From Delusion to Illusion: Transitioning Disordered Personalities into Valid Identities

Update (April 17): I did not know about this case until yesterday. This occurred in Australia. Evie Amati, a trans woman (his parents named him Karl), seriously wounded a man and a woman at a 7-Eleven in Sydney in January 2017. Security footage showed Amati approaching his first victim, Ben Rimmer, as he waited to buy a meat pie. After a brief conversation, he struck Mr Rimmer in the face, knocking him to the ground with a severe facial wound and facial fractures. He then attacked his second victim, Sharon Hacker, near the door, fracturing her skull. Amati turned on a third customer, Shane Redwood, but he shielded himself using his backpack. Amati was arrested shortly afterwards. When the BBC initially reported this story, it left out the fact that Amati is trans gender. It finally clarified the story two years later. I am sharing the video below.

Update (April 12): Another murder by a trans identifying individual.

* * *

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”—George Orwell, Animal Farm

“In conclusion, then, we may say that the difference between delusion and illusion lies in the impact that belief has on the individual holding it. Delusion is a system of ideas that is not shared by other people, and that is of such a nature as to make its possessor unhappy or a menace to society. Illusion, on the other hand, is a false belief that is not susceptible to correction by outside evidence, but that serves the needs of the individual’s emotional life.”—Sigmund Freud, The Future of an Illusion

I begin today’s blog with clear evidence of corporate state disinformation and official state suppression of critics concerning the rise of militant trans activism represented by a single case: the government harassment of Mitchell Watley, an illustrator of children’s books, and the corporate cancelling of his career.

A Mitchell Watley illustration

Watley will have a preliminary hearing April 11 in Juneau, Alaska, on a single count of “terroristic threatening” for allegedly placing notes in businesses that included an assault rifle superimposed over the trans gender flag with accompanying text reading: “Feeling Cute Might Shoot Some Children.”

The New York Post frames the story this way: “An Alaskan children’s book illustrator was dropped by his publisher after he was arrested for posting menacing, transphobic notes targeting children at local businesses. Mitchell Thomas Watley, 47, is accused of putting the threatening notices in public places throughout the capital city of Juneau beginning on Friday—the International Day of Transgender Visibility.”

The official complaint against Watley reads in part: “Officers spoke to Mitchell, who said (in essence) that he was in fear of the recent transgender school shooter and took it upon himself to print out and distribute these leaflets.” Rexene Finley, the assistant district attorney, told the judge in court that Watley “targeted our most vulnerable populations.”

The second Antifa member from the left bearing a rifle is wearing the trans patch that pairs an AR-15 with the slogan “Defend Equality.” This is from August 2022 in Roanoke, Texas.

The image in question is not Watley’s invention. You can see in the above image, as well as in the image below, members of Antifa, a street-level manifestation of the New Fascism, wearing a patch with an AR-15 superimposed onto a trans flag with the slogan “DEFEND EQUALITY.” Go here to find for purchase numerous banners, buttons, patches, and posters with the image and the slogan. Next time you are reviewing photos of Antifa, pay attention to the uniform. See any patches from the Etsy catalog?

Another armed Antifa member wearing the patch, Denton, Texas, November 2022.

Obviously, the image doesn’t mean what the assistant district attorney and the media suggest it does. The reality is that the image signals something very different, something the corporate state does not want the public to know, namely that this is a patch worn by trans activists to signal to opponents of gender ideology that violent trans action, including gun violence, is now part of the movement’s growing militancy, justified by growing resistance to the ideology.

You’re supposed to be upset over the Tennessee legislature removing members from its body for commandeering the house floor and inciting mob violence at the state capitol. Demagogues took to the house floor to distract you from thinking about the actual problem. It wasn’t guns that killed the six people at a Nashville Christian school. It was a person with thoughts in her head. But progressives want you to make a fetish of guns so they can advance a project to disarm the population of weapons that allow them to effectively counter state oppression.

