Rationalizing the Border Crisis with Hysteria, Lies, and Smears

As I am sure readers are aware by now, there’s a crisis at the border. When immigrants stormed the border under Trump, the chaos was blamed entirely on Trump. He was responsible for any excesses, whether it was actions of Border Patrol or citizen intervention (see Migrant Detention Facilities are Not Fascist Concentration Camps. Immigration, Deportation, and Reductio ad Hitlerum; Law Enforcement and Family Separation. The Rhetorical Function of Family Separation and Family Reunification; Ocasio-Cortez and the Powers of Expectation and Identity). Border patrol under Biden confronts immigrants storming the border, some of the officers on horseback, and the media misrepresents their actions, even falsely accusing them of using whips against Haitian immigrants, while trying to distance Biden from the consequences of his invitation to immigrants to come to America ((see Joe Biden and the Ultimate Source of Our Strength: “an unrelenting stream of immigration, nonstop, nonstop”). Biden is now promising disciplinary action against the officers defending the border. Border Patrol are no longer Trump’s “brownshirts,” but racist officers off the chain. The Biden regime has now put officers as a disadvantage by denying them the use of horses.

The video disconfirms the use of whips by Border Patrol. These are reins used to control the horses.

Desperate to stop awareness of the problem of illegal immigration, the power elite continue the moral panic about white supremacy, an nearly nonexistent phenomenon in modern democratic societies. One voice of reason with whom they are particularly obsessed is popular Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson. The Daily Beast is reporting that the Anti-Defamation League is once again calling for Carlson’s firing for going “all-in” on the “racist” “Great Replacement” theory. I blogged about this back in April when the ADL was calling for Carlson’s head (see The “Great Replacement” as Antiracist Propaganda). In that post I told readers about the underlying premise underpinning smears of racism and white nationalism: “Those who promote mass immigration and multiculturalism make culture about race in order to marginalize and silence those who favor rational immigration policies, as well as assimilation and integration.”

Tucker Carlson calls out the Biden Administration’s for betraying the American republic

Elites keep trying, but this dog ain’t hunting. People are waking up to the fact that culture and race are not the same thing (see why here: Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and the Problem of Conceptual Conflation and InflationCriticism of Culture is Not RacismRacisms: Terminological Inflation for Ideological Ends). Ironically, it’s the people who insist they are who are helping unwind the conflation. Folks are also starting to see that the constant attack on nationalism is part of the globalist strategy to undermine democratic republics and their liberal freedoms (see The Denationalization Project and the End of Capitalism).

Crisis at the border

The problem with immigration, besides the fact that it a business strategy to super-exploit cheap foreign labor and drive down wages for the rest of the working class, as well as increase the size of the industrial reserve (see Bernie Sanders, Immigration, and Progressivism; The Koch Brothers and the Building of a Grassroots Coalition to Advance Open Borders; Quoting Reagan on Immigration; on and Economics), is that human beings are culture bearers (Kenan Malik: Assimilation, Multiculturalism, and Immigration). It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with norms, values, and socialization. Drawing immigrants from maximally different places has political advantages, not least of which is to fracture the working class by disorganizing the national culture.

Carlson doesn’t care what color people are. This isn’t a white nationalist argument. Tucker is concerned about the racist motive behind the push for mass immigration, which is to reduce the number of those of European ancestry. Tucker is not inferring goal from policy. It’s not an interpretation. In the video I shared, you will hear Biden himself say it. Biden is celebrating the prospect of “Caucasians”—this is the racist term Biden uses—becoming an “absolute minority” in the United States. Biden is saying that fewer white people is a good thing. That would be like leaders in Japan inviting in large numbers of people from the Third World because there are too many Japanese in Japan. What’s wrong with the Japanese? What’s wrong with Americans? Imagine saying that there are too many “Negroes” in the United States so we need more European migrants. Sounds racist. The so-called antiracists are advancing a racist project, and if those who are the target of the project complain, then they are the racists. Whites are supposed to agree that they’re the problem and participate in the project to shrink their proportion United States. Carlson isn’t wrong—this is eugenics.

Tucker is concerned about assimilation. As many people are. As am I (see The Need for Limits; The Work of Bourgeois Hegemony in the Immigration Debate; Observations from Sweden). The United States cannot properly assimilate newcomers at this pace. And we should be selective in who we allow into the country. The media wants to smear Carlson to shut him up and in doing so smear everybody who agrees with him (Smearing Labor as Racist: The Globalist Project to Discredit the Working Class). Understand what this tactics is all about. It’s about canceling and silencing those who oppose denationalization and the managed decline of democratic republics and all the liberties and rights that come with them (see The Attempt to Gaslight America Over Open Borders; Physical Capital, Human Capital, Technology, and Productive Work—These Drive the Real Economy).

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

4 thoughts on “Rationalizing the Border Crisis with Hysteria, Lies, and Smears”

  1. Alt-righter Samuel Francis coined the term anarcho-tyranny to describe how governments harass law-abiding citizens while ignoring outright criminality. They do this because 1) it is easier to harass ordinary people than to prosecute criminals and 2) it accustoms people to feeling powerless before the manipulations of the managerial class.
    I think now it is all about #2. It is all about making other people feel their spite.

    1. That’s a powerful observation. In China, at markets, police vans pull up and push their way through rebellious crowds to find the meekest person hiding in the back and carry that person off. The message is clear: you will be held responsible for the behavior of other people.

    2. I’m not an educated China observer but they seem to be at least attempting to impose a kind of order. The U.S. government seems to be intentionally trying to create revolutionary chaos.
      A Marxist might argue that this creative destruction benefits capitalism, and certainly big companies are pushing this stuff on the working class, but tearing down the superstructure is also baked into Marxist thought. I think there is a convergence of the two movements going on.

    3. The purpose of chaos is delegitimizing the modern nation-state in preparation for incorporation of the West into a total global system. Capitalism is in full realization crisis mode (late capitalism) because of technological overdevelopment in the organic composition of capital. To avoid the response to the crisis that could lead to a social revolution, i.e., Marxian class analysis, the power elite are shifting the global economy and legal system towards corporate-governed neofeudalism and disseminating an ideology that runs counter to Marxism. The attack on the superstructure is not a neo-Marxist attack at all. The “long march through the institutions” is multiculturalism, progressivism, and transnationalism, which are corporatist ideologies. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, the assault on biology, all founded on a synthesis of neo-Hegelian, critical theory, postmodernism, Mao Zedong thought, is about destabilizing the Enlightenment and thus crushing the intellectual source of resistance to the transformation of the world proletariat into global serfdom.

      It makes no sense to posit that corporate capitalist power would advance the politics that would raise the consciousness of its natural enemy, that is the working class. The power elite know not to ride that lightning. Civil rights, for example, by pushing race out of consciousness (colorblindness) creates the grounds of unifying the working class despite phenotypic differences. Therefore, this tendency has to be crushed. So a post-civil rights countermovement has been created—identitarianism—to disorganize the masses. More than this, to pit them against each other by organizing them into antagonistic groups. This is why corporate power is preaching the gospel of the Woke religion (CRT, queer theory, etc.)—it’s to divide us. Woke is Hegelian. It is the antithesis of Marxism. Conservatives and progressives alike get this wrong.

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