The Unpleasantness of Viruses versus the Tyranny of Technocracy

We are seeing truth slowly appearing by percentage point decline (see link below). How low can it go? I’m talking about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. After only a few months, most of the protection goes away. And it wasn’t very good to begin with. Just as Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA platform) told us, this is a leaky vaccine with poor durability. The general population was exploited as a leg in the experimental trial for these vaccines and the trial hasn’t gone well at all. Indeed, it has exposed corporate science as more of religion than science. Tragically—shamefully, really—a multitude still have faith.

Watch the video contained in this story (it has been removed from many social media platform)

Authoritarianism is a giant snowball rolling downhill. Or a mudslide. Pick your metphor. The point is that, once it gets going, it picks up momentum and grows ever larger, increasing its capacity to flatten whatever stands in its path. That’s why you have to stop it early—or make sure it never gets rolling. There are those who will call you Chicken Little (and other names). But the “slippery slope fallacy” is not a fallacy. If a camel is in your tent, you can be fairly certain it started with his nose.

That the threat to democracy, freedom, and rights is the work of progressives in all of this must not escape your attention. It’s not a camel. It’s a donkey. This puts the lie to the claim that authoritarianism is a rightwing, populist, or nationalist phenomenon. Authoritarianism today is for the most part a leftwing, progressive, and globalist juggernaut. It’s one thing when you ask others to take a medicine you have faith in. It’s another thing altogether when governments and organizations mandate those under their control take the medicine. And when those claiming virtue side with oppressive power.

But we mustn’t blame only technocracy. One common feature of authoritarianism irrespective of its ideological stripe is acquiescence of the rank-and-file citizens that enables governments and organizations to implement policies that violate democratic freedoms and human rights. Authoritarianism is not just a character flaw of the elites who would oppress a population, but those who seek such oppression and moreover desire that this oppression to be visited upon others. My comrades, lovers of liberty and rights, don’t seek or side with oppressive power. I know it’s scary, but the enemy is all around us. Don’t let it conscript you into its ranks.

Authoritarianism is a feature of both the sadist and the masochist. I carry empathy for those who suffer under the thumb of power. But I cannot respect those who wish for themselves and others to suffer so. This is not a subjective matter. Oppression is an objective condition and it’s happening all around us. Right now. And all around us are those who welcome it. Support for the COVID-19 vaccine mandates is as clear a signal that can be sent about where people stand. It’s time to start putting people on notice.

* * *

England has suffered a persistent wave of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2

So there’s a new variant in England and the “experts” are calling on the government to lock everything down again. The interesting thing about this is that England is one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, with more than 68 percent of the population fully vaccinated. England has suffered a persistent wave of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. And now there is a more infectious mutation. It’s almost as if (as we see with Vermont) that the greater proportion of the population is vaccinated the more COVID-19 cases there are. It’s almost as if there is a problem with the vaccine (ADE) or something, or at least the vaccine isn’t working (see Mass Vaccination Doesn’t Work).

68 percent of England’s population is fully vaccinated

Have you heard of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). I have been sounding the alarm about this phenomenon for months now (The Official Vaccine Narrative Completely Falls Apart). I am noting it again to keep it fresh in your consciousness, so when you hear about it at some point in the media you will be, “Oh, wait, I’ve heard something about that before.” I hope it doesn’t happen, but if we see another surge on the back of the boosters, which will soon be art of these mandates and passports, the phenomenon will be difficult to ignore. (Take a look at that blog of mine, now three months old, and see how predictive it was.)

Of course, part of this could be marketing to push boosters. I imagine an internal company memo that looks something like this: “After extensive focus group testing, the COVID-19 marketing department has determined that the planned novel Greek name for the latest antibody-dependent enhancement did not generate levels of fear response sufficient to move product, so we are relying on the proven fear contagion ‘Delta’ with the modifier ‘even more infectious.’ Notify your subordinates of the change and follow up.” I shared this bit of satire on social media. It may be the best explanation for what we are about to see.

Some politicians are honest. Maybe not all the time. But here is one of those times. This admission completely obviates the argument for mandates. The only rational argument for universal vaccination could be (and there are still hurdles) that it prevents infection and transmission of a virus representing a serious threat to the general population (something like smallpox, which kills a third of those whom it infects). If one argues that you must take a vaccine to protect your person from severe disease and death, then that opens the door to the state controlling what you eat and how much exercise you get and all the rest of it. And that makes you none other than pathetic Winston Smith in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (“6079 Smith W.”) standing in front of a telescreen doing your morning calisthenics to a virtual instructor remotely barking commands. And that’s what we call totalitarianism.

