired behavior, the problem became one of how to manufacture mass hysteria over a common cold virus, with a vaccine waiting in the wings (you’re naïve if you don’t think Pfizer had the technology ready to go). First, find one about which the public is generally unfamiliar. Who’s heard of coronavirus? (There’s the neuralyzer for the few who have.) Next, modify it to make it especially dangerous for fat and old people and release it into the general population. Several obvious steps follow: obscure the source of its lethality (obesity and compromised or deteriorated immune response), causally reduce the resulting death rate to the virus alone (some sick and old people die from COVID, even those with stage-four cancer or victims of motorcycle accidents, not with COVID), manufacture panic in a scientifically illiterate population with its collective head trapped in a virtual space where the line between the real and the unreal is blurred, territory where even basic biological fact is denied, leverage routine testing to keep the panic going (see the Thomas theorem), quarantine healthy people and force everybody to hide their faces behind masks, then demand people get vaccinated or be routinely tested as presumptive disease carriers or forfeit basic freedoms that were always theirs to begin with.

What I have written above is a description of what has transpired. If I had written such a description of events in a science fiction novel you would have thought it far-fetched. This is like a far-fetched science fiction novel, only the novel if your life. You need not consider every step in the description to become suspicious about what has transpired. You can just ask yourself why the government would mandate a vaccine that does not in fact stop the spread of a virus in order to ostensibly stop the spread of a virus. Or you can ask yourself the related question of why you are not required to present an official immunity card for chicken pox, measles, mumps, polio, or small pox when attending a concert or dining out. Ask yourself why, if you did (and tens of millions did, so don’t feel too stupid), you fell for a big lie. After all, everything that was conspiracy theory yesterday is reality somewhere today and probably everywhere tomorrow.

* * *

So, the government and the medical-industrial complex presented the coronavirus to the public as if it were novel. Yet, as I established above, they have known about coronavirus and its many variants for almost a century now and have been able to test for the virus for decades. They never bothered with routine testing because, well, it’s a cold virus. But that’s all changed. We can go down a rabbit hole and ponder all the reasons why it’s changed. Corporate profits may not be sufficient to explain circumstances. However, I want to get the reader thinking about an obvious feature of pandemic policies: the effect of a large-scale project to prevent virus acquisition and attendant resiliency of the immune system. For the likely result of what the public health experts have instructed us to do is immune system impoverishment for individuals at a crucial stage of physical development. Their directives came with the understanding that younger age cohorts with underdeveloped resistance to viruses and other microbes carry their weak systems into adulthood. They must know that these cohorts will be sickly ones over the life-course. It hard to imagine a more damning indictment of technocratic rule.

Preview of coming attractions

Think through the logic: Kids get half a dozen colds or more a year. Infection primes and develops the immune system at a time when most viruses have minimal pathological effects, thus safely preparing the little ones for adult life. (Safely does imply total risk elimination. Life is by definition risky, even deadly. In fact, eventually, always deadly.) One of the reasons most SARS-CoV-2 infections are asymptomatic or produce only mild cold symptoms in most adults is because of cross-immunity developed during a lifetime of exposure to coronaviruses, especially at an early age. Lockdowns may have fixed that problem by keeping children away from the pathogens they need for proper physical development, albeit the inefficacy of masks may have to some degree hobbled the solution by providing people with a false sense of security. Of course masks and other PPE helped sell the pandemic. It also helped sell masks and other PPE. Capitalism is remarkable in leaving no source of profit unexploited.

lockdowns and social distancing will likely produce a generation of adults whose bodies are less resistant to ordinary diseases. But the impoverishment will occur not only in the realm of physiology. Childhood is not just a critical phase in the physical development of humans, it’s also a critical phase in their emotional and psychological development. And it’s not just the lockdowns and social distancing and hiding of faces that are the damaging directives. It’s the constant drumbeat of fear over a virus that in several states has failed to kill a single child. “Doing our part” is a slogan in a line of ritual totems in a religious-like campaign of fear mongering and trauma-induction. The simulacra of death and disease create the illusion of ubiquitous danger—and they misdirect the populace about the real danger, namely corporate state tyranny. In fascism, the tyrant is portrayed as the savior. In the religion of scientism, in the cathedrals of the medical-industrial complex, Dr. Anthony Fauci is the word made flesh. The people become fanatics.

