Church 2.0

In its article, “Mutually assured obstruction: House GOP aims ’weaponization’ panel at DOJ,” Politico tells its readers, “Republican lawmakers are empowering themselves to look at any agency or program that they view as suspect. But DOJ is bound to safeguard its own investigations.”

The select panel will operate underneath the Judiciary Committee, and will be chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan.

Politico and other news organizations are preparing the ground for administrative state rationalization of noncooperation with the Church Committee 2.0 by framing it as “safeguarding investigations.”

The is a barely disguised subterfuge. Don’t fall for it. There is a way to squeeze the agencies if they don’t cooperate: Congress controls the pursestrings (it’s called “fencing”). Withholding money from these agencies has in the past forced agencies to release documents and testify more forthrightly.

Church 2.0 is absolutely necessary if we are to stand any chance of saving the republic and restoring protection of the fundamental rights of citizens.

The character of the weaponization of the DOJ involves surveillance and harassment of enemies of the Administrative state, what goes by the name “counterintelligence.” Nobody is safe—not even mothers speaking against the crackpot theories of woke progressives at school board meetings.

This is what Church 1.0 back in the 1970s was all about: exposing the operations of the deep state. If you are unfamiliar with the Church Committee hearings, go look it up. Allow yourself to slide down the rabbit hole. It will blow your mind.

When progressives mock you for using the term “deep state” and call you a “conspiracy theorist” they hope you don’t go look at the congressional record documenting the existence of the deep state and the conspiracies it ran out of its offices.

It’s a fact: the FBI and CIA ran numerous counterintelligence programs for decades, perhaps most famously the interagency war against the Black Panthers and other radical political organizations. The FBI even organized in assassinations of American citizens.

We cannot say for sure that the FBI was directly responsible for the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., but we do know the agency was for the assassination of Fred Hampton, the false imprisonment of Geronimo Pratt, several KKK bombings and killings, and a myriad of other disturbing actions.

And we know that the FBI had a plan to neutralize Malcolm X, MLK, and other black leaders that at the very least set them up for assassination. We know this because we have the documents.

I suspect some of those who know about all of this are particularly concerned that you might learn that Frank Church who headed up the committee was a Democrat and wonder why there are no more Democrats like him.

Church’s personal journey saw him begin his political career as a progressive and a supporter of the Vietnam War. He was a protege of Lyndon Johnson. But the war and his experiences with the fourth branch of government radicalized him. He turned against the war and against the deep state.

With no more Frank Churches in the Democratic Party, it’s the populist Republicans who are taking up the cause of liberty and justice. In the end, the Democrats could not stop the populists from taking the People’s House. Finally we see some movement.

For those of us who remember Church 1.0 and Frank Church there is probably some sadness in seeing how far Democrats have sunk into the slime of the swamp. Today’s Democratic Party is the party of neoliberal globalism and they use the deep state to carry out their agenda.

You have a front row seat to living history. Please take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the real structure of power. With any luck, the awokened will meet the awakened and we can begin to dismantle the administrative state and restore the greatest republic the world has known.

Published by

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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