Another Perfect Phone Call?

Last night, based on the headlines concerning Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of States Brad Raffensperger concerning the conduct of the 2020 election, I made the following post on Facebook:

“What Trump should have said was that he needed Biden to have some 12 thousand fewer votes, perhaps those thousands being the ones a small group of election workers at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena (Fulton County, Georgia) pulled from under the aproned tables and furiously scanned into the machines after tricking observers into leaving by faking a sewer leak. It is believed that each box consisted of about 6,000 ballots. If accurate, that would amount to about 24,000 potential votes. Sure Gabriel Sterling (Georgia Election System Implementation Manager) told the press that they didn’t see what they saw. And the press, satisfied by Sterling’s assurances, didn’t bother to ask Ruby Freeman about it.”

I hadn’t read The Washington Post transcript of the phone call when I wrote that last night and still I knew what Trump was arguing. I just finished reading the transcript and it is far more elaborate than media accounts suggest. And the character is different from the way the media make it sound. Trump is throwing down with the facts. He has been listening to his attorneys and the team’s fact finders. He sounds as if he were a businessman dressing down a subordinate.

The Washington Post account is misleading. To be sure, Trump wants to find the votes that will change the outcome (Trump and tens of millions of other people), but he does not instruct Raffensperger to find those votes as implied by the headlines. The president uses the word “find” throughout the call. He wants to find the fraudulent votes and so on. Of course he does. 

For their part, Georgia government officials dissemble throughout the call, as if their only purpose is to get Trump on tape. Think about it: a government official leaking a secretly taped recording of the Commander-in-Chief of the American Republic. Raffensperger fancies himself a Bob Woodward.

Before I read the transcript, I knew Freeman would be featured prominently. If you listen to the tape or read the transcript, you will note that Freeman’s name is bleeped throughout the transcript so that the readers of The Washington Post or the papers that forwarded the transcript won’t know who or what Trump is talking about. It’s hard enough to find anything on Freeman by searching Google even though her picture is ubiquitous in mainstream coverage of the Georgia election when you search images. Folks at Google have been busy. Freeman’s name has been scrubbed in the first several pages of search results. You can draw your own conclusions about the reason for the now anonymous image’s continued ubiquity.

Georgia Will Audit Random Sample Of Mail-In Ballot Signatures
Election officials inspecting ballots in Georgia

The media freakout is indicative of something folks should pay attention to. Consider that, even if Trump were successful in changing the outcome of the Georgia vote, subtracting that state with its 16 electors from Biden’s total still leaves Biden with 290 electors. He only needs 270 to win. So why the panic? Unless the media knows something they don’t think you know.

Well, they do. Maricopa County is openly defying Arizona Senate subpoenas to its supervisors demanding copies of ballots, voter information and other election material so that the Senate could perform its own investigation. What are they hiding? The Trump team knows. So do Republicans, which is why so many of them are prepared to challenge the results in Congress.

Then there’s Wisconsin, where that state’s supreme court gave Trump’s team the path to overturning that state’s results by documenting the thousands of people who committed fraud by falsely claiming to be indefinitely confined. The majority decision stated if voters falsely claimed they were indefinitely confined “their ballots would not count” and left it to the Trump team to show that. The media has obscured the court’s decision. The Trump team has in the meantime been collecting the data on those who claimed this status while on skiing in Colorado, sun bathing in Florida, etc.

There’s a lot more to go through in these states, but the point here is that Arizona and Wisconsin collectively represent 21 electoral votes. With Georgia, that pulls Biden below the 270 threshold by a single vote. That’s why Trump called Georgia’s Secretary of State. This week is going to be a doozy.

I can’t leave this blog entry without noting the following. Remember when Democrats impeached Trump over a call to the Ukrainian president concerning Biden’s dealings in that country? (See The Conspiracy to Overthrow an American President.) The President was mocked for calling it a “perfect phone call.” He was accused of using his office to interfere in a presidential election. Then Hunter Biden’s laptop surfaced with the evidence that backed up Trump’s inquiry (and then some). (Had it not been for The New York Post intervention there would have been no consciousness of the laptop at all.) It was a perfect phone call after all. Now we learn that the deep state had the laptop all along. Operatives hid their knowledge of it while the President stood trial in the Senate. Operatives all the way up to Attorney General Bob Barr hid from the public that Hunter Biden was under investigation during an impeachment trial and a presidential election.

We must ask in light of all this, why is The Washington Post so eager to publish Raffensperger’s recording, taking phrases out of context to damn the president, while refusing to publish emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that implicate Joe Biden in a massive influence-peddling scheme with, among others, Chinese communists?

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

2 thoughts on “Another Perfect Phone Call?”

  1. Mail-in ballots should be de rigueur, pandemic or not. I don’t own a car and have to rely on others to get to the polls.

    1. Good use of the French there. France abolished postal voting in 1975 because it makes voter fraud, shall we say, facile. Absentee balloting for legitimate reasons is understandable. A person who is bed ridden has a legitimate reason to have their vote recorded by alternative method. It is a small proportion of votes. But able-bodied voters have years to plan for a method for going to polls where their identity can be verified. Polls are almost always near where the voter lives and there are many cheap modes of transportation in modern society.

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