Trans Day of Vengeance Cancelled Due to Genocide

I think the organizers of the Trans Day of Vengeance realized that the symbolism of, and the violence likely to emerge from such a high-profile gathering—violence already seen in a myriad of other places (for example the mob in in Auckland, New Zealand that assaulted Kellie-Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker, and others holding a women’s rights rally in Albert Park)—will only serve to validate the character of this movement for millions of interested observers and reveal the true character of the phenomenon for millions more.

The rhetoric of “genocide” has become a core element in the doctrine of this new religion. By portraying the group as persecuted and proclaiming victimhood, the enemy is defined and demonized and its authority discredited. This is why lesbians and women’s rights groups are especially hated, as they represent the most felt and visible pieces of the resistance. Christians (those not lost to wokeness) are a priori opposition.

That’s the goal of the movement anyway. But rational people across the trans-Atlantic community are reasserting reason and pushing back. Reason and push back in turn justifies in the minds of activists violent action. Hence the rhetoric of martyrdom and vengeance. A little too much too soon after Nashville. So Antifa, as has been made clear, a trans activist organization (a flock of cluster b types), calls off the day of militant action. I worry about more lone wolves.

“Trans Day of Vengeance” cancelled due to “credible threat to life and safety”

They are really trying to distract you now. In the wake of the Nashville Christian school massacre, they’re telling you guns are the leading cause of death in children (See Jon Stewart: Corporate State Stooge). I think if you check that statistic you’ll find that 18 and 19 years olds are counted among the children. Why are authorities counting men who go to war as children? This is double wickedness infantilizing men to push disinformation. Here’s the truth: central city violence is driving the death machine in America. Who runs the cities? (See America’s Crime Problem and Why Progressives are to Blame.)

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake tells us that the massacre occurring earlier this week at the Covenant School, a Christian elementary school in the city, was a targeted attack. He’s read the manifesto, so he ought to know. Release the manifesto so we can see for ourselves. We need to understand the threat we’re facing. Unfortunately, the FBI has taken possession of the manifesto. They say they will eventually release it to the public, but can the FBI be trusted? I think readers know how I would answer that question.

The corporate state media want you to think about guns because they want your guns. But the instrument chosen in the commission of a crime doesn’t explain the crime. How could it? Guns don’t shoot themselves. The identity of the perpetrator, the identity of the victim, and the motive behind the action are the elements to consider when attempting to explain and understand criminal conduct.

The Manson family used forks and steak knives. how does that explain the massacre at the Tate residence? That Nazis used bullets, gas, and starvation is not central to explaining and understanding the Judeocide. Islamists use planes, bombs, and beheadings. The instruments and methods are not at the reason. These are tools and actions, hammers and drills, pounding and sawing. That’s horror show shit that some people dig at the movies. But in the real world, where we have real people to save, we focus on the things that matter.

People better get alert. The corporate state media is a massive lie machine. Sucker is not in anymore.

* * *

Note: A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the trans activist who assaulted Kellie-Jay Keen in New Zealand who has been formally charged with assault. The perpetrator has fled the county and is now in New York claiming to be the victim of a “hate” campaign. I have seen the incident in question. The hate was on the trans activist side and members of that group assaulted several women including Keen. Nice to see the authorities do something to hold these violent and disordered individuals accountable. But they should have done more at the scene. An elderly lady has a fractured skull thanks to the failure of police to protect those attending the rally. When will this person be charged and arrested?

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