* * *

If your kid has a deficient immune response, then it is not really safe to have the kid around other kids. Keep the kid at home. Work hard to make up for what the kid will miss from being around other kids. Ask the government for resources to manage your burden—a burden you do not wish to put on other parents and their children because you’re a decent human being who genuinely cares about the health and wellbeing of all children. That’s what the government is there for. No good person would by their actions wish to harm children for a bug that poses no real harm to them. Remind yourself as often as you can that influenza is deadlier to your children (and most of their teachers) than SARS-CoV-2 because it’s true. Truth is confidence-building. That will make you more courageous. And courage is contagious. It will remind you to ask what should be obvious questions: Why wasn’t influenza in our schools an issue before? Where were the lockdowns then? Where were the masks and vaccine mandates? (Expect them to put more cars on the gravy train, so don’t make too big a fuss of it in public—if you are allowed to make a public fuss over anything again. After all, we don’t want them to treat influenza the way they treat coronavirus.)

Here’s something else to consider, and I apologize if I offend some of you by writing this, but one of the significant comorbidity affecting the pathology of SARS-CoV-2 is obesity. Frankly, there are too many obese children in America. Obesity is associated with other conditions, such as juvenile diabetes. However, obesity is a disease process in itself (the only thing holds back that designation are insurance companies not wanting to pay for weight loss treatments). According to the CDC, an examination of children and adolescents from 2017-2018 finds that obesity prevalence among 2-5-year-olds is 13.4 percent. It increases with age cohort: 20.3 percent among 6-11-year-olds and 21.2 percent among 12-19-year-olds. Obesity is more common among certain populations, with prevalence at 25.6 percent among Hispanic children, 24.2 percent among non-Hispanic Black children, 16.1 percent among non-Hispanic White children, and 8.7 percent among non-Hispanic Asian children. Meta-analyses of epidemiological data finds a positive correlation between obesity in childhood and obesity in adulthood. Over all, the CDC finds that obesity prevalence was 42.4 percent in 2017-2018 (having increased substantially from 1999-2000). That study found that, 2017-2018, non-Hispanic Black adults (49.6%) had the highest age-adjusted prevalence of obesity, followed by Hispanic adults (44.8%), non-Hispanic White adults (42.2%) and non-Hispanic Asian adults (17.4%). Could this explain race and ethnic differences in death from COVID-19 that critical race theorists chalk up to systemic racism?

The good news is that obesity can be fixed in most cases through diet and exercise. We need parents to do a better job of helping their children live healthier lives. This is not a call for harassing parents who do a poor job of promoting a healthy lifestyle for their children, but we shouldn’t be hesitant to tell the truth about health in America. If public health matters, then surely poor diet and inadequate levels of physical activity matters. We must also be critical of this notion of body positivity, an Orwellian euphemism for fat acceptance. A fat kid is an unhealthy kid. A healthy kids is outside in the elements playing with other kids with their snotty noses and all the rest of it. Kids should be riding bicycles and skateboarding. Climbing on jungle gyms and in trees. And we might revisit the recommended number of jabs over the life-course—that notorious vaccine schedule. If we do the right things, if we are mindful of science, then there will be fewer kids with impoverished immune systems. There will also be fewer juvenile psychiatric disorders. And fewer fat and emotionally delicate adults.

Like all life on our planet, human beings are evolved creatures (Are We Forgetting Darwin?). Humans didn’t just appear a few thousand years ago. Nature had billions of years to develop resilient and marvelous biological machines can humans. Some humans have only recently figured out some of what makes those marvelous machines tick and, privilege and profit—and hubris—have encouraged some of them (the worst sort) to assume the role of Dr. Frankenstein. Some of them appear to think of themselves as kin to that Titan Prometheus. Gods or not, they work from theory. If the theory’s wrong, they can fall back on the provisional character of science. If the wrong theory finds its way into technology, not every result can be walked back. And medical professionals care little for science or ethics at all (Disordering Bodies for Disordered Minds). But what scientists know for sure, before they do anything, is that, just as with cognitive, emotional, and moral development, people need to be around other each other to prime and develop their immune systems. One of the great evils of modern medical science is the propaganda campaign to convince you that without medical science you have suspect protection against the myriad of pathogens that surround you. Just as the manufacturers of acne medicine needed to make adolescents feel insecure about their complexion to move product, so the manufacturers of vaccines need to make the public doubt the genius of nature.

