The World Has Been Played So Hard—But It’s Not Too Late to Resist

“We got a Chinese virus. Now we risk getting a Chinese society.” —David Starkey

“It is a lot better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.” —Ricard Feynman.

My goal was to get this article out before 2021 was over. That obviously didn’t happen. So here it is late on the first day of 2022. The delay gives me an extra day to gauge the spirit of the people. I saw everywhere on my social media newsfeeds on New Year’s Eve a reflection that went something like this: “We didn’t think 2021 could be worse than 2020. Boy, were we wrong.” This was followed by a wish that 2022 would be better. I share that wish, but I didn’t think 2021 would be better than 2020. As bad as Donald Trump was in handling the pandemic (lockdowns, not cleaning house at the CDC, FDA, and NIH, rushing the vaccine, allowing the suppression of therapeutics and censorship of contrary opinion), I knew Joe Biden would be a disaster. I warned the nation in Can the Republic Survive Biden? and other essays.

Progressive Democrats across our institutions have struck a most authoritarian pose. And they spread misinformation for its sake. CNN regular Peter Hotez tells the painfully shallow narcissist Jim Acosta that an 80-85 percent vaccination rate could have “staved off” COVID surge in the US (see video clip below—and follow Michael Senger on Twitter). Hotez wants the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to target vaccine skeptics for suppression. This would be wrong even if his claim were true. But nowhere in any country with that level of vaccination has the surge been “staved off.” Countries with 99 percent vaccination rates have COVID surges. Whatever else the vaccine is useful for (power, profits), it is useless as a public health measure.

What explains the insanity? “Vaxism” is a neologism defining an ideology wherein devotees fetishize vaccines and see those who don’t as unclean and subversive. “It’s like a cult,” podcaster Joe Rogan said. It’s more than that, Joe. It’s the new religion. Asking a person to get vaccinated for a virus that poses no realistic threat of serious illness is like asking a person to get baptized to save his soul. When one’s career and freedoms are at stake for refusing baptism, the presence of a theocracy is indicated. Cults tend to be suppressed, not embraced. This new religion is the ideology of the corporate state. As with every system of control, religion is a primary tool for legitimizing hegemony. As we have learned from our experience with wokeism (critical race theory and the rest of it), secularism affords little protection from the insanity of religious-like thinking.

And, as it is is with every religion, rational adjudication of fact is marginalized or forbidden. Elites have shifted the burden to prove vaccines are safe and effective to those who have the right to demand the government meet its burden. As all students of reason know, the burden rests with those who make the positive claim. Now, in an irrational world, it’s up to us to show that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. That’s not a difficult thing to do—except doing so risks censorship, deplatforming, social marginalization, and reputational injury. But if we take up the burden, then the opening paragraph of this Bloomberg article will find more children exposed to a dangerous, leaky, and unnecessary shot: “Pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations have risen to record levels as omicron races across the U.S., amplifying the urgency to get boosters and vaccines cleared for children.” So let’s get out the truth: vaccines don’t work. Everywhere this truth is obvious and is followed by a demand to “get vaccinated,” push back. Ask people if they can hear how crazy that sounds. Help them hear the crazy.

Facebook now tells me ahead of time to not post the thoughtcrime I’m about to post. Incorrigibility subjects users to limiting via algorithm. (And not just on Facebook. Twitter recently permanently suspended Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.) Circulation is a journal of the American Heart Association. Facebook threatened to limit me for sharing a story about a scientific talk based on research published there (which readers can here) carried in Robert Kennedy Jr.’s The Defender. Was this the thoughtcrime? That The Defender picked up the story and brought it to a large audience—an audience of vaccine skeptics know pejoratively as “antivaxxers”? According to the establishment, Kennedy has fews peers when it comes to misinformation peddling. If Dr. Malone is banished from Twitter, Kennedy can’t be far behind.

We cannot abide by corporate state censorship of science. Nor can we participate in the perpetuation of lies. We cannot let Malone and Kennedy (and there are several noble others) go it alone. It’s a risk you have to take. Something is going on. Healthy people are dropping like flies. From The Defender (because Facebook doesn’t like it): “In an analysis presented during a meeting of the American Heart Association, Dr. Steven Gundry, a pioneer in infant heart transplant surgery, said mRNA COVID vaccines put many patients at higher risk of a new acute coronary syndrome, such as a heart attack.” Gundry tells his audience, “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.” (See also this article.) At least allow your sassy inner contrarian to act up. The corporate state is trying to keep you from knowing, or at least appreciating, the volume of devastating injuries this vaccine may be causing. (See “’We do exist’: Some Americans suffer life-changing COVID vaccine injuries.”)

This hits close to home for me. My eldest son, who is twenty-six years old, just starting his professional life (he is an attorney) developed myocarditis within a few days of his first jab of the Pfizer mRNA technology (I would not be telling his story had he not already publicly told it, scolding those who pushed him to take it). He talked to me about the vaccine before he took it. I provided scientific articles documenting the risk he was taking. SARS-CoV-2 carries a very low risk of complications for healthy young people, I explained; the benefits do not outright the risks. But I am no match for my child’s peers. He did it to protect me. I will be sixty years old in a few months and I have comorbidities that put me at special risk for severe disease (I will spare you the details of my medical record). He had said this before the jab. I told him never do anything for me. (I have said this publicly, see Life is Risky. Freedom is Precious.) His cardiologist forbade him to take the second shot (after his primary care physician urged him to take it). Thankfully he didn’t. It appears that each shot sets up its victim for the deleterious effects of the next one.

I wound up getting COVID the week of Thanksgiving 2021 anyway. Aside from a steroid inhaler, which the nurse called in to the pharmacy, and the PCR test at CVS that confirmed I had the disease the day before, I had no contact with any medical professional. I can describe it as a prolonged sinus infection with some upper-respiratory concerns, symptoms resolved with fluticasone. I never developed a fever. My throat was never sore. I did develop COVID voice (inflammation of the vocal cords) for a few days. My wife, fully vaccinated (not because she wanted to be), was infected at the same time and developed disease at least as severe as mine. She lost her sense of smell for a few days. I am not going to tell you that this virus is a walk in the park. But now Mona and I have the best immunity there is.

Why did I say that last bit? Because it is exposure to the virus’ genome that protects you. Natural immunity is how we are going to get past this. Antibodies disrupt the process by which coronavirus gets into your cells, where it hijacks the host’s machinery to reproduce. The virus is constantly mutating its mechanism for entry (the spiked protein). Some mutations allow it to better evade antibodies that recognize it. Reproductive success means these mutations accumulate. Quantitative accumulation of mutations leads to the qualitative change we refer to as “variants.” This is why the mRNA technology works so poorly as a vaccine. Rather than expose the immune system to the full genome of a dead or attenuated virus, mRNA hijacks cellular machinery to produce the spike protein so antibodies (produced by our B-cells) recognize it. Before long, coronavirus mutates to evade that version of the spike and the vaccine becomes useless.

What is missing in the approach is the process of educating the killer T-cells. Because T-cells remember the genome of invading cells, they seek out and kill the viruses that evade the antibodies by targeting infected cells. The antibodies educated by the mRNA and viral vector vaccines (which basically work the same way) buy no extra time for the T-cells to learn the virus’ genome. Thus previous infections provide the immunity that establishes herd immunity, as well as cross immunity against new variants, which makes subsequent infections milder, which is why we want as many healthy bodies to be infected. Mass vaccination was a monumental error from the standpoint of public health. So were lockdowns and quarantining, which I pointed out in the spring of 2020 (see Future Containment of COVID-19: Have Authorities Done the Right Thing?; On the Pains of Testing and Contact Tracing. It’s Worse than Folly; The Wuhan Virus, the Chinese Communist Party, and its Menagerie of Useful Idiots).

After reflecting on my illness from a few weeks ago, I am more sure than ever that I contracted SARS-CoV-2 mid-March of 2020. That infection produced a sore throat, fever, and a persistent cough. The cough lasted longer than coughs usually do with me. I was never tested and did not seek medical attention. Here’s what I did instead: aspirin, zinc, vitamins C and D, tonic water (which contains quinine), guaifenesin, and NyQuil to sleep. For my recent illness (associated with a positive PCR test) I added artemisinin, famotidine, Xlear (a xylitol-based nasal spray), and the aforementioned steroid inhaler. In both cases, I took 5-HTP for mood and melatonin to sleep. Either the complete regime made my November illness less severe than it might otherwise have been or, having already had an earlier variant (probably alpha), made the second go around milder. Either way, for the vast majority of people, the illness is manageable through self-care.

Perhaps the single greatest act of deception by the government and the media during the pandemic was leading the public to believe that the risks of SARS-CoV-2 was distributed equally across the population. For a brief while at the beginning they admitted that reality when they scolded the public for “killing grandma,” but then they soon settled into a narrative of indiscriminate death punctuated by rare cases of young people dying—the unusual against the backdrop of normality—to create the illusion that everybody was in danger from SARS-CoV-2. Children are not at risk for developing severe COVID-19. Now they do this with the “unvaccinated.” Most people are not at risk for developing severe COVID-19.

Yet we’re hearing reports that hospitals are overwhelmed with the emergence of the new variant, the omicron variant (see The Xi Variant to see the degree of deference of the medical-industrial complex to leader of the totalitarian People’s Republic of China), and that more children are showing up in emergency rooms. CBS News reports “More kids hospitalized with COVID-19 as Omicron spreads: ‘We need to get child vaccinations up.’” Here is that non sequitur again. The US is averaging 260 pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations a day (it is likely higher now). Reflect on this: there are more that 73 million children in America. At this rate, his many years before all them are hospitalized?

Omicron presents with typical cold symptoms

Omicron is a “strange virus,” the media reports. People have symptoms but are testing negative. That’s because omicron is associated cold symptoms—the same cold symptoms NyQuil claims it treats (which it does quite effectively). And that’s because coronavirus is a cold virus. You wouldn’t be able to tell whether it’s adenovirus, coronavirus, or rhinovirus unless you test for it—and then you’re just wasting time and money because it doesn’t really matter if it is omicron. In other words, it isn’t strange at all. Fortunately , the designation “hospitalization” means admission as an inpatient, so it’s a low bar. We need to talk instead of serious illness. Were is the surge in intensive care cases? CNN reports that Omicron is a game-changer for Covid-19 vaccines. If governments worked from a scientifically rational standpoint that would mean that it would bring about an end to mandates and passports. But we live by the rules of corporate bureaucracy.

Why is omicron so mild? For one thing, the evolutionary tendency in viruses is to become more contagious and less virulent over time (see Are We Forgetting Darwin?). Reproductive success depends on healthy hosts who can spread the virus to others. Since the vaccines are a bust, masks don’t work (Masks and COVID-19: Are You Really Protected?), and people aren’t going to lock themselves in their homes (at least not enough people), it was inevitable that a mild variant would emerge. For another thing, tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and the killer T-cells are primed and ready to pick off the antibody-evading mutants. Again, that’s our path to herd immunity. It always has been. We always knew that. Pandemics are self-resolving. Life would not have survived very long otherwise.

Animal species has been subjected to coronaviruses since at least the 1930s, when this virus was first identified as infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). IBV was identified in humans in the 1960s and given its current name. Thus we have known about coronaviruses for decades. More than this, in 1965, scientists cultivated coronavirus and showed it to be one of the viruses responsible for cold-like illness by exposing test subjects to the virus and producing in them cold-like illness. Three coronavirus strains were identified before the decade was over. This discovery closely followed the discover of adenoviruses in 1953 and rhinoviruses in 1956. In the 1990s, the several variants of coronavirus were designated with letters of the Greek alphabet. That’s right, alpha, beta, gamma, etc. (See By Learning to Let Go of Mass Hysteria, We Can Bring an End to the Destructive COVID-19 Panic; also Faking Genius for Power and Profit.)

This is how we know that USA Today is misleading the public in their fact-checking article “Omicron coronavirus variant is not the common cold.” In fact, coronavirus is one of the viruses that causes the common cold. “The most frequently reported symptoms of omicron resemble symptoms of the common cold: a runny nose, congestion, cough and fatigue. But the two are not the same. COVID-19 is caused by a different virus.” The common cold is in fact caused by several different viruses, including the aforementioned adenovirus and rhinovirus. Coronavirus is one among the bunch. To be sure, SARS-CoV-2 (along with SARS and MERS) is different from the strains identified previously because it appears to be the result of a modified coronavirus that makes the virus more virulent so that it produces flu-like illness, especially more severe respiratory symptoms (and appears to have a mechanism that targets fat cells). (See Their Crumbling Ministry of Truth; On Herd Immunity, Establishment Disinformation, and Gain-of-Function; Science and Conspiracy: COVID-19 and the New Religion.) However, the omicron variant is a reversion to the generally harmless coronavirus that you and I have experienced our entire lives.

It is the natural tendency of viruses to evolve towards less virulence to improve their R0 factor. SARS-CoV-2 is at least two years out from its release, and viruses evolve rapidly, so this was expected and probably would have happened earlier if mass vaccination programs had not been implemented, since the vaccine allows more virulent mutations to spread by reducing severe disease in hosts. (See Mass Vaccination Doesn’t Work; Will the Vaccinated Do the Right Thing and Mask Up or Stay Home?; The Official Vaccine Narrative Completely Falls Apart; By Learning to Let Go of Mass Hysteria, We Can Bring an End to the Destructive COVID-19 Panic.) Of course, it could be that USA Today is clueless about the history and nature of coronavirus and the common cold, which, like pneumonia, is not a virus but a condition or disease (“COVID is an acronym for coronavirus disease”). If this is true, then why is USA Today in the business of fact checking at all?

There is a rather large literature on coronaviruses that predates the pandemic. For example, in a 2015 journal article “Human Coronavirus-Associated Influenza-Like Illness in the Community Setting in Peru” (published in the American Journal or Tropical an Medicine and Hygiene), Hugo Razuri, et al., write, “We present findings describing the epidemiology of non-severe acute respiratory syndrome human coronavirus-associated influenza-like illness from a population-based active follow-up study in four different regions of Peru. In 2010, the prevalence of infections by human coronaviruses 229E, OC43, NL63, or HKU1 was 6.4% in participants with influenza-like illness who tested negative for influenza viruses. Ten of 11 human coronavirus infections were identified in the fall–winter season. Human coronaviruses are present in different regions of Peru and are relatively frequently associated with influenza-like illness in Peru.” As you might guess, I would produce numerous scientific articles like this one. But imagine it’s 2022 and this happens. What will they name the variants? Might we expect a push for mandates and boosters?

So if omicron is so mild, then what’s happening? Why are kids going to the hospital? As Robert Kennedy, Jr. tells us in the above clip, vaccine manufacturers hide behind emergency use authorization and children to avoid liability for products that kill and injure people (most of whom don’t need them). Omicron fear porn is a marketing strategy to herd people to physicians and pharmacies by manufacturing public health emergencies—and now the CDC says that we’re not over delta (they overestimated the prevalence of omicron). Scared witless parents rush their kids to CVS and Walgreens and emergency rooms for PCR tests on the basis of a positive home antigen test or in lieu of one (since stores are running out of them). Hence the “surge in pediatric caseloads in our nations hospitals.” Surely by now you have seen videos of long lines in major cities where people wait for hours to be swabbed by a worker under a tent. This is not rational behavior.

The establishment media appears incapable of reporting the facts. Now they are telling you that can’t lose your sense of smell from other respiratory viruses. This is totally untrue. Adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, and other viruses can also affect olfactory sensory neurons. Moreover, other respiratory viruses can cause severe headache and even fever. This is part of the project to create mass forgetting. The media functions like a giant neurolyzer. The power elite is desperate to keep the moral panic alive. And so parents are taking their kids to the emergency room for cold symptoms, where many of them test positive there—just as they would have if such rushes had occurred earlier in the pandemic. These become hospitalization cases. Those cold symptoms could be caused by an adenovirus, a rhinovirus, or an unidentified virus. The media tells us that you may think you have “just a cold” but it is very likely omicron (which is, as I just showed you, just a cold virus). Others have no symptoms at all, but parents just want to know—they have heard that many cases are asymptomatic. Since corporations and hospitals make money for every test administered, and since they have to protect other patients from COVID-19, everybody is tested. One also has to wonder how many kids visiting hospitals are there for vaccine injuries.

(For what it’s worth, my wife and I tried out one of these antigen tests and the instructions alone suggest that consumer error is big reason for approaching home testing with caution. The percentage of consumers who screw up the test can’t be small. The tests aren’t cheap, either, hence the long lines at CVS and Walgreens for PCR tests.)

Surprisingly, Dr. Fauci appeared on television only a few days ago emphasizing the difference between those who are in the hospital from COVID-19 and those who happen to test positive who were also in the hospital, a distinction that has always been in operation. Where was Fauci on this all along?

The run on hospitals has been exacerbated by loss of qualified personnel resulting from vaccine mandates. How many of those fired for not submitting to the demand that they be injected with experimental gene therapy with a concerning safety profile have acquired their immunity through natural acquisition, the only actual immunity one can obtain from this virus? We don’t know. They don’t bother to test them and see. So we have the most prepared health care professionals across the country sidelined because they refused to comply with the demands of the corporate state.

But it’s all the unvaccinated’s fault for not doing what they were told to do. Fear the unvaccinated or those who won’t show you their papers or who won’t test before visiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the vaccines don’t work. And they know it. If this were the general understanding I would be flogging a dead horse. But this myth won’t die. The Risk of Vaccinated COVID Transmission is Not Low, says Scientific America. “After my son got sick,” the author tells us, “I dived into the data, and it turns out vaccinated people can and do spread COVID” (see also this scientific article). Paradoxically, for many, this has become the argument for vaccination.

But elites aren’t stupid. They know people are wising up. Have you seen how eager they are to change the narrative? “The vaccines weren’t about immunity,” the historical revision goes. “They were about reducing severity.” But that’s not what they said about these vaccines (see the video above). They said the vaccines were to produce herd immunity and stop the virus. This is why we had to take them. This is why we had to have mandates and passports. This is why they tell you to fear the unvaccinated while talking out of the other side of your mouth (doublethink). If anything, fear the vaccinated; they can carry more virulent strains in public because, according to the vaccine pushers, a greater proportion of them don’t feel as sick. Hoist them on their own petard.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser, recently urged people to not go to the kinds of indoor parties attended by dozens of people whose vaccination status you don’t know. Fauci said it’s safer for people to gather in smaller-sized gatherings with family and friends in homes where everyone is known to be vaccinated and boosted, and even safer if people get rapid tests just before the event.” People are unsafe. They are unclean. At the same time, Fauci slashed isolation times in half because he doesn’t want to paralyze the economy (i.e., stifle corporate profits). Who is President of the United States? I believe it’s the man with the smaller federal pension, but I could be wrong.

The experts have been wrong about everything. Is there an agenda? Yes. Power and profit (see below video to learn about the depth of planning in Europe). But there is also ego. They’re too egoistical to admit they’ve been wrong. But they also know that they lose legitimacy if they tell the truth. Legitimacy is key to control because it lends authority to power. The clichéd question they dread: “What did they know and when did they know it?” The bottomline is that, if we were to take the vaccine because it would stop the virus, then the necessity of producing herd immunity might justify extraordinary government action. But if in fact that vaccines do not stop the virus, which in fact they don’t, then mandates and passports have no justification—not from the standpoint of democracy and liberty. The continued push for mandates and passports is thus nakedly pushing authoritarian control. Even in Sweden, where natural immunity to COVID was pioneered, authorities have rolled out passports. Swedes, made soft by a super-humanitarian social democracy, are getting chipped to make life convenient. (I discuss RFID technology in Biden’s Biofascist Regime. The technology has spread since then.)

None of this makes sense. If you’re vaccinated, why worry? Isn’t that what vaccines are for? That’s why we vaccinated our children for measles and other childhood disease. The vaccine is a miracle of science. Why does a person need to know whether people are vaccinated if it doesn’t matter whether they are? Because if you’re vaccinated it means you will be less likely to develop severe disease, is the response I typically get when I ask this question. But if you’re vaccinated you don’t have to worry about severe disease. Isn’t that what they tell us? Yes. Constantly. In phrases that clearly have in back of them talking point memos. But some people who are vaccinated develop severe disease after all. Why does it matter whether people are vaccinated if being vaccinated doesn’t protect people from severe disease?