They are now distracting you with rhetoric about “racism” and “white supremacy.” The two men removed from the Tennessee legislature were black so therefore racism and white supremacy. But there are several members in the Tennessee legislature who are black. Most of them are still in the legislature. Why? They didn’t commandeer the floor of that body with bullhorns and lead a mob in disrupting the democratic process. Expelling two members from the Tennessee legislature wasn’t about race. It was about making sure those elected to serve the people don’t use the cover of the electoral process to instead thwart the democratic process they were sworn to uphold. It was the act of egregiously violating the rules of the House and the principles of a free society that caused that body to expel these men.

Nor does Watley’s text mean what the assistant district attorney and the media suggest it does. When you know what the image is actually about, the meaning of the text associated with the image become obviously a sarcastic warning about the rise in violence by trans activists and a reference to the Nashville children murdered by a trans man. It’s not Watley threatening to kill children. It is Watley telling people that trans identifying people are killing children. And they are.

Anderson Lee Aldrich killed five people at a nightclub in Colorado Springs, Co. Aldrich identifies as nonbinary.

Audrey Hale, the Nashville shooter who murdered six people, including three children, isn’t the first mass murderer identifying as trans gendered. Last year, Anderson Lee Aldrich (seen in the photo above surrendering to police) killed five people at a nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Aldrich identifies as nonbinary. Alec McKinney, who identifies as a trans man, teamed up with Devon Erickson in 2019 to shoot several students as a Denver-area school. They killed one person and wounded several others. A 2018 shooting at a Maryland warehouse that left five dead was perpetrated by a trans woman named Snochia Moseley.

William Whitworth, aka Lilly, was well on the path to mass murder before police intervened.

According to a local news source, police just disrupted the plans of a fifth trans identifying person in Colorado Springs, Colorado. William Whitworth, a male who now goes by the name “Lilly,” has been charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, criminal mischief, menacing and interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions. Lilly was planning to “shoot up” multiple schools in Colorado Springs.

My last blog covered the assault of Riley Gaines by trans activists at San Francisco State University during the Turning Point USA event. The university’s administration, without mentioning the assault on Gaines, praised the trans activists who perpetrated the assault.

Here is a video of the trans activist mobbing of Kellie Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker, in Aukland, New Zealand. Keen has just been assaulted along with several other women. (See also here.) What you are seeing very clearly in the crowd, alongside the true believers driven to mob violence by ideology, the convergence in the movement by individuals with mood and personality disorders.

Kellie Jay Keen mobbed by trans activists in Aukland, New Zealand

What you are seeing very clearly in the crowd, alongside the rabid true believers driven to violence by gender ideology, are individuals with disordered personalities who have found in this movement a way to transition their mental illness into what progressives tell them is a positive expression of social justice. We saw this in San Francisco in the mobbing of Riley Gaines, who was assaulted and kidnapped for more than three hours while the hostage takers demanded money for her release. A sickness was clearly apparent in the actions and on the faces of members of the mob—and San Francisco State University then praised the mob and offered them counseling without mentioning the victim of misogynistic violence.

We are told that the rise in violence committed by trans identifying people is a myth. My Google news aggregator is teaming with stories claiming to debunk the myth. There is also the return of the sentiment, often heard during the period in which another violent extremist movement, Islamic terrorism, that one cannot blame an entire group because a member of that group commits an act of violence. Obviously those making this claim are hypocrites given how easily they accuse the entire white race of enjoying skin-color privilege and for harboring at the very least implicit bias and unconscious prejudice for black people—and white isn’t an ideology or a religion operating on doctrine. Contrast being white with the act of preaching a gospel of vengeance, and portraying the adherents to the doctrine that underpins that gospel as a persecuted minority morally privileged to use any means necessary to defend itself. As with islamism, gender ideology attracts and transitions disordered people into agents of harassment, intimidation, and violence.