Like science, truth is mostly provisional. At least as a practical matter. But there are some things about which we are certain. One is our wondrous immune systems. Here’s another one: a corporation is not a person with a conscience. One more: Fauci and his ilk are minor intellects crouching in the shadow of the genius of nature. 

Your Obligation to Know What’s Going on and to Resist

Read this op-ed in RealClearPolitics by Frank Miele: “Live Free or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Matters.” Share it. It’s fantastic. A taste: “George Orwell might just as well have never written Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Greatest Generation might as well have never defeated the Nazis. Ronald Reagan may as well have never defeated the Evil Empire of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. What’s the point if I have to surrender my dignity and willpower to the bureaucrats and technocrats and let them stick a needle in my arm to mark me just as a rancher would brand his cattle: owned.”

Readers of Freedom and Reason will hear my thoughts echoing throughout Miele’s op-ed. I have been blogging essays with similar content this since March 2020, albeit not written in quite this way. Content-wise, much of this essay reads as if it came from my blog, but the style is that of an accomplished newspaper editor. I am not making an accusation. I’m not the only person in this world who can see things for what they are and the slippery slope we are on. (Some would wish me to more humbly write that I am not the only person who sees things the way I do, but that is for other people to say about me.) So Miele’s essay comes as comfort. It’s why I ask you to share it (share this essay, as well). It will come as comfort to others, as well. We are not alone!

Without a course correction, we will soon live in a country we will no longer recognize—and that goes for a lot of the people around us. The capacity of the mind to convince itself that the undesirable is not a nascent actuality, to deny and accommodate changed circumstance, is a powerful force in human personality. Indeed, watching minds reshape to fit actions once understood as authoritarian is one of the scariest aspects of this moment we are in. If it were not for others who also see through the web of deceit, life for me would increasingly resemble the vibe of Roman Polanski’s horror film Rosemary’s Baby

Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby

Have you ever heard of Stockholm syndrome? Some say there’s no such thing, but that must be a rationalization, as we can easily see the syndrome at work throughout time and place. We see it big time today. The condition sometimes appears as equanimity, but when not strategically deceitful, equanimity is a sad attempt to dress inaction in virtue. What am I talking about? A mental illness wherein the hostage comes to identify with her captor.

Stockholm syndrome involves the same cognitive and emotional strategy victims pursue when confronted by rising tyranny in a formerly free and democratic society. Changing one’s cognitive and emotional standpoint is one way to deal with the unbearable stress of tyranny’s presence. The strategy is especially likely to occur when the victim feels that resistance to tyranny is not an option due to a belief that either those around her stand with tyrants or believe they cannot successfully do so. The circumstances function like gaslighting; organized circumstances cause her to doubt her ability to grasp the truth of reality and the soundness of principle. It’s a manifestation of auto-gaslighting. 

Underpinning Stockholm syndrome is what psychologist Leon Festinger identifies as cognitive dissonance. Festinger observes that human beings naturally seek consistency between attitude and belief, on the one hand, and behavior and actions, on the other. If people believe they cannot act in a manner that aligns with their beliefs, many will change their attitudes to fit their behavior. The simple way to say this is that slogan all of us have heard before. You know the one: “If you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em.” In this way, by identifying with the external threat, the victim can manage the stress situation and threat provokes. It’s a defense mechanism.

For those who find it impossible to adopt such a strategy, or who have found themselves of late determined to no longer acquiesce to tyranny, the burden of the stress is amplified by those who have acquiesced, especially those who have come to identify with the captor or tyrant and work to advance his agenda. Brainwashers discovered no more powerful moment in the transformation of a person’s consciousness than when the target discovers that his comrades identify with their common oppressor and find him odd for not doing likewise.

Frank Miele is an experienced editorial writer and I envy this style of writing. I am not saying he is a great writer. But when I read this style I realize how impoverished academic training leaves those in my profession. Different skill set. Miele clearly conveys his point. I write like a nineteenth century German moral philosopher. Since academic spaces have become unbearably woke (and super-exploitative) and I no longer write for them, I am going to keep working at it. 

Stay strong. Tyranny is on the rise everywhere. You are not imagining it. What was unthinkable a year ago is now happening. Much of it is already firmly in place. It will take forceful action to dislodge it. But first we have to stop the progression. Resist this. Resist it while you can.

I leave you with the prophetic scene from the 1981 movie My Dinner with Andre: