Vice-President Biden and His handling of Classified Documents

UPDATE: A special counsel has been appointed in the Biden case, Robert Hur. Hur clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist of the Supreme Court and (Reagan appointee) Judge Alex Kozinski of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. From 2007 to 2014, he served as an Assistant US Attorney in the District of Maryland, where he prosecuted, among other things, white-collar crimes. This is promising. There is some concerned that he previously served as special assistant and counsel to Christopher Wray when the latter was Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, but we will put that to the side for now. He seems like a serious guy. But I do not trust Merrick Garland at all.

We have finally learned that the other set of classified documents were found in Biden’s garage. And yet another classified document was found at a Biden’s residence. And this disturbing connections is starting to make the rounds: Hunter Biden asked for four extra sets of keys for his House of Sweden office in Georgetown. Among those keys, one for his father, one for his uncle, James, one for Jill Biden, and another for Chinese businessman Ye Jianming. He never picked up the keys because Swedish officials regarded Hunter as a security risk after he smuggled a young woman and a homeless friend into the Swedish embassy building in Washington DC. This was reported in the Swedish press in February 2021. Does Hunter Biden have any classified documents?

Who is Ye Jianming? He’s the founder and former chairman of CEFC China Energy Company Limited, a global energy and finance conglomerate that was placed under detention in China on charges of bribery in March 2018. He was a close associate of the Bidens, and an economic advisor to the Czech President Miloš Zeman. The US Justice Department has accused CEFC of offering bribes for oil rights and money laundering. Ye was detained and put under investigation in March 2018 on suspicion of economic crimes, and control of CEFC China Energy was subsequently taken over by Shanghai Guosheng Group. Prosecutors have also alleged that former Communist Party Secretary of Gansu province, Wang Sanyun, accepted bribes from Ye in 2011.

We know from Hunter Biden’s laptop that Biden not only used his father’s influence to enrich himself, and in extension also Joe Biden, but that Joe and his brother James are the ring leaders of the Biden crime family. They were in business with various Ukrainian and Chinese enterprises. Remember this bit of braggadocio?

Joe Biden bragging about withholding military aid to coerce the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor looking into foreign corruption, January 23, 2018

* * *

The Wall Street Journal runs a story about classified documents in Biden’s possession—top secret and compartmented no less, some from the time period (2013-2016) the Washington organized a color revolution to overthrow the Ukrainian government in order to establish a forward area post in the proxy war against Russia—with a picture of Trump on it.

Corporate state propagandists are downplaying the story, claiming that President Trump, who, unlike a Vice-President, actually has the power to declassify documents, committed the more egregious act in his removing classified documents to his estate at Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

However, Biden took compartmented top secret documents from their controlled space and stored them at the Penn Biden Center, Biden’s offices at the University of Pennsylvania. These are felonies of the most serious kind. Leaving with classified documents is a felony. Storing classified documents in an uncontrolled space is a felony. Moving classified documents is a felony.

To view compartmented top secret documents one has to enter what’s called a SCIF, the name the security state gives a secure room. SCIF stands for sensitive compartmented information facility. You have to enter the room under observation, and leave your phone and other electronic devices with the guards. Did Biden or an associate with his level security clearance sneak these documents from the SCIF? If not, how did Biden get his hands on them? He wasn’t the President. Obama was the President.

The admitted fact that the Vice-President removed the highest-level classified documents to the offices of Penn Biden Center without the authority is even more troubling given other facts. As we know from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden is a corrupt and compromised figure, having made deals with several foreign governments and powerful associated private entities, including corporations tied to the Chinese Communist Party. It is no secret that Biden and China’s leader Xi Jinping have been close associates for many years.

So it might not surprise you to learn that the Penn Biden Center is bankrolled by the Chinese Communist Party. This corrupt and compromised politician illegally removed and kept top secret compartmented documents in a facility financed by the only foreign nation in the world that represents an existential threat to the United States of America.