A poster advertising the “Trans Day of Vengeance,” protests toned down in the wake of Hale’s murderous act.

* * *

The cultivation of an antagonistic social movement is bearing fruit. The construct “gender identity” as it exists in gender ideology/queer theory constitutes for many of those so identified a re-coding of their personality disorders (PDs), including cluster B type disorders, as a positive thing. (The intersection of gender identity disorder/gender dysphoria and personality disorders is demonstrated in the research literature. For examples, see here, here, and here. There are more, and I encourage readers to explore the matter further.)

Cluster B type are a group of PDs characterized by dramatic or erratic behavior, emotional dysregulation, and impulsivity. One can see an overrepresentation of this class of disorders among trans activists, who are involved in acts of intimidation and terrorism across the globe. This is an important matter to address, especially in light of the normalizing and mainstreaming—and amplifying—of these personality types.

Audrey Hale killed six people in a Christian school on Monday. She had recently changed her pronouns and declared herself to be a man.

The four disorders in this cluster are antisocial (ASPD), borderline (BPD), histrionic (HPD), and narcissistic (NPD). ASPD is characterized by a disregard for the rights of others, a lack of empathy or remorse, and a tendency to engage in deviant or impulsive behavior. BPD is characterized by instability in mood, self-image, and relationships, and a tendency to engage in impulsive and self-destructive behaviors. HPD is characterized by excessive attention-seeking behavior, emotional instability, and a tendency to engage in dramatic or exaggerated expressions of emotion. NPD is characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy for others, and a strong need for admiration and attention. You can see from these descriptions the likelihood of compounding disorders.

Twitter has suspended TNDTracker’s Twitter account for repeatedly expressing the sentiments found at the top of the image

Historically, treatment for PDs has typically involved a combination of medication and psychotherapy, as well as support from family and friends (although in providing this support one must be careful not to be drawn into an abusive or exploitative relationship). One might think it is still important for individuals with these disorders to seek professional help from qualified mental health professionals But in the current environment this poses a risk; what was heretofore treated as a mental illness is now affirmed as an identity. Young people with PDs are redirected to gender clinics where they are put on a path to gender transitioning, first social, next medical, the latter now a billion dollar industry where they will become life-long patients.

“The T-shirt says “TRANS RIGHTS…OR ELSE.”

Gender identity is an ideological construct that, by redefining PDs and giving them a cultural and social purpose, not only disguises and obfuscates these disorders, as well as frequently associated emotional and mood disorders, but turns those in need of psychiatric help into subalterns for the corporate state project to dismantle the American republic.

One need not to sign on the theory I have been advancing about the corporate state project on Freedom and Reason to see the obfuscation and to know that this development is not benign. Whatever the motives behind the transitioning of personality disorders to gender identities, the results have been a rise in harassment and violence against members of society who do not subscribe to this ideology. Those who advocate the ideology are responsible for its consequences whether or not they are working consciously to advance the transnational and transhumanist agenda.

Activist Kellie-Jay Keen, who was forced to flee New Zealand recently after being attacked at a pro-woman rally.

Gender ideologues tell society that if the majority is skeptical of or resists the claim that a person can change her or his sex, that gender is either a soul-like entity that inhabits bodies (including wrong bodies) or so disconnected from sex that it can be whatever individuals wants it to be, then the majority is plotting and perpetrating a genocide against those who have proclaimed gender ideology as their faith. They can, therefore, expect the “trans community” to fight back. That is, having asked the public to deny reality and affirm delusional beliefs that advance an illusion of gender so constructed in all its quasi-religious character, public rejection of the doctrine justifies extreme action on the part of the believers.

There is no shortage of opportunities for direct comparisons between Islamism and trans activism.