The answer must be because Pfizer wants money and to grease those wheels of capitalist accumulation the government and the media need to install irrational fear after fear. Fear porn is a lot like regular porn: it doesn’t matter if the premise is implausible; you’re there to see cash-transactional jabbing.

Big Pharma surrogates (most of whom are uncompensated and moonlight as friends and followers on social media platforms) are constantly comparing the need for COVID-19 vaccination with the need for measles vaccination. So let’s compare. Imagine people being vaccinated for measles and then getting measles. Not the rare measles outbreak, but large numbers of those vaccinated for measles infected and spreading the disease—to other vaccinated people. Before the vaccine, people would get the measles and acquire life-long immunity (I’m old enough to remember those days). Now they’re getting measles multiple times following vaccination. Not really; this is a “what-if?” But if this were to happen, wouldn’t this strike you as worrisome? Might you wonder what the measles vaccine was doing to the immune system? It’s as if the vaccine erased it. Instead of acquiring immunity, you now have to be repeatedly injected with the same vaccine that not only didn’t protect you, but prevented you from acquiring life-time immunity.

You can use polio and smallpox to illustrate the bizarre character of a popular argument. It’s as if folks have become confused or never learned the difference between positive and negative correlation. Not to condescend to my readers, but to clarify for them, a negative correlation is obtained when the Y variable decreases when the X variable increases. Let Y = COVID-19 and X = vaccination. If vaccination worked, then, as the rate of vaccination increases, cases of COVID-19 should decrease. If you conclude from the real world evidence that a more aggressive program of vaccination is the appropriate response to rising cases among the vaccinated, then either your thinking has become confused or you’re scientifically illiterate. It’s not an argument. It’s a rationalization.

But there is no sophisticated rationalization for these brute facts. “Breakthrough infection” is not a scientific concept; it’s a propaganda term designed to rationalize the reality, which we knew early on, that the vaccine does not effectively confer immunity. All those people not at risk from serious disease did nobody any favors getting vaccinated. All the injuries this vaccine has caused in young people had no public health purpose. Mandates and passports are irrational from a public health standpoint. Those in charge have been lying to you. They are now telling us that “clinicians and public health practitioners should consider vaccinated persons who become infected with SARS-CoV-2 to be no less infectious than unvaccinated persons.” Something about follow the science.

But the failure of vaccines doesn’t mean vaccines have failed. It just means the deployment of euphemisms to disguise that fact. “Safe and effective” is marketing for a product you weren’t asked to pay for but are paying for anyway, going to (and hurting) people who don’t need it. They tell you the vaccine is free. Guess who pays for all those millions of COVID-19 vaccines? It’s like telling you that the military-industrial complex is free. They have played us so hard.

It’s the same with masks. Why did anybody think these would work? But I still encounter such irrational comments as, “If I could do things over again, I would not have allowed my son to be around even vaccinated people indoors without masks.” The mother who wrote this then indicates that she will get him vaccinated when allowed. A little kid vaccinated for a cold virus. While she is waiting for that, she can feel somewhat assured that the FDA is expected to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 years olds by early next week, according the Washington Post. And the use of the little ones in fear porn finds its counterpart in the use of the elderly ones for the same purpose. The Washington Post tells us about an elderly Iowa man who died from sepsis because all the hospital beds were full of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. It is only the unvaccinated who fill our hospitals. But that’s not true.

People are pushing back against this. One of my most popular political Facebook posts this week (and one of my more triggering) was my almost certainly unoriginal quipping, “Wearing a mask alone in your car is like masturbating in a condom.” People liked it because people don’t like the authoritarian attitude that masks signal (see What Lies Behind the Mask? Technocratic Desire; What’s the Big Deal With Wearing a Mask? Lots; Mask or No Mask?) It’s a hopeful sign when people get mad and ridicule others. It means they’re paying attention.

A lot of that anger is being directed at Dr. Fauci. It’s well deserved. He should resign. Fauci has deaths on his conscience—deaths for profit . He is responsible for the pandemic, which resulted from gain-of-function experiments in the Wuhan Institute of Virology that he bankrolled behind the president’s back, and the botched response to it, denying the public therapeutics in order to falsely justify emergency use authorization for the experimental mRNA technology that has prolonged the pandemic. Finally we get a therapeutic—from Pfizer and Moderna. Here to mop up their mess. And the sticker shock. Will the government cover that bill? Maybe, if you’re vaccinated. To channel Chomsky, if the Nuremberg rules were properly applied Fauci would be in the dock being tried for crimes against humanity. That he is still in power confirms my characterization of the current regime in power in Washington DC.