Biden has turned on the legalese: “My lawyers have not suggested I ask what documents they were.” He knows what documents they were. His denials are lies.

The New York Post ran with a story by Isabel Vincent with this headline yesterday after the second batch of classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center: “Penn Biden Center where classified papers were found is a ‘dark money nightmare.'” From the same newspaper that brought you the Hunted Biden Laptop story. This is what happens when you keep pulling at a thread: the cloak unravels.

It has been revealed that the legal team for Joe Biden disclosed the existence of the first batch of documents several days before the 2022 midterm elections. Would this have affected the outcome of the election in which Republicans narrowly regained the House of Representatives?

Surveys indicate that a majority of Americans believe that the FBI and intelligence community deliberately kept the public in the dark by discouraging social media platforms from sharing information about the Hunter Biden laptop, which they labeled as “disinformation” from foreign sources. Many respondents believe that any potential collusion between high-ranking Democrats, the FBI, intelligence officials, and the Biden campaign to keep the story under wraps would have limited voters’ access to crucial information ahead of the election.

Furthermore, surveys reveal that a significant number of respondents believe they would have made a different voting decision if they had known that the information regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop was true. Both Republicans and Democrats appeared to have similar views on this question. A large majority of respondents believed that a truthful examination of the laptop issue could have influenced the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, in which Biden defeated Trump by a narrow margin.

Biden has said he wants to see the investigation of the removal and storage of compartmented top secret documents in an CCP-financed space wrapped up soon. It’s his appointed director of that agency, Merrick Garland, the man who has weaponized the DOJ against the opposition to the corporate state, who is in charge of the investigation. Did Biden just interfere with what is supposed to be independent investigation of his felonious conduct by communicating to Garland his desire that the investigation be concluded quickly while also saying he doesn’t know how the documents end up at the Penn Biden Center?

A detailed discussion of the situation took place yesterday evening on Steve Bannon’s War Room. You can listen to the Podcast here: Episode 2436: More Classified Documents Found.

All this comes as House Republicans voted as a bloc on Tuesday to establish a panel that will investigate the alleged abuse of power by the executive branch of the Biden Administration, giving them the authority to investigate a range of government agencies. The panel will investigate the collection of information on US citizens, and whether the executive branch engaged in “illegal, improper, unconstitutional or unethical activities” against US citizens. The scope of the panel appears to be broad, allowing House Republicans to use their subpoena power to access details of ongoing investigations.

Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who introduced the resolution to establish the panel, argued that the federal government has “abused its authority and violated the civil liberties of American citizens.” He cited examples such as the government’s role in “suppressing information” on Twitter, and the Department of Homeland Security’s plans to create a disinformation governance board. As I reported on Tuesday, the panel will be headed by Jim Jordan, who served as one of Trump’s leading defenders during his impeachment trials. Jordan described the panel as a safeguard to Americans’ constitutional rights, stating that it is about the First Amendment (as we will see, it’s also about Fourth Amendment). On the agenda is Hunter Biden’s laptop. And, surely, Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Predictably, Democrats criticized the panel, calling it a “monstrosity” that will “further empower extremists” and allow Republicans to shut down ongoing investigations into their own alleged wrongdoings—the very weaponization of which Republicans mean to get to the bottom.

As a preview of coming attractions, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Adam Schiff (D-CA), and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) will be stripped of their committee appointments. Swalwell will loose his security clearance. These three cannot be trusted. Schiff pushed the big lie that Trump was a Russian asset. Swalwell slept with a Chinese spy. Why Omar is in Congress is a testament to the pernicious effects of immigration. Congress needs to investigate Omar for probable violation of immigration law. If this is proven true, then at least remove her from office. But deportation would be preferable.

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  1. Either 1) Republicans will hold hearings to encourage the base while the DOJ white washes and forgives or 2) the Deep State is preparing to get rid of Biden.
    1) is more likely because the Deep State doesn’t have a realistic backup plan for Biden, Harris having proven herself an even bigger moron than Crazy Uncle Joe.

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