Look at My Mask. Where’s Yours?

Those who warned about the perils of globalization and international finance in the 1990s were branded “conspiracists” and “antisemites.” Remember that? Folks were waking up from a long nap only to be gas lit. Black helicopters.

Same with those who warned about the surveillance state and corporate domination. They were “diagnosed” with “paranoia.” Tinfoil hats. 

Now those who observe that the United States is indeed dependent on its most powerful rival, China, and the global supply chain it engineered under the cover of transnationalism are accused of “xenophobia” and “racism.” 

Same with those who ask why Western governments would subject their workers to cheap foreign labor. Do folks think capitalists are replacing native-born workers with foreign labor out of humanitarianism? They’re doing it to maximize profits and crush labor. How did they make those on the left not only okay with that but eager to virtue signal about it?

Have folks figured out yet that such accusations exploit New Left weaknesses and postmodern stupidities to suppress and derail working class concerns and interests? The left today is pathetic.

“Look at my mask. I’m such a good person.”

When war and surveillance and so on are not lines in the sand for the progressives who tell the left to vote Democrat to preserve the possibilities of progressivism, one must realize how deeply co-opted those whom you call your comrades have truly become. Progressivism is the problem. 

Without a left-wing populist-nationalist movement, the United States is doomed. The Democratic Party right down the Squad exists to prevent such a movement. The so-called “democratic socialists” are sheepdogs. The American worker is being absorbed into a global system of corporate domination. It has been absorbed into a global system of technocratic control. The system has totalitarian aspirations.

The present situation is the wet dream of the neoclassical economist. When are folks going to wake up from the nightmare? Remember the Chicago school economist telling us how much more important markets are than democracy? How commonwealth must give way to private power? We are going through authoritarian exercise to deepen the conditioning to that principle. They are enclosing everything. 

That sounds “paranoid,” doesn’t it? Good dog. 

All things considered, I would rather have personal liberty than a progressive police state that checks my thinking. Today, I live under the twin evil of corporate capitalist rule and Orwellian control over language—thought control. 

I reject contemporary left-wing politics. It’s worse than stupid. It’s anti-worker and anti-liberty. I say this as a Marxist and a socialist. I am not with you. I am a libertarian.

Published by

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin is on the faculty of Democracy and Justice Studies and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay. He has published numerous articles, essays, and reviews in books, encyclopedia, journals, and newspapers.

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