Twitter Interfered in the 2020 Election

Vijaya Gadde, former general counsel and the head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter, interfered in a US election more than Russia ever did. What was the involvement of the deep state with Twitter’s operations on behalf of the Democratic Party? I’m calling for a new Church committee style hearing and get all the facts on the table. What we will find is that Twitter is just one player, one piece, in a massive plot to rig the 2020 election that involved the FBI, the DOJ, and the DNC. Biden is an illegitimate president. We owe Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, a debt of gratitude for bringing Gadde’s deceit into the open.

House Republicans to investigate Vijaya Gadde role in Twitter censorship

Vijaya Gadde, former the head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter

Of course, an angry tweet by Trump is far more important than what angered the president: deep state collusion with social media corporations to rig the 2020 election. (There’s evidence that Twitter interfered with the recent Brazil election. In what other elections did Twitter interfere?) How do I know Trump’s tweet is more important? Because the top story in my Google news aggregator is about the president’s tweet while stories of the smoking gun of deep state-social media collusion do not appear—and this is light of the fact that my search history; if Google’s algorithm functions the way it is said to function, it should organize my news feed to bring stories of my interest to the fore. But this story is buried. Like this blog (Musk doesn’t own Google).

It must deeply hurt progressives to know that Steven K. Bannon and his team—Jack Maxey, Rudolph Giuliani, Bernie Kerik, Raheem Kassam, and Jack Posobiec—were correct about Hunter Biden’s laptop right down the line. The Biden family is a crime family whose scope is global. And while the corporate state media pumped out disinformation about the laptop being a Russian plant, Miranda Devine at the New York Post was one of only a handful of journalist who followed the evidence and told the truth everybody familiar with the evidence knew. For this, Twitter censors the oldest newspaper in US history (founded by James Madison). The outcome of the 2020 election was the result of a massive scheme to confuse the public.

Elon Musk speaks out on 'Twitter Files' release about platform inner  workings | CNN Business

Elon Musk, the New Owner of Twitter

You know who else was correct about all this? Me. To be sure, the entire system is engineered to keep you and me in the dark. If it were not for my expertise as a political sociologist and my curiosity about power it is very likely that all this would get past me moment to moment, and I certainly would not have the wherewithal to have written about it on my blog in real time order the last several years and told folks about it on Facebook, which has, like Twitter, throttled the posts on my feed.

The fact that the corporate media, progressives, and the White House say nothing about a Chinese surveillance application (TikTok) on millions of devices across America, including those watched by children, children who watch content designed to disrupt their normal understandings of the world and turn them against their parents, but are apoplectic over Elon Musk opening up Twitter to more liberal and conservative voices tells you a lot about the character of power in the United States.

Folks are supposed to freak out over Kanye West and his trolling (I disagree with Musk banning West over his posting of the Swastika), but where is the outrage over President Biden rubbing up against Xe Jinping of China, the leader of a totalitarian regime that is welding citizens into their apartments, genociding the Uyghur people, and extracting organs from living Falun Gong? West loses his endorsements, while Hollywood stars travel free of consequences to Ukraine to hug and kiss a known authoritarian, a thug who bans opposition parties and religious organizations he doesn’t like.

Think about it. The illegitimate president of our country is sending tens of billions of dollars to the authoritarian regime running Ukraine. The elites knew who this man—a man adored by Hollywood and the army of cultural snobs—was all along. I told you about him a while ago. Did you read my blog about what this is all about? (See History and Sides-Taking in the Russo-Ukrainian War.)

Folks on Facebook and Twitter adorned their social media platforms with Ukraine flags. Why did they do that? Do you think it’s a coincidence that folks displaying the flags of an authoritarian regime are the same folks sharing pictures of themselves wearing masks and injecting their kids with mRNA? The same folks who characterized liberty-minded folks during the Pandemic as “mouth breathers”? The same people advocating indoctrinating children with crackpot theories? The same people defending mobs attacking people in public spaces, vandalizing monuments, and burning cars and buildings?

We have a very real problem in the West with the authoritarian personality type and it resides on the so-called left. Of course, progressivism isn’t left at all; it’s anti-worker and illiberal. It’s a projection of the corporate state. You know that already if your read Freedom and Reason.

We don’t need smoking guns. Any good scientist is able to observe phenomena and describe and explain how systems behave. Most objects in the universe operate without consciousness. We need not ask frogs and lily pads what they’re thinking about (they don’t think about anything) to describe and explain and predict the future state of an ecosystem. However, when it comes to humans, this basic truth is thrown out the window and objective analyses of human systems are characterized as conspiracy theory—when they run contrary to the preferred narratives of power. Then when the actual proof the powerful demand becomes available, the social controllers bury the news and gas light the public.

Matt Taibbi, formerly of The Rolling Stones, reports on the machinations of Twitter

The corporate state media is silent on investigative reporter Matt Taibbi’s reporting on one of the biggest story of the last several decades. Do what you can to push out the story. The only way to combat corporate suppression of the truth is to put to work people power. You are people power.

* * *

Note: I returned to Trump’s tweet this afternoon and I think we may be misreading. Trump writes: “So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!” (I shared Trump message on my Twitter feed. See below.)

Is Trump saying that we should termination of the Constitution because of the widespread problems with the 2020 election? Or is he saying that a fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of the Constitution, in that power permitting elites to perpetrate a fraud this big is power threatening the existence of the Constitution. It sounds a lot like the later, given that’s what he actually wrote, not the interpretation imposed on his message by the corporate state and the propaganda apparatus. When doing textual analysis, it is almost always better to understand meaning in terms of what the author actually wrote than what the reader wishes he had.

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