A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Yesterday we learned that, in Los Angeles, 30 percent of new COVID-19 cases are so-called “breakthrough cases.” That term “breakthrough case,” is an industry euphemism for poor vaccine efficacy. It means that fully-vaccinated individuals fail to develop effective immunity for the target pathogen. Data show that, of the vaccines, the most efficacious, the Pfizer mRNA platform, is less than 40 percent effective in preventing infections.

Despite this, it not only continues to enjoy emergency use authorization, but is set to be approved by the FDA next week. If you were worried about mandates before approval, brace yourself for approval. It’s not like the authorities have ever been concerned about Nuremberg. Now they will hammer the vaccine hesitant relentlessly. “What’s your objection now?” As if there is not good reason to object to these vaccines. No matter. Whether the thing works or not, you will need that vaccine card to be a functioning member of society. Passports are here. And they don’t come with free masks.

It’s highly likely that the number of “breakthrough cases” in Los Angeles and around the nation is much greater that what is being reported. A vaccinated person has reason to believe, based on the propaganda he received from trusted sources (the CDC and Anthony Fauci, CNN and MSNBC, Facebook and Twitter), that the cold symptoms he is experiencing—if he experiences any symptoms at all—do not indicate COVID-19 and therefore there is no need for a COVID-19 test. Maybe he doesn’t need to get tested. But his reasoning for not doing so is faulty. Hospital testing as part of routine intake assessment is discovering that COVID-19 infection is rampant among the fully vaccinated.

The authorities are telling us that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” That is not true. Scientific study shows that the fully vaccinated carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated and, given that the vaccinated tend to be healthier individuals able to interact with others in social situations, their positive status unsuspected, the vaccinated are almost certainly major contributors to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Operating with a false sense of security, they are infecting other people, vaccinated and unvaccinated. But this reality has to be pushed out of view. After all, we need to get shots in the arms of children and infants.

Looking at the chart, it appears, as I warned only a few days ago, that the progress the nation made prior to widespread vaccination, when it appeared we had reacher herd immunity, has been erased with the introduction of the vaccines. I am not necessarily saying this rise is mostly due to vaccines. But you might consider that possibility. The media won’t. And now deaths are rising, too (see chart below). Thankfully the case fatality rate is down, which is likely the result of the expected evolutionary path viruses take to become less lethal and thus more communicable, a path again very likely helped by those healthy enough to socially engage with others.

That these trends are occurring during the summer months is alarming. If you look at the trends in the first chart, last year’s cases went down during late July and August. They didn’t start significantly rising again until late October. Moreover, the numbers then were nowhere near the numbers they are presently at any time prior to peaks experienced during the fall and early winter 2020-21 when viruses usually prove most devastating due to cold weather and confined social spaces. 

The speed and incline of the current upward sweep does not bode well for the upcoming COVID-19 season. COVID-19 may very well be sweeping the nation again. And with our borders open wide on the south, the millions pouring into the country are bringing new strains of the disease, as well as other diseases long ago eradicated in the United States (more than half the world’s nations are represented among the immigrants, and the vast majority of them are Third Worlders), this winter may be catastrophic. Where are the immigrants going when they get here? I suggest you take look at what’s happening across the souther United States.

I leave you with several clips from today’s War Room Pandemic’s special on vaccines and therapeutics and corporate state machinations. Remember, vaccine hesitancy is the rational default position.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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