Police Have Arrested a Man on His Way to Kill Judge Kavanaugh

Not everybody who disagrees with a Supreme Court justice tries to kill him. But when politicians and activists encourage people to go to his home and give them directions, then they enable those who do. This just happened. Around 1:50 am this morning, an armed man from California was arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home after making threats against the Supreme Court justice. The man was armed with at least one weapon and burglary tools. He told the police he was there to kill Kavanaugh over the leaked opinion in the pending ruling concerning the 1973 Roe v Wade precedent.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the Capitol in 2018.

This is the spirit on the progressive woke side of American politics: political violence. We saw it over the summer of 2020. The Democratic Party and the establishment media encouraged violence and vandalism in America’s streets while at the same time depolicing communities by either directing law enforcement to stand down or making the consequences of duty personally and professional destructive (see Portland and the Rule of Law). The consequence was dozens of deaths, many more injuries, and billions of dollars in property damage. (See Zombie Politics: the Corporatist Ideology of Antiracism; Democrats Pander While Managing America’s Decline; Corporations Own the Left. Black Lives Matter Proves it; Color Revolution, Joe from Scranton, and PEDs; What’s Really Going On with #BlackLivesMatter)

Ted Cruz speaks to the double standard on the woke progressive side

The double standard on the progressive side is blatant (see The Selective Application of the First Amendment; The Relative Ethics of Occupying Capitol Buildings; Antifa and the Boogaloos: Condemning Political Violence Left and Right; Buried Lede: Biden Fails to Condemn Antifa at First Presidential Debate; Antifa, the Proud Boys, and the Relative Scale of Violent Extremism). In the name of woke progressive politics, activists damage and occupy government buildings with impunity. When conservatives enter a public building they are thrown in jail on misdemeanor charges (if they are charged at all). (See The Establishment Project to Demonize Conservative White Males; Cancelling Half the Nation: Progressives Reach for One-Party Rule; The Campaign to Portray Ordinary America as Deviant and Dangerous; Suppressing the Rabble: Portraying Conservatism and Republicanism as Fringe and Dangerous; Bad Comparisons and the Call for Racially Differentiated Law Enforcement; The Michigan Kidnapping Plot and January 6; On Riots and the Postmodern Corruption of the Culture of Protest; “A republic, if you can keep it.”)

Understand that what we are witnessing is not the work of the left—at least not the left with which I have associated since I became political conscious. Rather, this is the work of the corporate state and transnationalist countermovement against democratic-republicanism and liberalism. Woke progressivism (and its European counterparts social democracy and corporatism) represent the political project of state capitalism. This praxis stands alongside neoliberalism and neoconservatism as ideologies of unfreedom. It looks favorable on the work of the January 6 Commission, currently holding hearings in Washington DC pursuing a theory of seditious conspiracy (see The Democratic Party is Not the Party of Liberal Politics for a discussion of the character of this intervention). It applauds DHS harassment of parents speaking up at school board meetings (see MDM is the New WMD: DHS Issues a New NTAS Bulletin).

The appropriate response to this is inclusive nationalism and participatory populism. The establishment media characterizes these politics as dangerous to democracy (see The Atlantic’s recent essay about the “scheming” Steve Bannon “American Rasputin”). They are, however, an expression of the popular democratic spirit. And that is why they are dangerous. Inclusive nationalism and participatory populism are a threat not to democracy but to the corporate state and the transnationalist project that is destroying democracy and liberty everywhere.

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Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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