The Continuing Media Campaign of Disinformation about Race and Violence

When I search Google for Waukesha is Scheduled to be Memory Holed, my blog concerning the terrorist actions of Darrell Brooks Jr., who, in 2021, allegedly drove his Ford Escape through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, swerving side to side in an intentional action targeting people, injuring at least fifty people and killing six people, I find that it has been memory holed. I have to open my WordPress account and search for it there to copy the link and share it. My own blog has become evidence in the case I make about the media disinformation campaign about race and violence in America. Hence the importance in sharing it.

Frank James, arrested by patrol officers in Manhattan’s East Village.

Why would Google do this? I think the fact that Brooks is black has something to do with it. It has become clear to me that the media plays down violence by blacks because the demographic reality of violence is inconvenient for the political-ideological narrative that insists that it is whites—especially white males—who represent the gravest danger to public safety in America. I think this is also the reason Google News excludes headlines about the Brooklyn subway shooting perpetrated by Frank James. James, reportedly wearing a gas mask, is alleged to have set off smoke grenades on a crowded N train traveling toward the 36th Street station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, then fired a handgun 33 times into the travelers leaving 29 people injured, including ten with bullet wounds. You have to actively search to find stories about James. Had a white man done this, it would likely be the top story in the new aggregator service. Very likely.

I am sure you have noted a pattern emerging in recent mass killings/shootings. They are not being committed by white men. Brooks and James are only two of a spate of mass violence events that have raged across the nation over the last few months. Six were shot to death in a mass killing in downtown Sacramento on April 3, the alleged shooters brothers Dandrae and Smiley Martin and associate Mtula Payton, three black men. Over Easter weekend, Jewayne Price, a black man, injured 14 people at a mall in South Carolina. As the racial identity of these mass killers/shooters has come to light, the media has again been trying to obscure the phenomenon of mass shooting. Their own propaganda caused them to relax their guard. They had been doing a find job until recently in hiding the racial demographics surrounding crime and violence in America.

For years now, I have been telling readers of Freedom and Reason that the memes and stories about mass shootings that portray these events as a conservative Christian white male phenomenon are false—and that using this falsehood to distract from the significance of actual patterns is not only subterfuge, which includes a campaign to undermine the rights of gun owners, but a reflexive expression of anti-white male prejudice widespread in the academy, culture industry, and corporate media. Beyond the hegemonic apparatus, rank-and-file progressive silence in the face of the racial profile of the latest string of high-profile mass killings/shooting not perpetrated by the despised demographic is deafening.

Recall Rolling Stone’s sarcastic take on mass shootings in the August 2019 op-ed White Nationalist Violence has Nothing to do with White Nationalism. White nationalist violence does indeed have something to do with white nationalism. Does black nationalist violence have nothing to do with black nationalism? In the face of all the evidence I have seen, officials in the Brooks’ case deny this was a terrorist event. Recall Naaz Modan’s October 2017 op-ed, published by CNN, “How America has Silently Accepted the Rage of White Men.” Modan’s take is typical. We might ask her a related question to the one implied by the Rolling Stone piece: Is America silently accepting the rage of black men? Clearly the corporate media and progressives are. Even more than this; they are promoting it. (See my blogs Whites Not Overrepresented in Mass Murder and Everything Progressives Say About Mass Shootings is Wrong…and Racist where I debunk these notions and demonstrate that the disinformation is rooted in ant-white male prejudice.)

In recent blogs (e.g., Stop Making Excuses for Violence and How to Misrepresent the Racial Demographics of Mass Murder), I confirm the facts indicating that the misrepresentation of racial demographics of mass murder is deliberate and political. To summarize this content, black men are less than six percent of the population overall, but in raw numbers commit more than half of all homicides in America annually. Moreover, contradicting the assumption that interracial violence is largely whites persecuting blacks, black men are more likely to kill white people than the other way around (see Why are there so Many More White than Black Victims of Interracial Homicide?). One would not know these facts from the media coverage of violence in America.