Scene from film version of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

* * *

If you’re unvaccinated and haven’t gotten sick from SARS-CoV-2, that doesn’t mean you have avoided infection. It’s unlikely that you haven’t been repeatedly exposed to the virus. You have likely contracted the virus, were asymptomatic, or had mild symptoms, and have acquired natural immunity. That means that many of those vaccinated are already immune. Thus is surely a confounding factor in the statistics on vaccine efficacy. In other words, a significant proportion of those who are vaccinated are not getting sick, even with more infectious variants, because they have natural immunity. There is that other confound, the problem of ADE. The point is, at this point, a rational person can’t have any confidence is what the technocracy is telling you. The public health apparatus has been completely captured by corporate state scientism.

* * *

Finally, I have had enough with these memes about smallpox (for the history there, see The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes). Measles, polio, and smallpox vaccines are irrelevant to the question of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Those other vaccines are not analogous on grounds of public health and you either don’t know why (which I don’t know how you couldn’t) or you’re arguing in bad faith.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate is analogous to the government mandating influenza vaccines for adults, which we don’t generally do (although there are some alarming tendencies in this direction), and which makes little sense from a public health standpoint. Flu vaccines are leaky and lack durability. They are unnecessary for most people, and widespread usage impedes natural immunity, which is more robust with greater durability.

For children, the COVID-19 vaccine would be analogous to an adenovirus or a rhinovirus vaccine mandate—if those vaccines existed (and one suspects they’re on their way). Mandating a rhinovirus vaccine would be as absurd as the coronavirus vaccine mandate. Rhinovirus (and its ninety-nine serotypes), like coronavirus and other cold viruses, is common and relatively harmless in children. Infection moreover primes and develops the immune system. Influenza is more dangerous for children than any of those viruses including coronavirus.

I don’t get many colds these days, but when I do, I know cross-immunity (or cross-reactivity), where the degree of similarity among families of respiratory viruses is such that prior exposure to one confers at least partial immunity to others, protects me to against other variants and reduces my chances of developing severe disease.

All those adenoviruses, coronaviruses, and rhinoviruses, and even influenza viruses, that I contracted over the years, especially as a kid, means my immune system is strong and ready to withstand most of the bugs it confronts as I head into old age (I will be sixty in a few months). I don’t get many colds and flus these days because of all the colds and flus I got as a kid. I hated them, but that’s the way the immune system works—it must be primed and developed and the unpleasantness of it all is the sign of good work being accomplished.

If vaccines are developed for all the unpleasant bugs we get but survive, and they are widely taken up or mandated, the practice will collectively impoverish the human immune system. The only reason to do such a thing would be to make investors in Big Pharma rich. And that is why they’re doing it for COVID-19 and will for future vaccines if we don’t stop them. Vaccine mandates will be counterproductive to the health of the species.

Public health is not really public health anymore, but a scheme to funnel money to Big Pharma. But there is something much more terrible in all of this. Religion developed in large measure as magical armor to protect against the arsenal of nature where practical science could not. People, scared and superstitious, believed survival required ritual action. Fear of disease comes from the same place, only science—Prometheus unbound—has largely replaced religion as the magical armor. As destructive as it can be, religion never built a hydrogen bomb or hijacked the transcription machinery of the human cell to produce endogenously lethal toxins with injected strands of human-sequenced nucleotides.

* * *

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Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

3 thoughts on “The Unpleasantness of Viruses versus the Tyranny of Technocracy”

  1. 100% spot on as always. I am sitting here in NZ in week 12 of the current lockdown (about the 4th or 5th one) as our government has just announced plans for vaccine mandates. Extremely disappointing but not surprising – our authoritarian government has demonstrated no ability for original and proportionate thinking (unless you count being even more illogical and short-sighted than other western governments as original).

    When lockdown eventually ends I will likely find myself unable to resume my normal life – my cherished morning cafe visits and quiet drinks in my local pub – such an important part of the routine which keeps me sane. I am hoping that my regular squash games will be able to continue – vital for my fitness and health and social life- but I am braced for the government to attempt to eliminate that also. I fear I face the prospect of what is in effect a permanent lock-down – as a person living alone my only contact with fellow humans during my masked-mandated food shopping. However I do not intend to give in to mindless bullies – I plan to fight this insanity, and amongst all the sheep I know there are many like minded New Zealanders who will do likewise.

    Growing up in the sixties I believed I was lucky to be living in an enlightened and free western democracy – and until now I had a good run. I assumed it would continue on for my children but unfortunately, but it now seems it is time for people once again to fight for the freedom that prior generations fought so hard for.

  2. Correction to my previous comment – I may have been incorrect about the number of weeks we have been in the current lockdown (in lockdown the days and weeks tend to blur together).

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