Drag Queen Lap Dance at Forsyth Tech: Humiliating the Gullible

At the bottom of the page I update the blog with information on the minors at the event. I provide the flier to the event which readers can see does not announce any age restrictions. I am attempting to verify the age of the female who received the lap dance, but we do know that minors were stuffing dollar bills in the underwear of the performers and you can see children in the video.  

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This morning I shared on Facebook a Fox News story about a drag queen straddling what appears to be a girl at North Carolina public school in front of a crowd of adults and what appear to be (and sound like) teenagers. I thought I should share it here, as well, as my Facebook is for friends only. The school, Forsyth Technical Community Colleges, enrolls students as young as 14 years of age. You can read about the event here.

Drag queen at North Carolina community college (image from Forsyth Tech’s Facebook page)

If this were a man sexually touching a girl in front of other children, a lewd and lascivious act under the law of this state, would we all agree that this is inappropriate? Well, this is a man sexually touching a girl in front of other children. Why does it become something else when the man is portraying himself as a woman? It doesn’t.

Even if we assume this is a woman, it changes nothing legally. What would change matters legally is if the person in the chair were an adult in a room full of adults, albeit still not an event appropriate for a public school. Yet we do know that drag queens speaking and behaving provocatively in front of children can be found in public school classrooms and in public libraries. So this is not a one off affair. It’s an instantiation of a widespread practice.

What’s the point of sexual displays and touching children in front of children? You might be asking yourself what this is all about. I can tell you: it’s a transgressive act by those seeking to disrupt the normative rules concerning boundaries between adult sexual activity and children.

This is not an interpretation. First, it’s obvious what this is even if you are not well-versed in the doctrines of gender ideology and queer theory. Second, queer theory, its origins in anarchist politics and postmodernist epistemology, carries central to its praxis the transgression of societal rules it regards as oppressive. Age of consent laws are put in place by the oppressors—the white, heteronormative, cisgender majority. According to the doctrine of intersectionality, individuals who lie at the intersections of oppression enjoy a privilege to break the rules. This is a feature of postmodernist critical theory across the board.

This is what the drag queen controversy is about. Those who support the practice support the sexualization of children. In fact, for organizers, that’s their goal. Rank and file progressives are gullible followers seeking strokes (which doesn’t excuse their actions). The leaders of the project are open about what they are up to. In a video posted to social media, shared above, RuPaul calls on his followers to vote out “stunt queen” politicians (his term for those passing legislation protecting children from sexualization and indoctrination) while describing drag queens as the “Marines of the queer movement.” Let that last phase sink in. Let it sink in in light of what happened in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this week.

What you are witnessing in this video is framed by the adherents to queer theory as an act of social justice. Actually, it’s a paraphilia. The powers-that-be are normalizing and mainstreaming sexual fetishes performed on and in front of children. I shared this story on Facebook and a friend wondered if the man in drag got a hard on. “Or whether he got great joy over humiliating a girl whose desire for virtue made her an easy target of his misogyny,” I responded. Maybe both. I am sure misogynists get hard over humiliating girls and women in public.

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Update: Invitations to the drag show hosted during Pride Fest at Forsyth Technical Community College went out to students as young as 14 years old. Fliers advertising the performance did not include any minimum-age requirement to attend. Two high schools are attached to Forsyth Technical (which is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina). The school’s chief officer of student success, Paula Dibley, confessed: “Parents of children under 18 were not notified of this event in advance.” Witnesses have reported that minors were seen “tipping” drag performers during the event. As the video pans around the room, children no older than elementary school age can be seen in the crowd.

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