It’s not just skin color that Brooks and James share in common. They also share a common ideology: specifically black nationalism and more broadly extreme anti-white prejudice. Both were prolific in sharing social media postings expressing a profound hatred and loathing of white people, sentiments informed by the arguments pushed by the progressive stack. How could constantly telling blacks that their situation is due to white privilege and white supremacy not have something to do with blacks targeting white people for homicide and other crimes? How many of these interracial crimes are in fact bias crimes that go unrecorded as such in the FBI statistics? Is the media, hyper-vigilant about white supremacy to the point of imagining things, really telling us that race plays no role in target selection in black-on-white crime? Reparations, retribution—these have been admitted to with respect to rioting. Is it not also obvious in the rampant and audacious acts of theft in stores across the country? Why not violent actions? Why deny this when it is obvious, as in the case of Brooks?

I write in Stop Making Excuses for Violence: “The media cannot wait for the next mass murder committed by a mentally ill white person so it can hypostatize white supremacy. But where is the reporting of the routine mass murder committed by gangs in America’s inner cities? Do the children caught in the crossfire of gang violence not matter? Do bystanders in drive-by no matter? Apparently not, because the left wants to defund the police.” I further write, “If you know anything about gang violence, you will know that mass murders occur routinely in America’s inner-cities, and the perpetrators are not often white, and these crimes are rarely reported.” 

According to The Guardian, statistics show that the vast majority of high-casualty events occur in impoverished, disproportionately black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Roughly a third of the incidents with known circumstances were drive-by shootings or identified by law enforcement as gang-related. The authors of the article, led by Champe Barton reports “that many victims and community activists believe that the dearth of coverage of particular shootings owes, at least partially, to the race of the victims.” Barton and associates continue: “In 2020, mass shootings disproportionately occurred in majority-Black neighborhoods. But even the highest-casualty incidents received limited national media attention.” According to a study published in the journal Sociology of Race and Ethnicity about shooting victims in Chicago found that blacks killed in black-majority neighborhoods received roughly half as much news coverage as white people killed in majority-white neighborhoods.

The fact is that whites are consistently underrepresented either or both absolutely and proportionally in the most serious violent crimes. So why is the public being subjected to memes either blaming white males for violence or scolding the public for the imaginary act of making excuses for white violence? The progressive establishment is working racecraft to delegitimize the American republic, which it equates to whiteness, a manufactured characteristic further reduced to white supremacy.

I write in Stop Making Excuses for Violence, “Crime by whites is amplified or manufactured, while crime by blacks is downplayed or ignored. The truth is flipped. The memes are designed to present an inverted truth. They make this about race to dissimulate and drive the dismantling of the nation.” I write further, “Anti-white propaganda is a corporatist strategy to ingratiate the capitalist elite to minorities by manufacturing a fake enemy and making the machinery of liberty and democracy appear as oppressive tools of white supremacy. Identitarian education and training is designed to make minorities feel like their exploiters care about them and see their comrades as their adversaries. The corporatist propagandist manufactures an enemy—this time white people—to distract from the real adversary, namely the corporate elite who exploit minority labor and control their life chances.”

The disinformation concerns not only the domestic situation, but the situation at the southern border. You may have noticed that, with the return of a Democrat to the White House, mass illegal immigration has returned with a vengeance. Two million illegal immigrants crossed the border last year. In March of this year, more than 200,000 illegally crossed, a record for illegal crossings in a single month. Even when Trump was President and the tide of illegal immigration largely stemmed, the problems associated with the thousands crossing the southern border demanded the attention of an objective media. But that’s not what happened.

In Stop Making Excuses for Violence, I write, “The media loves a good story about the lone white person committing a heinous crime, but where is the reporting about the cartels operating north and south of our border murdering people on a daily basis? Have you been following the reality of the transnational trade in human beings supported by the Democratic Party and the Catholic Church?” Have you? Do you know about the crisis of overdose deaths due to the cheap fentanyl pouring across the border? The situation is as bad as it has ever been. Yet the rank-and-file progressive continues to portray public concern over immigration as nativist, racist, and xenophobic.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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