Global Neo-Feudalism: Backwards to the Future

Kroger to launch pilot for entirely self-checkout store.

At some point, capitalism isn’t possible. Think about it. Capitalist production generates surplus value—the difference between what capitalists pay workers and the value workers generate with their labor—realized in the market as profit (this is capitalist accumulation—it’s what drives the circuit). That means, capitalism depends on workers earning wages in order to spend money buying things workers make.

But, soon, there will be no workers. That is what automation and robotization (and artificial intelligence) brings. That means no realization of value as profit. Do you not see the paradox yet? There is no value because there are no workers earning wages in order to buy products made by…machines. Do you see it now? Karl Marx was right.

This is why the transnational project is to convert capitalism into global neofeudalism. The elite want to protect their privilege, but they cannot do it under capitalism. So, they are adapting the Chinese Community Party model of industrial plantations. This is why they have no respect for liberal freedoms such as free speech, assembly, etc. Those freedoms were part of the old liberal capitalist order. The new world order is an authoritarian one where democracy is replaced by technocracy. The “experts” (the new priesthood) will tell your what to do and how to live. The citizen becomes the subject again—like it was under feudalism. The worker becomes a serf.

This is the Great Reset the Party of Davos has promised you. This is what the Democrats bring to the table (you cannot support this party for this reason). This is global corporatism. And under this social logic, you will be a debt-encumbered slave in a global hierarchy without nation-states, i.e. without democratic-republican government. And you will be happy without freedom because all your basic but trivial needs will met and the ethic of equity will absolve you of your sins.

Just remember that the single largest occupation for men is the transportation sector. Self-driving cars will put them out to pasture. Critical Race Theory won’t be of much use to them. The vast majority of them are white.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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