If this ideology reaches a person with an antisocial personality disorder, a person who is gathering weapons in preparation for killing those people this person believes wronged her, it teaches her that her disordered thinking is a valid identity, that she is really is a man trapped in a female body, that her imagined grievances are real, obviously real because others won’t affirm her delusions (forcing her to undergo puberty, etcetera), and her impulse is therefore also valid. She comes to believe that she has the right to and must defend herself against a genocide—to martyr herself for the cause.

The explanation obviates the need for mental health treatment, at least treatment that would take up the actual problem, and the disorder is not helped but valorized. Gender ideology transitions the personality disorder from a limitation on living a normal life into a force promising an extraordinary one, a transcendent identity, a real thing to be recognized and embraced, a source of legitimate political action, legitimizing the use of violence against her oppressors. It takes the pathological desire to violently lash out at others and empowers it by giving it a justification—the affected becomes an instrument of agency in solidarity with a group of believers. The affected becomes a suicide death machine.

We are waiting Audrey Hale’s manifesto. But based on the totality of the circumstances, it almost certain that Hale was a zealot moved to murder Christians because she believed they had wronged her. In fact, it seems so certain that if the manifesto does no contain a clear motive, or suggests one that doesn’t fit the circumstances, an objective observer might suspect official manipulation. The observer might consider whether the document is being censored and modified to hide the motive that would make this a hate crime or an instantiation of domestic terrorism.

The ideology provides the actor with the targets of her valid wrath. It constructs and defines her oppressors. The ideology points the mentally disordered person in a direction. It puts the gun in her hand. It instructs her to pull the trigger. Like all extremist ideologies, by manufacturing the identity, the ideology creates a worldview and peoples it with good and evil entities. It instills and heightens the paranoia and resentment necessary to motivate committed action. To paraphrase Buckle’s truism: gender ideology prepares the crime; the trans person commits it.

Gender ideology is like Islamism. Both rest on mythology. Both attract disordered personalities.

Violent and suppressive acts short of homicide abound. The many videos of trans activists (TRAs) harassing feminists and lesbians and shouting down and physically assaulting participants at women’s rights rallies illustrates the unhinged nature of many of those in this movement. Read aloud the slogans on their placards. Hear how they sound. Listen to the terms TRAs use to describe their enemies. Review the images of armed TRAs standing before the trans flag making terroristic threats (some of which I am sharing in this blog).

Examples of incitement to violence abound

TRAs are openly using the language of war. Conservative Christians are portrayed as the principle enemy, described as “Nazis” and “fascists,” and of course “transphobes.” But even allies are being threatened (see video at the end of this blog). The enemy is portrayed as representing a mass desire to erase the existence of the trans people. What follows from an imagined existential threat taken as real? Should not those who are about to be genocided take up arms and defend themselves against the genociders? To be sure, not all trans identifying persons will go there. But the reality is that a lot are going there, and all it takes are as many who are to endanger the public.

Why do we condemn fascism? Why do we condemn Christian and Islamic extremism? Why do we condemn extremist ideologies? Not just because they are wrong, but also because they can result in terrorism and violence. To be sure, TRAs enjoy the First Amendment right to convey their paranoid delusions and gather in groups—they have the same right to speech and expression, assembly and association as we all do. That means that we also have the right to tell the truth about this dangerous and harmful ideology. And we have the right to gather together and organize against it, to seek through legislation rules that protect all of us, including trans identified people.

That’s what all this language about Nazis and fascists is about in the rhetoric of the trans activists. This worldview plagiarizes both the real and the mythical dynamics of good and evil in reality and stories of the distant and recent past. Indeed, stepping into oppression, gender ideology is the work of future-past. Parents, politicians, teachers—anybody who fails to affirm and celebrate the delusional is portrayed as “fascist” and “collaborator.” The steps of genocide are recited. The delusions of the paranoid are fed. The bomb was fused years ago. It’s a short fuse.

Islamism and trans activism are highly similar in form and content.

