Joe Biden Caught a Cold

The President of the United States has contracted a coronavirus. Like most people who contract this virus, the President is experiencing mild systems. But he is old and frail, so there is reason for concern. Cold and flu viruses present some risk to the elderly and the infirm. One worry here is that Kamala Harris could be president. Of course she won’t actually be in charge (neither is Biden). It just means that America will be represented by an airhead.

Just days ago, too frail to genuflect, US President Joe Biden fist bumps Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Saudi Royal Palace.

Speaking of COVID, when are we going to have our reckoning with the public health madness that first threw billions into unfreedom and then the world economy into calamity? Some have suggested that we moved on from COVID too quickly. Have they not seen this New York Post headline: “Unvaccinated Americans up to 9 times more likely to die from COVID-19: CDC”? The fear porn has not gone away. But neither has our access to information. The buried lede tells us where to find the data that reveals the scam.

Getting past the drama of the headline, which doesn’t really convey risk despite appearing to, one finds that, of those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and a booster dose, only 0.23 per 100,000 cases led to a COVID fatality between September and May. However, the risk of COVID fatality was only 1.60 per 100,000 among those who did not receive the vaccine. The per 100,000 calculation for the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA products is presumably similar, but those numbers don’t change the numbers of those who did not receive the vaccine, the so-called “unvaccinated” (a construction not unlike “uncircumcised,” which functions to normalize circumcision, an unnecessary medical procedure).

Working out the risk for the unvaccinated in percentages produces a fatality rate of just 0.00106 percent. The difference between the groups may be nine times, but the difference is very, very tiny. This difference is likely explained by confounding variables, such as the likelihood of those at greater risk of dying from COVID to escape vaccination, i.e., black, brown, and poor people, the later factor (i.e., poverty) associated with an increased risk of metabolic disorders, which are the conditions most associated with COVID fatalities. Since black and brown people more likely to be poor, the associations are obvious.

Returning to the case of Joe Biden, his positive test and his advanced age remind us the risk of death from COVID is not equally distributed across the population. For those fifty years and younger, the risk of death from a coronavirus is vanishingly small. The vast majority of those who died from this virus were over the age of 65 and mostly unwell. The median age of death was in the mid-80s. I have discussed this extensively on Freedom and Reason so I will refer you to my past blogs.

Moreover, all the deaths from blot clots, strokes, heart attacks, etc., from the vaccine are left out of the tolls. The Health and Human Services Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) indicates that, through June 2022, tens of thousands of deaths occurred within hours of injection with a COVID-19 vaccine or mRNA product. According to CDC data, there have been more than 1.3 million adverse events following COVID vaccines reported to VAERS, including 29,273 deaths and 241,910 serious injuries between December 14, 2020, and July 1, 2022 (see this article for details).

The upshot is that the COVID hysteria was irrational and the lockdowns, vaccines, etc., harmful to human populations. There was never a need for healthy adults or children to get vaccinated. Despite claiming that the vaccines would prevent infection and transmission, the authorities knew they did neither. This ordeal will stand as the worst public health disaster in history, not because of a (lab-enhanced) virus, but because the actions of a public health system that has been entirely captured and corrupted by the corporate state.

I called bullshit from the beginning. Remember that. I was mocked. But I was right. I followed science.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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