“They completely disregard bioethics,” Dr. Robert Malone tells us. “They’ve broken all the rules that I know, that I’ve been trained on for years.” The flouting of the Nuremberg Code was the sign that confirmed my suspicion that we are rapidly spiralling into what I call the New Fascism (From Inverted to Naked Totalitarianism: The West in Crisis; Fascism Becoming Under Cover of COVID-19 Hysteria; ). It’s like the old fascism except it doesn’t present with a dictator. Indeed, it’s a hell of a lot more effective without one—it denies what it is and people accept the deception. The other sign was how willing too many Americans were to give up their democracy and their freedom (and their children) and submit to corporate governance and administrative rule. Fascism always depends on a significant proportion of the masses to submit and follow (The Problem of the Weakly Principled). They even have a shiny new race theory, the New Fascists. Get ready to be tagged. Embed it in your hand to hide your shame.

People are tired of the lies. Biden recently said in a discussion about federal action with respect to COVID-19, “Look, there’s no federal solution.” That has always been true. But that’s not what he said when he was running for president. Check out this video of Biden repeatedly telling us, “I’m going to shut down this virus.” The fact is that the virus spread like a wildfire under his presidency. More people have died from this virus in the vaccine era under Biden than under Trump. Democrats ask, “What do you expect him to do?” That’s actually a useful question, the answer to which is nothing. Pandemics are self-resolving. There is nothing he or anybody else can do about this except let it happen as quickly as it can so we can develop herd immunity and move on—as I have been saying from the beginning of all this.

A colleague of mine asked me where the ACLU was on this issue. I resigned from the ACLU a while ago, but I checked to find out. Here, I found the following: “Far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further them. They protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated, and communities of color hit hard by the disease.” The ACLU continues: “While the permissibility of requiring vaccines for particular diseases depends on several factors, when it comes to Covid-19, all considerations point in the same direction. The disease is highly transmissible, serious and often lethal; the vaccines are safe and effective; and crucially there is no equally effective alternative available to protect public health.” The disease is generally not serious, very rarely lethal, the vaccines are neither safe nor effective, and there are in fact superior alternatives to vaccines.

“While vaccine mandates are not always permissible, they rarely run afoul of civil liberties when they involve highly infectious and devastating diseases like Covid-19.” Even if we were to agree with this in principle, COVID-19 does not fall into the category of highly infectious and devastating diseases, a category that would include smallpox. “Vaccines are a justifiable intrusion on autonomy and bodily integrity,” the ACLU asserts. “That may sound ominous, because we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions. But these rights are not absolute. They do not include the right to inflict harm on others.” This formulation gets the ethic backwards. Corporations do not have the right to inflict harm on others. Nor does the government. Corporations and governments have powers which must be limited by the civil liberties and human rights of individuals. That the ACLU would get this backwards in such an obvious way shows us that a grand institution has succumbed to the corrupting force of woke progressivism.

Vaxism is part of a larger religious movement known as “safetyism.” Safetyism is being normalized through a contrived process of institutionalization. There is neither democracy nor liberty on the other side of this contrivance. If our immune system doesn’t work, then the vaccines can’t work, since the mechanism of the vaccine depends on a functioning immune system to have an effect. It seems millions of people have forgotten this basic biological truth. If you have had this virus, and you have a healthy immune system, then you have developed an immunity to the virus. This immunity will be robust enough to provide a significant degree of protection from future variants, just as previous infections with any number of cold and flu viruses provide a degree of protection from variants of these. Even if we grant some efficacy to the original vaccines, they were narrowly specified for a protein associated with an earlier variant and therefore have no relevant. It’s as if you were to take last year’s flu shot for this year’s flu. Vaccination is entirely unnecessary to a person who had recovered from COVID-19 because (a) the vaccine is old and doesn’t work and (b) your immune system is there to catch you. Put your evolved brain to good use. Don’t give into the madness. Resist. Do not comply.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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