Just as in Islamism, where the critics of a form of religious extremism are portrayed as “Islamophobic,” so in gender ideology are the critics of this form of quasi-religious extremism portrayed as “transphobic.” In this ideology, the trans gender person becomes the moral equivalent of the Jew and those who do not accept his worldview become the Nazis (see below video). The illusion that ideology creates resonates with the delusions of mentally disordered individuals. The delusions are given definite form and certain content. The desire to carry out aggressive violence is rationalized as defensive action.

This is analogous to the Islamic extremist who shoots up a school blaming his actions, motivated by his beliefs, perpetrated on those who deny or criticize his beliefs, on the victims of his actions. Islam is the only true way to think about the world, so to his mind he is justified. That Allah is the only god and that law and policy and everything else flows from him is obvious. That Muhammad is his messenger must be true. This ideology must be defended—even with violence.

The demand that others respect preferred pronouns is indicative of theocratic desire. The admonition to avoid “dead-naming” the trans person is a prime indicator of the depth of faith-belief; the person believes they have killed their former self and are reborn in a differently gendered body that is what they say it is. Gender ideology seeks a theocratic order where its doctrines are effectively if not formally the state-sanctioned religion, punishing those who deny it are to be punished. Until that order is established, if the state won’t listen, then activists believe they must take matters into their own hands.

This is jihad and it moved a disordered person to enter a school and murder children, as well as moved the purveyors of this ideology to blame the victims. That Hale sought suicide by cop just cements the analogy. Hale was a suicide bomber.  There are more to come.

We are told that there is no rise in mass shootings perpetrated by trans identifying people. That is not merely a myth, but that it is “anti-trans” to say otherwise. William Whitworth would have been the fifth trans identifying individual in only a handful of years to murder people had the police not intervened. Moreover, not all violence committed by trans identifying people and their allies involves murder. Indeed, murder constitutes only a small portion of the violent acts perpetrated by this movement—violence accompanying patterns of harassment and intimidation.

You will remember that we were told to ignore the terroristic actions of Islamists, that their beliefs and their choice of targets had nothing to do with their religion. We were told that most Muslims are peaceful, that Islam is a “religion of peace,” and that to suggest that the political-ideological motivations of the perpetrators of violence constituted “Islamophobia.” 

We are in the phase of awakening that involves the defenders of an antagonistic social movement trying to prevent objective observers from rationally grasping what is happening by intimidation and shaming. The downplaying of danger from groups the corporate state pushes is as predictable as the exaggeration of danger from groups the corporate state fears. We are told that white supremacists lurk everywhere and that Christian nationalism is on the move, while we are at the same time told to disbelieve that which we can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears and know with our own minds. But for how much longer?

It is imperative to ask yourself why things happen in the way they do. Why is the corporate state pushing political-ideological agendas that not only have no benefit for the ordinary working class people who make up the vast majority of the country but that also disrupt the consciousness of their children. What are the ends that the corporate state seeks by turning children against their parents—indeed, by turning children against their own bodies?  

To more fully understand the religious character of trans gender movement, grasp that the genocide trans activists are warning about does not involve actually killing trans identifying people. The genocide is a symbolic one. It is the rational act of denying that a man can actually be a woman. The genocide occurs not in the material world but on the spiritual plane that constitutes the cosmology of the new religion. Because the belief that a man can be a woman depends on substituting for reality a slogan, it is vital that everybody believe that slogan.

I will leave you with this dialogue from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. O’Brien is torturing Winston in the Ministry of Love. “We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull. You will learn by degrees, Winston. There is nothing that we could not do. Invisibility, levitation—anything. I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wish to. I do not wish to, because the Party does not wish it. You must get rid of those nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of nature. We make the laws of nature.” He then says, “Nothing exists except through human consciousness.”

