The Truth About Gun Violence

The men who allegedly perpetrated the mass shooting in Sacramento that left six dead and many more injured have been arrested. They are Dandrae Martin and Smily Martin. They are bothers. I suspect the character of the coverage of this even will shift now that the race of the suspects is known. We saw this with the disappearance of the Waukesha terrorist, as I predicted (Waukesha is Scheduled to be Memory Holed). (In fact, Google has removed my blog entry on Waukesha from its searchable index.)

Dandrae Martin, aged 26, and Smiley Martin, aged 27, are suspected of perpetrating a mass shooting in Sacramento, California.

There is a lot invested in manufacturing the perception that mass shooting is lone white male phenomenon. In fact, white males are underrepresented in mass shootings. See my April 2021 blog on mass shooting on Freedom and Reason to understand this dynamic (you can still find this one using Google searching): How to Misrepresent the Racial Demographics of Mass Murder. This is a big lie told for political purposes.

Obscuring the demographics of homicide not only conceals the fact that most perpetrators of homicide in the United States are black men, but it also conceals the fact that most homicide victims in the United States are black, as well (mostly black men). In light of the fact that black men make up only 6 percent of the US population and blacks only around 12-13 percent of the US population overall, these are shocking truths.

Black men are no more naturally inclined to murder than white men. Mass murder is a sociocultural phenomenon. I refuse to believe there is nothing society can do to stop black-on-black violence. But until the problem is recognized for what it is, society cannot take the necessary action. Why is so much energy expended to keep the public from recognizing the reality about murder in America or shaming those who do?

Media distortions furthermore obscure the fact that violent crime is largely concentrated in the most impoverished neighborhoods of big cities run by progressive Democratic governments. Therein lies a big part of why the media distorts perceptions of violence. The corporate media is prepared to systematically warp the reality of violent crime—a distortion that perpetuates the large-scale death of mostly young black Americans (thousands killed annually)—not only to maintain a false narrative about guns, but to keep American cities under the thumb of the Democratic Party.

Numerous editorials are out today telling the public that the problem is guns. The Los Angeles Times tells opines that “Gun Violence is America’s way of life—and death.” Until the summer of 2020, homicide in America was at historic lows. It started declining rapidly after the mid-1990s and remained low for decades. Meanwhile, gun ownership was steady. Violence started rising with the depolicing movement pushed by BLM and progressive Democrats. It’s not guns. It’s culture and politics.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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