If All This Strikes You as Perverse, You’re Right. It is.

On Thursday I blogged about an all-age drag queen event at Forsyth Tech in North Carolina. I have updated that blog, so go check it out: Drag Queen Lap Dance at Forsyth Tech: Humiliating the Gullible. The performance was not merely drag, i.e., a man portraying a female character. It was burlesque. Before we forget history, it soul be recognized that drag does not necessarily involve provocative sexual conduct. These are more common in burlesque, which CBS News has note is a separate form of entertainment. That piece (from October of last year) tells readers that “It’s up to parents and guardians to decide [whether their children see drag performances], just as they decide whether their children should be exposed to or participate in certain music, television, movies, beauty pageants, concerts or other forms of entertainment, parenting experts say.”

In that Thursday blog, I posed the following rhetorical question: “If this were a man sexually touching a girl in front of other children, a lewd and lascivious act under the law of this state, would we all agree that this is inappropriate?” I then went on to ask readers to consider the point of sexual displays and touching children in front of children. My take on the matter? It’s a transgressive act by those who are seeking to disrupt the normative rules concerning boundaries between adult sexual activity and children. Should this be up to parents, as CBS News tells us parenting experts say? If so, then why the hysteria over laws restoring parent’s rights in education and health care?

There are, of course, some things children should be prevented from experiencing whatever their parents think about it. Clearly there are a lot of parents who are too naive to realize when their children are being groomed for induction into nihilistic cult obsessed with sex and sexual identity that increases the chances that those successfully inducted will have their minds and bodies broken and deformed.

The practice of confusing, gaslighting, and sexualizing of children angers and horrifies me (and I will blogging a lot more about this in the upcoming weeks). But I am also very troubled by how many decades gay men—who took over drag from the racist minstrel shows where the art originated—have had to fight the undeserved reputation that homosexuals represent a threat to children (the “boy love” slander and all the rest of it) only to have drag repurposed by the disordered and the technocracy to push an agenda that’s putting gay men in a poor light. 

Only a few years ago it was widely understood that drag was an art form owned by gay men and not an appropriate venue for men who were not performing but exploiting an art form as an opportunity for acting out in public disordered and paraphilia desire. This was before the widespread appearance of Drag Queen Story Hour, which was founded in San Francisco in 2015 explicitly to introduce children to the transgender movement by reading picture books informed by queer theory. In his 2018 Atlantic essay “It’s Time for Drag Race to Move Past the Binary,” Spencer Kornhaber notes that “RuPaul took heat for saying trans women couldn’t compete on his show—when the truth is that’s exactly what the art of drag needs.” As I pointed out in Thursday’s blog, RuPaul now describes drag queens as the “Marines of the queer movement.”

I find it hard to believe that any gay man performing drag who has any sense of the history of anti-gay hatred and who cares about the health and safety of children would think that it’s a good idea to perform in an overtly sexualized manner in front of children. I have a hard time believing, therefore, that these performers are merely gay men in drag. I suspect that some, maybe many, perhaps not all (let’s leave room for the opportunistic and stupid), are acting out some type of paraphilia, i.e., autogynephilia, (auto)pedophilia, or some other form of deviance that endangers children. In other words, some of these men are doing this for sexual gratification. Others are expressing misogynistic desire. (These are not mutually exclusive categories.) If you’re missing the reality that these acts carry with them sadistic euphoria felt at taking advantage of and humiliating gullible people then you lack a type of awareness vital to adequate parenting.

Of course, whether these men are sexually disordered or not, it is the effect sexualization has on children that is mainly at issue. Moreover, these men are taking advantage of a situation created by the progressives who have captured our institutions.

A drag queen lifts her skirt and gyrates in front of a child in Texas.

This is why there are age of consent laws: children cannot meaningfully consent to adult sexual activity. Nor do they possess adult sexual identities. Many of them haven’t even entered puberty yet. Yes, I know, a lot of queer theorists want to eliminate those laws, as they see the rules regulating sexual conduct and other adult-child interactions as not merely social constructs but social constructs erected by the “oppressor” seeking to deny children their right to adult sexual activities and the sexualized identities the virtue seekers are clamoring to affirm. But queer theory is the crackpot academic expression of the nihilistic anarchist mindset that, if allowed to take hold, will destroy civilization.

They portray drag in front of children as benign and its critics as busybodies. But it is hardly benign—and I am as far from a busybody as one can possibly get without falling over into libertinism. So let me say this very clearly: I have nothing against drag per se. This is about protecting children from exploitative predatory and often criminal conduct that bad, ignorant, and stupid people are re-coding as love and rainbows. They’re after the children and the reason they’re after the children is multifaceted. I will be laying it all out over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

That this is about some prudish reaction to drag or opposition to the trans agenda, an assumption that means to conclude what requires evidence, namely that somehow drag has something to do with gender-affirming medical care, is a straw man progressives stuff to keep their agenda to corrupt the normal development of children moving forward. It’s a lie. Preventing children from being sexualized has nothing to do with drag per se. Just like progressives lied about the parents rights law in Florida by leaving the impression that the bill was called “Don’t Say Gay,” a piece of disinformation picked up and spread by the corporate state media, they are lying about these laws designed to prevent children from being sexually exploited. They are smearing you as “bigot” and “transphobe” to shame you into silence.

This is not an analogy. I am not in opposition to adults consuming pornography (although I do recognize the dysfunction and harm pornography can cause). I am a First Amendment extremist. But should we let children consume porn? If your answer is that we should not, and that is my answer, too, ask yourself why pornography is so easily accessible in so many of our children’s libraries and classrooms. That’s another piece to all of this. Children have pornographic materials at their fingertips while they’re being spoon fed queer theory by men dressed as women and children who may also dance or writhe on the carpet provocatively in front of them. If all this strikes you as perverse, you’re right. It is. There is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with them.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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