When Winston challenges O’Brien’s claim that the earth is as old humans by asking him about fossils, O’Brien asks, “Have you ever seen those bones, Winston? Of course not. Nineteenth-century biologists invented them. Before man there was nothing. After man, if he could come to an end, there would be nothing. Outside man there is nothing.” When Winston tried to remember the word for such fallacious thinking, O’Brien reminded him “that metaphysics is not your strong point. The word you are trying to think of is solipsism. But you are mistaken. This is not solipsism. Collective solipsism, if you like. But that is a different thing: in fact, the opposite thing.”

This reminds me of Sigmund Freud’s point in The Future of an Illusion where he distinguishes between “delusion” and “illusion.” Here are several passages that speak to the situation we face today with the quasi-religious system of gender ideology.

“We shall not be far wrong if we define a delusion as a system of ideas that is not shared by other people, and is of such a nature as to make its possessor unhappy or a menace to society. It is an obvious disadvantage if an individual has to admit to himself the full share of his own meanness, vileness, and shoddiness. In such circumstances, he will be sure to try and dispose of them in the minds of other people as intolerable qualities belonging to them. This he can do only by projecting them and by setting himself up in opposition to them as a paragon of virtue, a hero, or a saint.

“An illusion, on the other hand, is a false belief, a product of wish-fulfillment, which is not susceptible to correction by outside evidence. The difference between an illusion and a delusion is not a difference in the objective truth or falsity of the belief in question, but rather in the impact that belief has on the individual holding it. An illusion is a form of happiness that is available to everyone, and is thus not incompatible with social life.”

“The source of religious energies lies in the individual’s own emotional nature, and it is only through an illusion that this source can be rendered accessible to the conscious personality. To be sure, there are many forms of illusion, and it is not always easy to distinguish them from each other. But we shall not be far wrong if we define an illusion as a belief that is founded on a wishful fantasy, and that is maintained in the face of evidence to the contrary. An illusion is a false belief that is not amenable to correction by evidence, and that serves the needs of the individual’s emotional life.”

“An illusion is essentially a product of the imagination, and it is only through the imagination that we can overcome the limitations of reality. The imagination allows us to transform reality into a more satisfying form, and it is only through this transformation that we can find meaning and purpose in our lives. The function of religion is to provide individuals with a set of illusions that can help them to cope with the harsh realities of existence.”

The delusion that a disordered man possesses in which he believes he is a woman comes with the wish that he actually were. He suspects he really isn’t so he needs others to affirm him. Something as untrue as a man being a woman requires affirmation from everybody. When universal affirmation is not forthcoming, the man becomes mean and vile. If his delusion becomes an illusion, if his delusion is sustained by many millions affirming his disordered thinking, then he finds a ready vehicle for wish fulfillment. He is given a purpose alongside others who are also disordered in this way.

The threat to society becomes ever greater as disordered people come to the calling. Something happens when a thing nobody would wish on anybody else becomes a thing people want more than anything else: they are prepared to hurt other people to obtain it. A proselytizing religion spreads its denial of reality. And, like all such religions, those who resist the doctrine become despised and demonized, justifiably subjected to the vengeance of the righteous. No disbelievers makes the fiction finally real. Any person who declines to affirm the delusion—to celebrate the illusion—becomes an enemy of God. And so we have a terrorist movement.

There is a serious problem in America today. This movement is already extremely dangerous. When children are massacred for the sake of an ideology, we must at the very least call out the ideology that animates the monster. We have a moral obligation to condemn terrorism. I have a long history of calling out Christian nationalist violence, white supremacy, Islamic terrorism, etcetera—this history documented on this blog.

Progressives defend trans activism the way they defended Islamic terrorism. They believe that the victims of these terrorisms had it coming to them. Those with whom they disagree are unworthy victims—undeserving of sympathy. Remember how gleeful progressives were when a critic of mRNA gene therapy died of COVID-19?This attitude pervades the rank-and-file devotees of this ideology. Never being wrong combined with political extremism makes an individual so righteous in his beliefs that he can justify any level of immoral action. We see the glee of the psychopath in these actions. These are the traits of disordered persons.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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